10 Tips On Managing Your Kitchen & Household During The Covid-19 Pandemic – Coronavirus Crisis & Effects

10 Tips On Managing Your Kitchen & Household During The Covid-19 Pandemic – Coronavirus Crisis & Effects

Food is essential to life and part of our daily routine. Every spouse eats but not every spouse knows how to cook. And it’s a plus if all know how to. The kitchen has always been part of our daily living and still is at this covid-19 pandemic. However, its impacts are also noticeable in our kitchen and, consequently, influence the way we used to manage our kitchen and household generally. This article is the second part of the one we published a few days ago, which you can find HERE. It aims to communicate to couples 10 tips to help them better manage their kitchens to the convenience of love and the entire household, at a time like this. Please to make sense of it all, be sure to read the first part of this article or click HERE.

That said, the 10 Tips On Managing Your Kitchen & Household During The Covid-19 Pandemic are:

1. Couples should keep the kitchen clean. Use disinfectant to keep your kitchen clean always. Take particular notice of areas such as Electricity sockets/switches, the doorknobs/handles, windows, and around the kitchen cabinets. The areas that are often touched by the hands should be disinfected as you clean.

2. Couples can learn how to cook. Cooking is a skill that anyone can learn since we all need food for daily living. Because of the differences in our lifestyle, not everyone can cook and not everyone sees it as a problem if you can’t cook. Some couples find their way around this by employing a chef at home to do the cooking. Others who know how to cook support their partners by doing the cooking alone. Whatever works for you is fine.

However, cooking a nice skill which all partners can learn to some degree. This covid-19 lockdown provides a good moment to learn how to cook if you don’t know how to. The purpose of learning is to help your spouse cook good food. And the Places to learn “how to’’ are many. You can learn from YouTube videos, or online courses or from a handy book from your local library or bookshop. Your partner can also teach you how to cook one-on-one. Do whatever works for you guys to achieve your cooking goal.

3. Couples can learn new cooking skills. Maybe you already know how to cook some delicious foods, however, you can add to your culinary skills different methods of preparing new ditches. The lockdown provides the moment to try new things around the kitchen. Try cooking food you like which is foreign to you. Maybe food from different cultures, not familiar with your cuisine. It’s never bad to try new things, you know. Take advantage of the many online videos and tutorials on foreign cuisines to add spices to what you already know. This is one of the 10 tips on managing your kitchen & household during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

4. Couples can help each other cook at home. Some partners are very faithful in cooking and they do it so well and never complain about anything. They never consider it a gender-based issue. Although they never complain, it’s a good practice to help your partner during cooking. Either you opt to cook entirely by yourself because he or she has been doing it alone for a while, or you help him or her and together make the cooking experience to be an art of dating. I mean you date while you cook, both of you.

Make it enjoyable as you help at cooking in the kitchen. Whatever you do there whether cutting, slicing, or washing dishes, be happy doing it and dialogue as you do. The lockdown provides an opportunity to break into your partner’s cooking calendar with some help.

5. Couples can eat fresh foods. Farmers help provide food and are part of the essential workers permitted to continue working amid the lockdown. Because of the lockdown, however, the mobility of farmworkers is reduced. Farmers are suffering from fewer workers for harvest and therefore, losing a lot of produce to decay. At a time like this, try to invest in and eat fresh food often if you can.

With fewer cars on the road, fresh food is at the risk of getting spoiled before it reaches its consumers due to the inconvenience of transporting it to consumers.

Buying fresh food helps the farmers in many ways, but specifically for you, it’s cheaper and healthier than junk food. Buying fresh food is always a good thing to do even after the lockdown because things might not pick up immediately as usual after the lockdown.

6. Couples can thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables when eaten fresh. Fresh fruits and vegetables have this in common: the temptation of contacting the mouth directly is high. We want to just get a bite, a taste or feel of the fruit in our hands. But little do we know about the level of safety it is to us. Because it can be consumed uncooked, the only means to have it cleans is to wash it before eating. Please wash the fruits you are about to consume properly with water. Some fruits can be washed with water and soap without affecting the taste. Some vegetables can be washed with fresh water and a little added salt. In any case, see to it that what you eat uncooked does stay healthy.

7. Couples can cook for multiple occasions or consumption & freeze. Some consumable food you may have bought from the markets might spoil when kept longer than its normal lifespan. In such a situation, you can cook for many days ahead and store in a freezer/cooler or refrigerator until you may need it. Storing in deep freezers stays healthy longer than storing in a refrigerator. But it depends on the number of days you want the food eaten.

In any case, multiple cooking (cooking every day of the same food) can be reduced to cooking for multiple consumptions (cooking once but increased in volume). It saves energy and time and can be cost-effective. It also saves food from getting spoiled. So if possible, cook at a time what you can eat for more than one occasion (many days ahead).

8. Couples can buy food items on promotion. When you go to buy, check items that are on promotion because their prices are usually lower. Promotions have this tendency to reduce pricing either because it’s a new product or new packaging or because it’s for fast consumption due to the expiring date.

9. Couples can buy food items in bulk. Buying in bulk, meaning increasing quantity, can influence price reduction. Not all families can buy in bulk due to varying income levels, however, if you can afford, then do. But do not hoard if doing so would mean to deprive others of what to buy. And do not buy in bulk triggered by fear. Think of others too. There are four advantages that bulk buying brings in this covid19 crisis which are:

a) it reduces the number of people-contacts that would have been possible if it were buying smaller quantities time and time again. Fewer people-contacts means less possibility to be infected by the contagious convid-19 disease.

b) it reduces worries due to food scarcity, and stress level as one knows that there’s food for many days ahead.

c) it saves your precious time as the shopping that could have taken a month to do would be done in a day.

d) and of course, it saves you money as the more you buy the cheaper the price becomes

10. Couples can resist illogical spending. It’s illogical to spend based on pressure. What the covid-19 has taught us is that we are all equal. Rich and poor all are its victims and it affects us all. Do not be under any pressure to spend irrationally. Buy the kitchen you can afford. Or buy the utensils that can serve you and not necessarily because of the price, or because you are competing with a friend. Make your kitchen the way you want it to look with the money or resource that you have now. Everybody understands the moment. So, spend wisely. And above all, stay safe.

If you have any other ways that you have been managing your kitchen at this lockdown, let us know. We want to hear from you.



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Hi Carlo,

The timing of this article is just amazing and in the part of the world where I live (India), we are in lockdown until the 3rd of May. Life is not easy and we all are in challenging times. Never ever thought something like this will happen in our life.

Everyone is afraid of the Covid19 Pandemic and your article is a great help. I have missed the first part, thanks for the link it provided me with helpful insights.

We do make a bulk purchase so that we can avoid going out. Storing in deep freezers is an eye-opener for me and we are not aware of it. Thanks for the advice! I am going to share your article with my wife.


Thanks for a great article.  This is great reminder how we can help each other out during this period in time. I see that you have mentioned healthy food preparation procedures to eliminate the threat of bacteria on the food. Eating fresh food is always a great choice. Trying new foods and recipes makes meal time more enjoyable. Buying in bulk is a great suggestion to save some money. I use a number of these steps each day in my kitchen. I cook with my partner as we talk and share our day. It keep the lines of communication open. I wash and prepare fresh fruit and veges. Thanks you this article. Jen


Good post. It’s true that times like these can put a strain on relationships; and it’s in our best interests to keep our partners  happiness forefront in our minds. It can be easy to take our fears and stress out on those closest to us, and we have to watch for that.

I agree that working together in the kitchen can be a great way for couples to work on something together. Learning to make new and delicious dishes together can be so fun. My guy and I like to put together big pots of stews to freeze. We also buy lots of veggies, and then make them into fermented vegetables so they store well; and they’re super good for us!

Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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