10 Ways Married Couples Can Be A Blessing To Each Other

10 Ways Married Couples Can Be A Blessing To Each Other



10 Ways Married Couples Can Be A Blessing To Each Other


10 Ways Married Couples Can Be A Blessing To Each OtherWhen God redeemed man, He restored him to his original state of life, the original life (Genesis 1:31). The life that strongly affirmed that all was good. Marriage was fully part of that good life. We must understand that marriage is not the cure or escape route for loneliness or lust but for the fulfillment of God’s plan (Genesis 2:18.). It is not enough confessing love and care, but practicalizing it too greatly matters. There are countless ways through which one can be a blessing to one’s partner. Below are some of the 10 ways married couples can be a blessing to each other:


You can be a source of blessing to your spouse through prayers. Though prayer looks simple, it is not easy praying for others. When we intercede for our spouse, we are as well praying for ourselves indirectly. Job prayed for his friends and God restored all that he lost in double fold (Job 42:10). Consciously carry the God factor in your home and daily life. You do this by practically engaging God’s words as you go about your affairs daily.


10 Ways Married Couples Can Be A Blessing To Each OtherA couple can be a blessing to each other by being committed not only to their wedding vows but paying attention to little details in their lives. This has to do with being there to love and to hold in ups and downs, good and trying times. As a couple, seeing each other daily and every time is part of commitment. And although the tendency to fall out of love, get tired, and lose interest in the relationship can arise, it’s commitment that will help strengthen the love and keep the relationship afloat.

This is a great blessing to the couples and those looking up to them as role models. Commitment to marriage vows or marriage is a blessing either directly or indirectly. It is having the understanding that when things don’t go as planned when things fall apart, you remain glued to one another.


You become a blessing to your spouse through giving of time, money either for business (means of livelihood) or education, upkeep and gifts. Giving can be done also through investing ideas in your spouse at will in your capacity. When you see your partner is not up to standard in education, knowledge, etc, it is expected of you to give them genuine concern, full support, and undivided attention to boost their ego and self-confidence leveling them up to your standard or status quo.

When you bring out the best in your partner by giving to them either cash, time, ideas or anything useful, the blessing will flow back to you (Prov. 11:25, Luke 6:38). Giving is living and loving (John 3:16). Giving for the right cause gives fulfillment to both couples (Prov. 11:25). Don’t let the size of what you want to give stop you from giving and becoming that blessing.


You are a blessing to your spouse by being a helpmate to your spouse and a teammate with your spouse. Having this consciousness will make you not see yourself as a competitor. This understanding that you are meant to complement each other and not the other way round will help bring out the best in you in the marriage. Learn to share in your partner’s low or bad times (Gal. 6:2). As a helpmate, when you show your partner genuine concern in the down times of their lives, you have ended up being a blessing.

5. TIME:

The most precious gift one can give to a loved one because it cannot be recovered when given is time. Time is so precious and can’t be over-emphasized. Spending quality time with your spouse gives room for beautiful memories and creates an atmosphere that carries your presence even in your absence. Without you spending quality time with your spouse you can’t understand your spouse.

Putting your spouse first by spending quality time with them even in the absence of quantity time will help your relationship grow and by doing so be a blessing. Having time for your spouse is like a hard currency, spend it wisely in order to enjoy the blessings embedded in marriage.


Submission is a command and not an option. The English dictionary defines submission as the action of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person. Partners are not forced into submitting but expressed willingly and mutually. Therefore, you can be a blessing to your spouse or partner when you are submissive in everything.

Being submissive helps us to be selfless and this opens up channels of God’s blessings to us because we are obedient to God’s command and instructions (Deut. 28:1). Note: A partner who cannot submit to God’s will, will find it difficult to submit to his or her partner or marriage (Ephesians. 5:22-24, Prov 11:2). If you want to be a blessing both to your spouse and others, put away pride, be humble! (Philippians 2:3).


This has to do with uplifting each other with kind words and actions (Eph 4:29). Learn to say positive things rather than negative things to each other no matter the level of provocation, anger, or how hurt we may feel at a particular time. Refuse to listen to or entertain any negative thoughts that come through your mind whenever there is a little misunderstanding or rift in the home.

Be positive about your partner especially in times when divorce seems to be an option. Have this consciousness that when God created your partner He had you in mind 100% and wants the best for you (Gen 1:27, Gen 5:2). You must be happy and fulfilled within yourself before you can be a source of encouragement to someone.


One can only be a blessing if one is not selfish to the spouse. You can’t be a blessing to your partner when you’re not putting them into consideration before carrying out any action that will affect them. Selfishness leads to many negative vices which cause problems in marriage.

Be there when they need a listening ear, a helping hand, and a reliable confidante; you become selfless by not judging them when they fail or fall (Phil 2:3). Anyone who is committed only to his or herself can never be a blessing to his or her spouse. Philippians 2:4 says we should be concerned about others and by so doing men will see our good works and glorify God because of us (Mat 5:16).


Learn to appreciate everything done for you by your spouse no matter how little or the magnitude of that thing. Being appreciative opens more doors for good things and blessings from your spouse. When you are grateful to your spouse for the little he is doing for you it will open channels for greater things. Never take your spouse for granted no matter how familiar you have become with your spouse (Mat 7:12).


There are hidden treasures in every human being called God-given potentials. Until opportunity is given it cannot be discovered. A spouse will be a blessing when they are allowed to discover their purpose in life and pursue it doggedly. When God created man, He gave him the opportunity to name all things (Gen 2:20). Give room for self-expression, confidence, the discovery of their God-given potentials, and improvement in areas where there are lapses. Don’t be too choking by forcing your decisions and will down their throats.


It is expected of us to do our parts as humans so we can be blessings not only to our spouses but to others at every slight opportunity. Though marriage has its own challenges and difficulties according to God’s plan, it is not meant to be endured but to be permanently enjoyed. Note that a “hoarded blessing is never enjoyed as richly as a shared one” said a wise man.



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