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3 Powerful Tips To Help Boss Ladies Thrive At Home

3 powerful tips to help boss ladies thrive at home

In our previous studies on Boss ladies, we talked about “What is a Boss lady?” and made mention of some interesting points which you can find here. We also promised you to continue exploring the topic creatively, in order to seek solutions to some problems which affect the relationships between some Boss ladies and their homes in this twenty-first century.

Leadership centers on people. It doesn’t make much sense if you can lead people well at work but you can’t lead those at home well. It’s mind-boggling if all submit to your leadership model at work but at home, there’s stiff resistance and even rebellion. A successful leader whether male or female is that one who carries the family along with the success.

With this article titled, “3 Powerful Tips To Help Boss Ladies Thrive At Home”, I intend to give some tips on how Boss ladies and other female leaders who are in positions of authority can carry their husbands and families along in leadership. These 3 Powerful Tips To Help Boss Ladies Thrive At Home may vary from one individual to the other or one culture to another. And some may be required for some Boss ladies more than the others. So choose the ones best suited for your situation and apply them to help improve your relationship. That being said, let us get to the nitty-gritty of the article.

1. Boss Ladies Should Aspire To Build Nuclear Families

A nuclear family is a family where the mother and father are living with their children, and are very much involved in the lives of the children. A good Boss lady desires to raise children with their fathers around them. Although this is not always the case, Boss ladies avoid raising children as single mothers in any situation that they can control.

They do not encourage or desire single parenting. A single parent family is a family with children that are headed by a single parent. Reasons for becoming a single parent include divorce, break-up, abandonment, death of the other parent, childbirth by a single woman or single-person adoption.

3 Powerful tips to help boss ladies thrive at home

Boss ladies must not deny a child the love of his father. To love and be loved by a father is a deep yen that children crave. The lack of it can affect the child in some ways, no matter the riches the child grew up with. No amount of riches and possessions can take the place of the love of a father in the life of a child.

No matter what dispute you might have with your husband or the father of your children, part of your being a Boss lady is to lead in such way as to guarantee fatherly love for your children. And this is done objectively, without letting your sentiments or ego interfere with the decision and process.

  • The Problem With This

A problem with some Boss ladies is that they dream about being single parents. I’m sorry to say that but it’s the truth. They long to become baby mamas for reasons best known to them and they are very proud of it. We are not against single parenting because they are situations that lead to such as mentioned above. And single parenting is always better than aborting a child.

However, there are ladies who go after men, wealthy or not, just for the babies. They don’t need your money but want to have children with you. And when the innocent child comes, they create situations that hinder the child from the love of the father. Or they use the child as bait and threaten the father with it. Just to keep father and child a distance apart. I don’t why this is but is disheartening for parenthood.

Unless the father is an abusive father, don’t deprive the child of the love that he deserves. Let the child grow up enjoying that emotional support and love from the father, not as an adult but as a child. It’s beneficial for the growth of the child and the time for this experience is quite limited. You can never make up for it when the time is gone. Aspire, as a Boss lady, to build a nuclear family.

2. Boss Ladies Should Not Surprise Their Husbands With Travel Announcements

Share your calendar with your husband ahead of time if you are to travel. A shared calendar keeps the husband abreast of developments when it comes to events, changes or expectations that would demand your time and presence out of the home.

As married couples, you share a common life together, which includes your time and presence with each other. Anything that demands the time and presence of one partner away from the other must be communicated to the other partner well ahead of time. Your husband shouldn’t know that his wife is about to travel just a few minutes to the journey or from on board a flight. This could be seen as a sign of disrespect and it breeds frustrations and marital conflicts.

3. Boss Ladies Should Consciously Switch Roles At Home

Some aspects of a Boss lady are the facts that she is in control of affairs and gives commands at work to push the projects forward. She is also acquainted with the fact that people–employees–submit to her authority and leadership. This at times makes her unable to distinguish both atmospheres and thus carries office attitude to her home.

Boss ladies mustn’t forget to switch roles when it concerns the home. Switching roles from that of a business owner or the head of the cooperation to that of a wife and mother at home is pivotal for her overall success in her leadership model and relational life. At home, she is a wife and/or a mother and not the boss of anyone at home, not her husband, not her children.

Knowing when to make such a switch is likened to knowing when to change her dress. While some of her corporate dresses may not be good to go to bed with, some pajamas can fit the occasion and moment.

A Boss lady must have the wisdom to be able to know when she leaves the office and enters her home. That wisdom helps her switch consciously from one role to another. From the CEO to the wife or mother. There’s no bossiness at home. You don’t boss your husband or children. You love them and lead them. To your husband, you submit to him respecting his masculinity. Failure to understand this switch breeds conflict at home which isn’t a good leadership skill.

In conclusion, we’ve talked about the 3 Powerful Tips To Help Boss Ladies Thrive At Home which are that Boss Ladies Should Aspire To Build Nuclear Families; that Boss Ladies Should Consciously Switch Roles At Home. And that Boss Ladies Should Not Surprise Their Husband With Travel Announcements. We shall continue with the next part of the series. So be sure to revisit and subscribe to our mailing list to keep you updated with the subsequent articles. And you know what? You can be your own Boss right now! See How Here!



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Melody Logsdon

Wow! what a blog! I like the website as it’s well written. Although there are times, just to point out something and I don’t mean this to criticize you in any way, but I only mean this to be helpful too, because there are times that a mother would have to keep her kids from their father, when things are very difficult or when the father is being abusive to the child. the child must be protected.

She as the boss Lady has to be strong so that she can make the decisions for her children.


After thorough reading of this post, I cannot but be grateful you shared this. What better timing for this! My colleague at work has been really into problems at home concerning the inability to switch from the office atmosphere to being a mom for her family. In fact, this has  deteriorated her relationship with her hubby, I would definitely suggest this post for her. I really do hope it would be able to tweak her reasoning and help save her home.

Todd Matthews

I agree with the nuclear family section 100%. I feel that what I call ‘negative feminism’ is a reason we see so many mothers keeping fathers away from their children and dreaming of raising a child as a single mother. There is ‘positive feminism’ as well, which is why I distinguish the two, and I think you got it right with ‘positive feminism’ in this article. 

Switch roles, allow for a dual-parent household with strong, moral values. We see much more success from every member of the family in this type of environment and chaos in single-parent homes, especially if there’s a bitter divorce involved. I believe true, positive Boss Ladies would do everything in their power to achieve interdependence, with two-parent homes, strong moral values, work ethic, and of course, the means to begin their own businesses as well. 

Rob S.

I’ve seen many boss ladies in everyday life and in the movies.
They are strong women who can take the bull by the horns and know what they want in life.
It’s very important for them to know their roles both in the office and at home.
The commands as you say at work shouldn’t be the same at home. It’s a totally different situation.
I do agree that the roles should be switched at home too. Because otherwise it could cause issues at home that will cause stress.
It’s great for a woman to be a boss and as long as she handles things properly it’s a great thing!

Melody Logsdon

I like your website it is well writen, there aresomegood tips.
Although there are some situations where a mother would have to keep her kids away from the father,
Boss Ladies have to be strong to be the boss lady, so she can make all the decisions for her children

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