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6 Reasons Some Women Aren’t Married From The Spiritual Perspective

6 Reasons some women aren’t married from the spiritual perspective

6 Reasons Some Women Aren't Married From The Spiritual PerspectiveWe’ve talked about and written extensively on the reasons that men and women aren’t married from different angles but one angle that we haven’t sincerely written about is the spiritual angle. While women have had several reasons for not getting married expounded on our website, they certainly have not had any article fully dedicated to spiritual causes of prolonged singleness, broken homes or divorce and delayed marriages, hence, the main backdrop for writing this article titled, “6 reasons some women aren’t married from the spiritual perspective”. It goes to highlight the circumstances of women who exhibit this experience. That being said, the reasons are :


1. The Holiness Game

6 Reasons Some Women Aren't Married From The Spiritual PerspectiveSome ladies like to Play being holy unreasonably. They want God sincerely and everything to do with God but nothing with men. They pray, they fast, they sing and dance. They go to church without fail and worship. Also, they speak in tongues, give all kinds of offerings, and are obedient to their pastors, but they just want nothing to do with men.

Yet, they are doing all for God hoping that God would do the search for a godly husband for them. They can ignore their destined husbands at church but have a very great relationship with their pastors (without anything attached to it, I mean).

There’s nothing wrong with being holy, you know. That’s the goal for all Christian believers in Jesus Christ. In fact, Jesus died so that we might be holy and live holy lives. He calls us into holiness (1 Corinthians 1:2). Now, holiness is not living in an isolated corner of somewhere by yourself and waiting for God to show up for you one day. Holiness is not being in church and disrespecting and ignoring all who contact you for relationships.

The Honest Truth

You see, some ladies in church ‘play’ the holiness game far too much. I used the word ‘play’ because some aren’t sincerely innocent, they are intentional with their actions thinking that by what they do, someone somehow might be attracted to them. Everything is about the spirit and they spiritualize everything about themselves and leave no room for an earthly relationship with people.

6 Reasons Some Women Aren't Married From The Spiritual PerspectiveThere’s nothing wrong with loving Jesus and being radical for Jesus. But do so with the right frame of mind. Jesus is love (1 John 4:8). He loves people. We are on earth and you need someone on earth to live with you, not someone in heaven. Yes, Jesus is the greatest husband as far as care is concerned.

But if you need a family of your own, here, now, you need a man on earth to fall in love with. And Jesus can’t get you pregnant. He can’t marry you physically. He can lead you to the destined husband who would fall in love with you by the content of your character demonstrated in love, and not by the mere fact that you’re a Christian, or by your ignorance, disrespect, or negligence of your responsibility.

Have a good attitude whether you pray a million times or not. Have a great attitude whether you have a divine call on your life or not. Everything is not about the spirit. Man is not just a spirit but a spirit that has a soul and lives in a physical body. You have physical needs that the Spirit of God wants to help you meet. But you need to open up to the physical dimension too.

2. Detest The Submission Idea

6 Reasons Some Women Aren't Married From The Spiritual PerspectiveSome ladies just hate the word submission when it comes to marriage. Particularly they have read the Bible talking about women to submit to their husbands and have this Misinterpretation of slavery, servitude, and chauvinist attitudes. Because of that, they don’t like the idea of becoming the wife of someone and being treated like a second-class citizen. However, this is a misunderstanding of Scripture. God never intended for any spouse to be a slave to another (Ephesians 5:22-24). This misinterpretation of Scripture has also led to a false understanding of feminism increasing women’s hate for men. This shouldn’t be.

3. They Are Devoted To God

6 Reasons Some Women Aren't Married From The Spiritual PerspectiveWe’ve been talking about reasons women are unmarried specifically from the spiritual angle. So whatever we might have said or may say has nothing to do with the physical but the spiritual. In this light, it’s worth saying that some ladies are genuinely dedicated to the service of the Lord that they have no time for relationships with men. This includes the Nuns and female priests, Bishops, and Christian ministers who have chosen that way of life just because they wanna serve humans in the name of God.

4. They Have Troubled Spiritual Husbands

6 Reasons Some Women Aren't Married From The Spiritual PerspectiveAnother factor to note that causes women to stay unmarried is having a spiritual alliance with a spiritual entity. When such an alliance is made, a spiritual entity is attached to her as a husband who would act like one even when that entity isn’t physically visible. This spiritual husband is invisible to the physical eyes, although, it can be visible on some limited occasions.

Visible Results

In most cases, the spiritual husband can manifest visible results that would suggest that someone somewhere is involved. Now, I have called it a troubled spiritual husband because he’s out to cause trouble either because he feels threatened whenever someone comes close to having any kind of relationship with the lady in question. Or because he’s just jealous of progress in any way.

In addition, he can cause physical harm to both his “wife” the victim, and those coming close to falling in love with her. A lot could happen but one important fact is that the lady cannot have a settled home and live in peace with the family. She might never marry because she shows no interest in men, or the husbands she marries often dies, or they fight constantly until he leaves. Many other negative things could happen so that she may be left alone to himself (the spiritual husband).

5. They Are Of The Marine Kingdom

6 Reasons Some Women Aren't Married From The Spiritual PerspectiveSome ladies also are specifically sent to this earth from the kingdom of the sea called the Marine kingdom for a given assignment in the interest of the kingdom. Please, this is deep and I wouldn’t go into detail for the purpose of the article’s goal. However, when these ladies from the marine kingdom come to earth, they could be born of a family and even trouble the family.

They would never marry or have any spiritual or physical husband. Although the latter isn’t impossible. They would, however, mess up the lives of many men and females with whom they have sexual relations on the earth. This is one reason women aren’t married from the spiritual dimension.

6. They Are Spiritually Cursed

Some ladies aren’t married because they are spiritually caused either directly or indirectly–generationally. They can be a result of a generational curse placed on their forefathers that keeps reproducing the same negative results from one female child unto another. It’s possible to have a family where all the ladies are not married or marry and get divorced, or have children for multiple men in one single family. Whoever marries into that family can have similar experiences irrespective of status, location, or geography.

What Is It?

6 Reasons Some Women Aren't Married From The Spiritual Perspective

A curse can be an evil blessing or pronouncement made upon someone because of an action the victim undertook that went contrary to what was acceptable. Cases like incest, false swearing, stealing, the murder of innocent people, or some abominable acts, can attract a curse that is generational in nature and shall continue unless an atonement is made to stop it.

There’s Hope!

But I have good news for you. Jesus Christ is the ultimate atonement that can put a stop to any curse from continuing. The Bible says that Jesus Christ has come to break the power of the enemy or the devil (1 John 3:8) to set people free. And whomever Jesus sets free is indeed free (John 8:36). If you would want to experience the freedom that comes from the Lord Jesus Christ, email us at this address, carlo@smartcouples.net, or visit this site of Emmanueltv.

Have you had any experience with any of the 6 Reasons some women aren’t married from the spiritual perspective or do you know someone who had? Share it with us in the comment section.



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I’ve met my fair share of women completely repelled by the whole submission idea. And I see it that same way, there’s, indeed, a huge misinterpretation of the notion that women submit to their husbands, that they have to serve them and basically be their slaves. And I’ve always felt that it just isn’t true. I’m happy that now I have a scripture to cite. Thank you. 🙂

Above all, an absolutely fascinating article. Many of the reasons I learned from scratch. And, the way I see it, it does provide a broader perspective on the whole idea of women not marrying. And a better frame of reference to understand them better. Truly insightful.

Thank you. Cheers.

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