How Couples Can Support Each Other During The Stay-At-Home Order - Covid-19 Lock down, PART ONE

How Couples Can Support Each Other During The Stay-At-Home Order – Covid-19 Lock down, PART ONE

How Couples Can Support Each Other During The Stay-At-Home Order – COVID-19 Lockdown, PART ONE

How Couples Can Support Each Other During The Stay-At-Home Order - Covid-19 Lock down, PART ONENo doubt, it’s been difficult for all of us when we see what’s happening around the world. People getting sick, suffering and dying just like that. Hospitals are outstretched to capacity. Doctors and nurses overwhelmed at the influx of patients waiting for their services.

Every death victim, whether male or female, has a family and was loved by someone. Our prayers and sympathy are with the families of the affected.

We’ve written some articles about the COVID-19 pandemic to help you stay safe and informed. Please click HERE, or HERE or HERE and HERE to read some of these articles.

Today, however, we bring to you some tips on how couples can support each other during the stay at home order. Read and apply the ones that are relatable in order to stay safe and at peace with the love of your life.


1. Be sure you understand the situation. It’s as simple as that. Knowledge is powerful. To be informed is the very first step to take in solving a problem. Be well-informed of what is happening around the world. Know why you are into what you are into. The stay at home order is for your safety and the safety of others to protect you from the COVID-19 disease. A crisis that is a global one and affects us all.

2. Constantly check on COVID-19 updates in your nation, state or locality. Follow the news daily nationally and locally. The circumstance around the COVID-19 pandemic is changing and as it does, the authorities are adapting with new rules and regulations to mitigate and contain it. Some rules might be different from others due to regional laws. So check to see what’s up constantly within your locality to know when it’s lifted, or the places you can access or take a walk with your partner together, etc.

3. Check to know the instructions made available for your safety. While it’s a global issue affecting different nations unequally, there are some safety measures taken by some nations to help its citizens stay safe. Things like constant hand washing and sanitizing, covering of mouth when sneezing or coughing and many more are things to practice even when you are with your partner. These measures might not be exactly the same in all places, so check to know what exactly applies to your area of residence.

4. Don’t feel guilty, It’s not your fault. The COVID-19 pandemic is not your fault albeit you suffer the consequences. Don’t blame it on yourself or see it as the authorities are being unfair to you.

5. Don’t blame your partner, It’s not your partner’s fault as well. Don’t blame it on your partner in any way because it’s not his fault the crisis is affecting you. This is a natural disaster since the cause is still unknown. Let’s take it as such and leave it in God’s hands while we do our best to survive and stay safe.

6. See the provisions made available to ease life within your locality. As the COVID-19 crisis continues to disrupt our lives, some governments of nations, states, and local authorities have been helping its citizens with money, food and other palliative services to make life bearable. It’s good for you couples to seek help when needed or know what exactly has been put in place for your advantage during this period. So check out for updates in your local authorities constantly.

7. Cut on non-essential spending. This is logical to do at a time like this. Spending on what is not important for you couple at this moment of crisis should be put on hold. With so many unanswered questions and uncertainties, the basics of life which are food, water, shelter and other things to keep you healthy and informed are what should be your priorities now. Designer clothing, accessories, cars and the luxury of life, should not bother your peace at all even if you can afford them. It’s just not the time. Cut them off.

8. Discuss new plans and ways to spend with your partner. Talk with your partner about the new, inexpensive way that you desire to live your lives during this crisis period. Let her or him know why the changes so that it must not be seen as if there is an issue with the relationship. Carry your partner along in whatever decision you make.

9. Share resources together if possible. It’s time to share resources with each other if possible. Resources go beyond finances to talents, skills, knowledge and other intangible know-hows that money cannot buy. So if your partner can’t give you money now, there’s something he or she can contribute other than money. Be wise and at peace with each other.

10. Understand and accept the reality of your income(s). With the COVID-19 crisis, people are asked to stay home, meaning some don’t go to work, and jobs are lost consequently. The rate of unemployment is higher than normal. Unemployment benefits are what keep many families afloat. Accept, therefore, the reality of your incomes. It might not be the same as it used to be. It could be possible that income falls. And it’s alright if what you used to get from your partner is lowered or stopped entirely.

11. Postpone some spending or desires for later considerations. Not everything that your mind thinks of now should be bought. Some items though good can wait until the crisis is over. It doesn’t make sense to buy something that you don’t need for staying at home. Even if it can be useful at home, some items can be postponed until the end of the crisis.

12. Have a spiritual fellowship with your spouse. Remember that God is the supreme being to always trust at times such as this. Put your trust in God and pray constantly. Study the Bible together with your spouse. Be alert and ready, cover your relationship with the blood of Jesus Christ. In case anything happens, you are covered.

Finally, tell us which ones mentioned above have you already practiced during this lockdown. Do you have any other tips to share?

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I believe that this is a very good time to spend with the family and all the people we really love the most because most of the time work takes us away from them for too much. I have been trying to use this time to thighten the bonds that I have with people. I understand your points and like you pointed out, knowledge is power, learning more about the virus will help us prepare on how to live the best. Thanks!


Thanks for this post Carlos. I am spending the time with my children, they are 23, 21 and 18. My husband passed away many years ago. First we tried our best to understand what is going on. Then we put your number 12 into a plan we have a time everyday when we come together as a family to read the bible and pray. 


There are a lot of solid ideas here for supporting your partner during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. I am fortunate to have a great partner to share the time with, and it’s very helpful that we are both equally as serious about staying at home and helping to “flatten the curve.” It’s been interesting to think that it’s probably the longest stretch we’ve gone without having a meal from a restaurant and / or with friends, but it’s been nice to have more creative home-cooked meals together and look forward to that event each day!


One of the most difficult tasks for anyone right now in this period is to really maintain sanity while being alone at home with their spouses. Honestly, this is really great to see and thank you so much for sharing all these tips. One thing that I really accept the most is accepting the reality of their income and also to know what it entails to stay home together and things to engage in. 

thumbs up to you for sharing

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