Is Same-Sex Marriage A God Idea? Part 2 | PC Akubueze Speaks !

Is Same-Sex Marriage A God Idea? Part 2 . An interview with Rev. PC Akubueze

Notice to the Reader: This is a transcript of an interview with Rev. Dr. P.C. Akubueze. We are aware that the topic of same-sex marriage is a controversial one that deeply affects the personal lives of many. We, as Christians, strongly reiterate the teaching of the Bible to “Love your neighbor as yourself ” (Matthew 22:39; John 13:34). And that all people, irrespective of their religions, sexual orientations, skin colors, and genders, must be treated with respect and dignity, with love and compassion. The publication of any interview concerning this subject is solely intended to enhance and to clarify the position of the Bible as concerns relational, family, and social foundations of society. It’s never intended to incite hatred of any kind toward homosexuals.

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SP: Welcome back, everyone! The Big Question still Is Whether or Not Same-Sex Marriage Is A God Idea. And we have the man of God here with us who has been a blessing to us thus far.

SP: Pastor, some people think that this whole concept of Same-Sex Marriage is God-invented or God- created. How can you tell our listeners the real idea of God concerning same-sex marriage?

P.C. AKUBUEZE: May I start by saying that some sincere persons are adamantly convinced that it comes from God because they were born that way. They are sincere, innocent but wrong, sincerely wrong, I mean. The fact that we come to this world a certain way doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the way God wants us to be.

Well, I know for sure, it wasn’t God’s idea. It never entered God’s mind nor did He suggest it. Let me explain with some consistency here why it wasn’t God’s idea.

SP: Go ahead, please!

P.C. AKUBUEZE: Firstly, what God created in the beginning tells us of His idea of marriage.

Already we have seen above that God did create a male and a female and not a male and a male or a female and a female. So the same-sex idea as we know it was never in God’s mind and wasn’t a God idea.

Secondly, His original dissatisfaction of the male as a single being in existence tells us of His idea of marriage. When God created the male, the Bible tells us that no suitable helper was found for the male. Then He carried on to make for the male a female (Genesis 2 vs 20-21).

It’s interesting to note that what was suitable for the male was a female and not a male creature. Now if same-sex marriage was a God idea, He wouldn’t have worried about what was “Suitable.”

The word “Suitable” denotes what is appropriate and fitting. Thus, a female was fitting for a male, a female was appropriate for a male in marriage and never same-sex marriage. If same-sex marriage was on His mind, a male for the existed male could have been a good picture for God to create. He created, however, the female for the male. Am I communicating?

SP: Go ahead, please!

Thirdly, The source of creation of the female tells us something about His idea of marriage.

The male, you see, preexisted the female creation, alright? He lived before the female came into existence. The Bible says that the male was created from the dust of the ground and with the breath of God in him which wasn’t the case with the female gender (Genesis 2v7).

For the female, the Bible records that God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep and while the male was sleeping, He took one of his ribs and closed up the place with flesh. From the rib, He made a woman or a female (Genesis 2 vs 21-23). Here we see that the source of the female gender was a male partner and not another female creature. So the two, as opposite sexes, was God’s idea of marriage. His idea of marriage was for a female and a male and not for same-sex or same-gender marriage.

Fourthly, God’s mind concerning child making tells us His idea about marriage.

You see, God gave the created male and female a mega child-making vision upon the earth: to multiply and fill the earth (Genesis 1 v 26; 1 v 28). We all know that the multiplication and filling the earth spoken there imply bringing forth offspring, begetting themselves, raising children. And we also know that for a child to be given birth to, it has to involve chromosomes from the male and the female partners. It is never a male-male or female-female thing.

The creator said to the male and the female to be fruitful. The creator said to the male and the female to increase in numbers. The creator said to the male and the female to fill the earth. This wasn’t a task for a male and a male or a female and a female. And it was only possible for them to execute God’s law of increase because that was the idea of God.

Fifthly, the first marriage God blessed on earth tells us of His idea about marriage.

Genesis recorded the first-ever union that received the blessing of God (1v28) as involving more than just one gender. It says that God blessed “THEM”. Now that word “Them” is in the plural. So who were the “THEM” that God blessed? Who were those that God was speaking to here? He was certainly talking to the kinds of gender that He created and that existed at that moment in time. It was to both the male and the female genders that God created. There were the only two genders that existed at the time of this blessing. So again, we see that God’s idea of marriage wasn’t a male-male thing or a female-female thing, but a male and female thing.

P.C. AKUBUEZE: Can I go on?

SP: The time is all yours sir. Go ahead, Pastor!

P.C. AKUBUEZE: Sixthly, what God confirmed concerning all creation, tells us about His idea of Marriage. Having created the male and female, and having commissioned them to be fruitful and increase in number, the Bible says that the Lord God saw all that He had made and said “it was very good” (Genesis 1v31). Very good indeed. Notice that this statement includes the male and the female as created by God.

People could make mistakes but not God. And even if you could imagine that God did make one, the time was good enough for Him to have corrected His mistake. In this anemic light, God still reaffirmed that it wasn’t a mistake, He confirmed that all was okay. He confirmed that His idea for the male and female was a perfect and a good one when He saw all He has made and said “It was very good.” If the existence of the male and female was good, the same-sex marriage idea would not have come from God.

Seventhly, the divine directives of marital bonding and union bring out clearly His idea of marriage.

Having created the woman for the man, the Bible says that the man shall leave his father and mother and shall be united to his wife and both shall become one (Genesis 2v24). For the bonding to take place, there has to be a man and a wife or a male and a female involved. For the union to take place, there has to be a man and a wife or a male and a female. There wasn’t a place for the female and a female or the male and a male. Same-sex marriage isn’t the idea of God.

Eighthly, what God prophetically said about the family makes His idea of marriage more clearer.

When God was speaking those directives in Genesis 2v24, there was not a single-family on earth other than the male and the just created female before God. However, God said that man shall leave his father’s and mother’s house to be united to his wife. Now we all know that a father is a male but more than a male, for he is married and has children. He is not just a male but a husband and a father. So goes the woman too. She is a female and a wife and a mother as well. This is the main pillar of a family– mama, papa, offspring. But when this was spoken, there wasn’t a single-family in existence at that time other than the male and the female.

So God was prophetically speaking His idea for the family to the first person that He had created. He said that a family shall involve a male as a father and a female as a mother. Both of whom shall be united as one. There wasn’t any picture of a same-sex marriage family foundation here. Nothing implies same-sex Marriage here. A male shall not be the father and another male the mother. Or a female being a mother and another female a father. To make a family, it’s a female and a male thing. That’s the idea of God. So the Same-Sex Marriage is not a God idea.

Ninthly, it cannot be a God idea if God calls it a perversion.

SP: Does the Bible literally say so? I mean explicitly calls it a perversion?

P.C. AKUBUEZE: Of course yes, let me read it to you loudly and I am doing so from the book of Romans chapter one and the twenty-sixth verse through the twenty-seventh verse. “Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way, the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.

And received the due penalty for their what? For their perversion. I didn’t say that the Bible did. It calls it a perversion. Yes, when men commit indecent acts with other men (Romans 1v27), that’s a perversion. When women exchange natural relations for unnatural ones (Romans 1v26), that’s a perversion. In that context, homosexuals, lesbianism, etc. are all acts of perversion. It cannot be God’s idea if He calls such acts a perversion.

Tenthly and on a note I would like to end. It cannot be a God idea if God rejects those who practice such from inheriting His kingdom (1 Corinthians 6v9). This again the Bible literally reads “Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders.” Who are homosexual offenders? Who are male prostitutes? Are these not under the same sex idea stuff? Do they inherit the kingdom of God? The Bible unequivocally says NO.

SP: Pastor, what does that verse really imply? Should we take it literally?

P.C. AKUBUEZE: There isn’t a need for implication since it tells us something we understand clearly as we read. Call it for what it is, let’s not try to distort the truth or to make it hard for people to understand the Holy writ. It says, homosexuals. What implication would you prefer? Okay, I would give you two implications here (1) it implies that those homosexuals, male prostitutes, etc. who don’t repent and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives shall not enter the kingdom of God and (2) those Christians already in the kingdom who by any means do such acts without repentance might lose their citizenship of that Kingdom. Period! Can it be a God idea at the same time God rejects the doers of His idea? I leave that up to you.

SP: Thank you so much for talking to us Dr. Akubueze. What an inspiration it’s been having you with us.

P.C. AKUBUEZE: Thanks for the opportunity.

SP: Viewers and readers, we thank you for your attention thus far.  If there’s anyone who would want to come into the kingdom of God or who wouldn’t want to lose the citizenship and all its benefits therein, please click here for more directions on how to be a child of God. God bless you as you do.

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