Six Intentional Ways To Mitigate Domestic Violence

Six Intentional Ways To Mitigate Domestic Violence

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Six Intentional Ways To Mitigate Domestic Violence

Six Intentional Ways To Mitigate Domestic ViolenceAny form of action or treatment, done to one’s partner which can bring about the emotional disturbance, injury, or even death in a relationship or marriage, can be referred to as Domestic violence.

Domestic violence is now rampant in our society, hence the need to mitigate it. It has sent many people to their early graves, caused serious injuries, sent culprits to prison or death sentence, and has made many children become orphans at a tender age.

This social menace is caused by various reasons such as lack of patience, jealousy, ‘do or die’ attitude in relationships and marriages, infidelity, etc. It saddens the heart when news of domestic violence comes up. Recently, there was news that a particular Ifeoluwa in Osogbo set her husband Bolu Bamidele ablaze with the house which made the man die as a result of the injuries he suffered. Another news came up that the woman later committed suicide, maybe, in order to avoid a court sentence. Nevertheless, what about the judgment of God?

The word of God is strongly against this evil act (Matthew 5 verses 21 to 22). If possible, it has to be completely eradicated in our relationships and marriages. But it must be done intentionally. By intentional, I mean to do it on purpose, with focus and dedication. Having said that, let’s delve into the Six Intentional Ways To Mitigate Domestic Violence with the view of reducing it to the nearest minimum, and if possible, eradicating it completely:

1. Place your marriage or relationship in the hands of God with prayers:

Six Intentional Ways To Mitigate Domestic ViolenceIt is necessary to make God Almighty the pillar of our relationships and marriages with Jesus Christ as the solid Rock and the Holy Spirit to guide us. Likewise, we need to pray fervently not just to avoid facing temptation but in order not to fall into it whenever it arises.

As true believers, we have to pray without ceasing which can also be said as pray without season (1 Thessalonians 5:17). It is very important to pray continually, even when our relationships or marriages look perfect. That is the period of time we need prayers most because the devil will try all he could to make such a relationship or marriage turn sour (Matthew 5 verses 21 and 22).

2. Show true love to each other:

According to one of the recent PC Akubueze’s quotes, “God is love and Love starts with God”, nothing could be truer. In our relationship with our partners, we are expected to do everything on the basis of God’s true love. Love starts with God. I always wonder how a man or a woman would claim he or she loves the partner and harms him or her. It doesn’t make sense, does it? The characteristics of true love from God are stated in 1st Corinthians 13 verses 4 to 7. Now, tell me: Will any man or woman who possesses those qualities of love engage in domestic violence?

3. Be slow to anger:

Anger is a very dangerous tool that can be used to destroy one’s achievement, purpose, or future. What can we say of couples who courted for some years, and spent a huge sum of money on the wedding ceremony, just to allow a few minutes of anger to destroy everything?

As two different individuals who are just becoming one, there is a great tendency that there will be disagreement or conflict of interests at any point in time but the partners must control their reaction by tolerating each other’s differences for peace to reign (James 1 verses 19 to 21). Tolerance does not imply that we don’t know what we are doing. It only portrays one as a person who wants peace and avoids anger.

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4. Being careful with your utterances:

The Bible on several occasions reminds us of the dangers of not cautioning our words. It is easy to say anything but it is very difficult to influence the reaction in the aftermath of what we have said.

We are in total control of anything we haven’t spoken out about, but once it has been spoken, it controls us. The utterances of either of the partner may ignite domestic violence. We need to make sure our statements are filled with encouragement and wisdom (Proverbs 10 verse 11, James 1 verse 26, James 3 verse 10).

5. Flee from works of the flesh:

The works of the flesh are numerous as stated in Galatians 5 verses 19 to 22. Such works of the flesh can make a person do bad things without thinking about the consequences. They include sexual immoralities, jealousy, drunkenness, and anger, among others. They are part of the causes of domestic violence. These works of the flesh are not supposed to be harbored by believers as they debar one from inheriting the kingdom of God. There is a need to replace them with the fruits of the spirit.

6. Mutual respect and understanding:

Six Intentional Ways To Mitigate Domestic ViolenceAs intending couples or married couples, it is necessary to respect and honor each other without claiming superiority. Men have to understand their wives and love them with enough care (1st Peter 3 verse 7). Likewise, women are also expected to submit to their husbands by according them respect and love (Ephesians 5 verse 22). If these are adhered to, in the right manner, none of them will think of doing bad to the other.

In conclusion, domestic violence is not limited to a particular gender alone. Both men and women can suffer domestic violence from their partners. Also, although divorce may not be really encouraged, it is advisable to quit any marriage or relationship with signs of violence to avoid stories that touch.

In addition to the points above, let us all remember to do to others how we would love to be treated. Having families free of domestic violence begins with YOU and me. May God Almighty help us and enable us to have peaceful homes in Jesus’s name. Amen.

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