The 10 Known Causes of Young Adult Singlehood

The 10 Known Causes of Young Adult Singlehood


The 10 Known Causes of Young Adult Singlehood

We’ve been talking about youth singleness for some time, and have taken a particular interest in discovering reasons that inhibit young people to marry. The series is made up of several interesting contemporary topics, including the 17 Street Reasons For Staying Single, which you would find very helpful and can serve as a guide to stronger relationship building. This article: the 10 Known Causes of Young Adult Singlehood, as part of the series, further explores the mindsets behind youth loneliness and singlehood.

Having said that, shall we get started? Let’s go!


1. Lack Of Visibility:

The 10 Known Causes of Young Adult SinglehoodHaving a relationship is a social thing. Being in any kind of relationship requires some level of socializing with your kind—people. You cannot expect people to see and notice you when you aren’t visible to them. Visibility is important to relationship building else you can stay single for a long time. Whether you are an introvert or not, take some time to reach out and socialize or make yourself public to be seen by others. Of course, the probability is higher when you are up and about than when you’re reticent and resign yourself to your self-built cocoon. By extension, this may involve replying to your direct messages online.

2. Not Interested To Know Why:

Some singles don’t know why they are still single, having tried many relationships that didn’t work out. This set of singles still believes in the stroke of luck and tries anyone they meet to see if it might work out or not. To add my opinion, I think the responsibility is yours alone to find out the ‘whys’ of your relationships, whether it works out or not. Nobody can tell you what’s wrong if you’re not interested in knowing why. You might be the reason things are the way they are. Find out!

3. Not Belonging To One Person:

Some youths do not marry because they just don’t wanna be owned by one partner. They feel tied down in the so-called marriage with their raging, wandering aspirations caged. They want to explore different aspects of life, including having whatever and whomever they want when they want them. This is not just the Lack of discipline to keep one partner, but more of the desire not to dare.

4. Meeting Highly Dependent Men:

Not a few women who are single complain about meeting men who aren’t independent and love laziness. These men are hyper-dependent on the ladies in every aspect and they delight in extorting them for their personal gains. Such men have the characteristics of gigolos. They financially prey on the female victims in the name of love. Now, tell me, would a lady with such experience not be very careful in dating and mingling with young men? That art of being careful could be long indeed.

5. Loss Of First Love:

Losing a loved one, a husband or wife to death is another reason some youths stay single. They find it unable to move on without someone they have known all their lives. In addition, getting to feel so comfortable with a whole new person in one’s life isn’t that easy at all. Thus, while some can take a long time to mingle, others vowed never to get married again.

6. Too Fat For Admirers:

No, it doesn’t sound funny! Some people feel that the reason for their being single is that they are too fat for their admirers. This could be self-damaging with such a negative outlook on themselves. Please, you have to take it easy on yourself. But the way, isn’t it a great observation that you have admirers? This implies that there is someone for you, as I keep saying. Positively speaking, it’s a good thing to self-analyze the issue, but one shouldn’t stop there. Now that you know the reason, do something about it. Get to the gym and stay fit. It helps your health and relationship work better.

7. The Difficulties To Pick One:

Love is a good thing but to love so many people at the same time is detestable. Some boys have too many ladies and vice versa. You could be trapped in the single net when you date too many partners at the same time because you might find it hard to pick one to settle with. And this is one reason for being single for a long time.

8. The Repercussion Of Hookup Girls:

Some men have resigned from searching for their partners because of their philosophy that all girls are hookup girls. This philosophy is a result of patronizing hookup girls for a long time. Thus, they believe that all girls are the same. Similarly, when girls do hookups for a while, some find it harder to meet potential husbands to settle with. It’s just the repercussion of their nature of making money.

9. Health Challenges:

In life, sickness comes at times and goes. But there are certain health challenges that can keep one permanently needing medical attention for survival. We’ve noticed that these challenges can keep one single even for a lifetime. Constantly needing medical help for survival robs you of time and every effort put towards searching for a love partner.

10. Inordinate Height:

Some ladies are too tall and express the fact that their height scares the men away. Although this is a reality, it has a negative connotation about oneself. We believe that everyone is created by God and as such, beautiful (Genesis 1:27). God doesn’t make mistakes no matter how you might perceive a situation. It always serves a purpose. Therefore, there’s a man for every woman, a partner for everyone who so desires.

I recall the Bible says whatsoever you desire and pray for, just believe that you have it and it will be yours (Mark 11:24). The point is you have to stay positive about what you have and want in your life. You cannot criticize or condemn yourself. If you do, you will attract just what you are thinking or doing. This means that those who will come around you would be those who criticize your height. They are just imitating what you do, period.

That’s what you attract by your thoughts. If you think you are special, you are. If you think you are bad, you are. If you think you are not too good for some people, you aren’t. It always boils down to your thoughts. If you think that your height scares people away, people would actually be scared by it. So change your thoughts and be thankful for your unique height. Then praise God for sending that special person your way who would love you for who you are. Capish?!

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