The 12 Consequences Of Hopping From One Partner To Another

The 12 Consequences Of Hopping From One Partner To Another



The 12 Consequences Of Hopping From One Partner To Another

The 12 Consequences Of Hopping From One Partner To AnotherSome girls say their lives are in their hands and they want to enjoy life and have experience in life as much as possible. But what do they mean by “enjoy life”? Is it to live one’s life carelessly? Is it to go wild in a hostile society having unrestrained sexual intercourse with anyone who looks their way? Is it to intentionally go after men for the fun of it? Or is it to have coital relationships with men in exchange for offers in terms of finance, drugs, food, and favors?

Sadly, all mentioned above are true of what these girls call “enjoy life”. In the 12 consequences of hopping from one partner to another, we discuss the thumps down of women who have decided to make such characteristics their way of life. Without further ado, these are the consequences:

1. You could be infected with STDs.

To jump from one partner to another randomly can be detrimental to one’s health as you are open to unprotected and casual intimacies and can contract sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) from some of your flings. Gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV-aids, hepatitis, chlamydia, among others, are diseases that you are exposed to with such immoral behavior. They can disrupt your day-to-day life and can be fatal when ill-managed. Think about your health and stay with one partner.

2. You can infect an innocent woman.

Not only can you be infected when you hop from man to man, but also you can be an STD carrier, who might infect an unfaithful husband of an innocent wife, who would, in turn, infect his wife with a venereal disease contracted from you. Consider this and stop the habit.

3. You could be demonically possessed.

God created people and uses people to advance godly works. Satan never created anyone but he also uses people to propagate ungodliness. One of the ways Satan does this is through demonic activities carried out by those he possesses. Demonic possession is real and can affect anyone who opens the door to it. One way this door is opened is by sexual immorality, be it male or female.

When you hop from one partner to another, you can sleep with someone who has demons in them, and no matter how, you will get a fair share of the demons. They will enter you and use you to distribute themselves and extend their works to others.

4. Your nudity can be in the wrong hands.

Some People don’t just have intimacy with others just for the fun of it. They have ulterior motives to get your nude photos or videos without your consent and might use them against you in the future. You may be a victim who has repented but your nude pictures never repent and are in the control of another who, certainly, would disturb your peace of mind when you need it the most.

5. You may fall for the wrong guy that threatens your life.

There are so many crazy people out there who look good externally until you meet them. By hopping from one partner to another, you can come in contact with a person who wants what you offer sexually, temporarily, but whose lifestyle you’ve discovered and detest. Such a person can give you a hell of trouble and threaten your life just because you are intimate with them. People have lost their lives through temporary sexual partners.

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6. You may be disfiguring your inner birth canal.

The female genital (vagina) has an inward canal with sensitive linings. This canal is flexible and has an elastic nature to it. It can be widened as in childbirth and closed again after birthing. During coitus, its width and constriction largely depend on the size of the male penis. The bigger the penis, the wider it gets. But too much of a bigger and irregularly shaped penis can disrupt the elasticity of the vagina to a point that it loses its ability to be firm again.

When you hop from one partner to another just for the fun and pleasure of sex, you accommodate different sizes within a short period of time and, as a result, some of your male counterparts will find you too loose inside. This, in other words, means that your canal is too big or wide for the average penis out there. Too many or frequent one-night Stands can have a long-term effect on one’s vagina and on the relationships that you experience.

7. You might become a baby mama

Hopping from one partner to another can eventually turn you into a baby mama without announcement and preparation. This term, Babymama, simply means that you have a child out of wedlock, but it has more meaning and implications to it than we can handle for now.

Because you just change men as you do your clothes, you may not know when you got pregnant or by whom precisely. Because the men are too many for a count and none of them signed up for a relationship for more than just a night or two, you would end up giving birth to a child who would be deprived of the love of a father, and a child who would not be proud of its parental backgrounds.

8. You may find it hard to marry.

The 12 Consequences Of Hopping From One Partner To AnotherTraditionally for females, hopping from one partner to another can make marriage hard for your subscription, because those you’re lurking with are males, and those you wish to marry are also males. The truth is that some of the people who want to marry you might have been with you in the past and frown upon striking any relationship with you irrespective of your beauty. Men do avoid women who have had a sexually loosed past. They really don’t want to be with women whose pants were casually taken down in the spur of the moment.

9. You may find it hard to love someone perpetually.

Your wild desire to hop in and out of the bed with different men may rob you of the understanding of true, sincere, authentic, and perpetual love. You may grow in age but never grow in love because nobody has ever loved you that long. It’s only a short-term relationship you have experienced. And with years advancing, you may end up thinking that is how life is between a man and a woman. What a deception!

10. You may be given a derogatory name.

Hopping from one partner to another is a social ill frowned upon by society. Those who practice it are called names that are derogatory. This implies that you are stigmatized and robbed of certain societal respect, consciously or unconsciously. Some people, depending on society, call you different derogatory names which denote “a wayward prostitute” in its vilest sense.

11. You may constantly change geographic location.

You see, because you have dated many men in a particular location, because almost all the men in a city have slept with you, because they know your privacy and weaknesses, they can make life very uncomfortable for you in that same city. This leaves you with the only option to relocate to other towns or cities to find peace and live a fresh life again.

Even if you don’t want to leave but wish to continue your immoral lifestyle, there comes a time when you’ll have no sustainable clients to finance your lifestyle because they have all seen what you offer and your offer isn’t more interesting to them. Consequently, they would look somewhere else and you, in the end, would want to relocate in search of better-paying clients or a good life.

12. You might experience an abrupt relationship turnaround.

You can be surprised that some women got engaged and even married but got divorced suddenly because their partners found out about their past immoral lifestyle. Not every man can take that, you know?!

Some men may love you but are not ready to handle your past if they know it. And once they know, irrespective of the love, they will want to bail out of the relationship totally to save their names and future. It’s just what it is, you know!

This life is what you make of it. Be intentional in life and make decisions that can help improve your life. You only have one life and one moment to live it. Avoid immoral behaviors that wouldn’t add any long-term value to your life. Certainly, hopping from one partner to another is a no-no for many good ladies and I, as a female too, detest it.

Is there any other point that you have come to conclude as a consequence of hopping from one partner to another? Comment below, please!

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