The 5 Types Of Men To Avoid Marrying

The 5 Types Of Men To Avoid Marrying

The 5 Types Of Men To Avoid Marrying

There are a plethora of teachings telling you the types of men to not marry or to marry. Some of its writers came to conclusions from personal, moral, and cultural considerations. And some might be taken with a pinch of salt, while others state an obvious truth.

Irrespective of the background you are coming from, the fact that humans are imperfect beings makes it believable that not all men are good or bad. There are good men out there. But when it comes to relationships and marriage, a lady would want to consider the kind of character men display towards women to know which to tolerate or avoid.

In order to help you achieve that, let’s talk about the 5 Types of men to avoid marrying.

1) The Man That Has No Respect For Women Should Be Avoided.

Marriage is a love-motivated contract between two consenting adults. And It will make no sense to enter into a contract with someone who would not respect the terms of the contract. A man must, I repeat, must have respect for the woman he wants to love or has fallen in love with. That is just non-negotiable. You don’t love before you respect someone, you respect before you love someone. Respect is a human right, first and foremost. You have to respect that person even if your love intention isn’t reciprocated.

A man with zero respect for you is the type to avoid settling for. For more on this, read the principles of respect in marriage.

2) The Man That Wants Sex The First Day He Met You Should Be Cautiously Avoided.

The 5 Types Of Men To Avoid MarryingThis is another set of men to think twice before falling for and/or marrying. Men that profess love and want it on the first day with the promise of marriage are struggling with lust, not love. They like your body, not necessarily your heart. It’s their lust that they want to satisfy, not their love.

I have used the word ‘cautiously’ because at times the man has good intentions but misplaced priorities. It could also be mere ignorance that can be set to flight through a bit of love education. He may really want you and could marry you at last if the situation is managed well. Nonetheless, the rule is not to open your legs on the first day because he promised you marriage.

For the most part, it fails to be what it seems at first. “He met you on day one and you were the wife to be and he asked for sex and got it the same day and later the story changed. It just changed that you didn’t see him again. Or the both of you started acting like strangers.”

The promised wife now becomes history because you were not cautious about your first date sex. As a guide, if you refuse such demands and he insists, it’s a major red flag to avoid him totally. The motive may not be right, at all.


3) The Man Who Rapes As A Means To Marry Her Should Be Avoided.

A rapist is one of the 5 types of men to avoid marrying.  To rape is a problem, but a premeditated rape or intentional rapist is even worse.

There is a misconception and malpractice within some cultures that coerces a rapist to marry the victim as a means of covering the shame or curse that the act of rape might have brought to the family of the victim.

On the one hand, this makes life unbearable for the lady who has no choice but to give in to the demands of parents or traditions and marry her rapist for life.

And on the other hand, men take advantage of this to marry ladies who would normally not give consent to their advances of marriage. All they have to do is to rape them and tradition will force them to marry in order to cover the family shame within the culture. This is absurd, I know but it happens.

If you are a victim of such acts, I want you to know that rape is a crime no matter how your culture may sugarcoat it. It is wrong and a punishable offense. We do not advise you to marry a rapist, rather report a rapist to the Police within your locality. There are also organizations that can help you out. Contact admin for more on this.


4) The Man Who Can’t Control Himself Before Ladies Should Be Avoided.

Some men are women freaks and insatiable flirts. What they tell you makes you feel special only to find out that they have also said similar things to several ladies. You’re just one of them.

Men who can not control themselves before ladies can be a disgrace, a thorn in your relationship, and a disaster in the making. You should cautiously avoid such men or address the issue head-on. With men like that in a relationship, anything can happen from unwanted pregnancies with other ladies to broken relationships. You should be able to trust your man and have peace of mind in the relationship.

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5. The Man Who Wants To Get Her Pregnant In Order To Marry Her Should Be Avoided.

The 5 Types Of Men To Avoid MarryingThis has two categories. The first category is the men who want the women to get pregnant first before they talk about marriage. And they can be dating you forever if you’re infertile but would never pop out the question. Please, if you meet such men, run.

The other category is the high bride price ladies who become targets to impregnate in order that their bride prices may fall.

There are some cultures that see women as a means to get rich. And as such, they price their daughters so inordinately expensive to those who wanna marry them. Most of the girls within these cultures either don’t marry or marry very late in life. All because the men find it too costly to marry ladies from such cultures. You really have to be extremely rich to marry these ladies.

But men have resolved to intentionally get these girls pregnant with the view that their bride prices would fall notably. Single parenting is something Parents wouldn’t want for their daughters, therefore, they do not hinder their daughters from marrying the men who impregnated them because of money or exorbitant bride prices.

Although it works for some ladies, it also ruins the lives of others because some men in their quest get more than one lady pregnant, and end up marrying just one. So what you may see within this culture is a lot of single mothers created by men with such a quest. If you know these men, it’s best to avoid them rather than ruin your life. Marriage is a beautiful thing that should be properly handled without regrets.


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