The 7 Dangers One Faces For Marrying The Wrong Partner

The 7 Dangers One Faces For Marrying The Wrong Partner



The 7 Dangers One Faces For Marrying The Wrong Partner

The 7 Dangers One Faces For Marrying The Wrong PartnerMarriage is a legal and formal union between a man and a woman. Biblically speaking, it is an institution created by God (Gen 2:19-20, Gen 3:20, Gen 4:1), with the purpose to give man a helpmate and to have him oversee all the works of creation. When God created Adam, he noticed that no helpmate among the creatures was suitable for Adam. Thus, the suitable company would have to come from his own body. And so it was. Eve was made from Adam’s ribs.

Adam felt happy and complete at the sight of his wife, Eve. This is not only true with Adam but with all human creatures. There’s joy, completeness, and a sense of purpose when one marries the right partner. However, when one marries the wrong partner, that joy and completeness seem to disappear. My mother always says that marriage is like a sack of goods that one buys without opening it. Whatever you buy determines your destiny in marriage. The wrong choice of partner in a marriage can mar one’s life and destiny. Today, we are going to discuss the 7 dangers one faces for marrying the wrong partner. Shall we?


1) It deprives one’s peace of mind

Marrying the wrong partner can steal joy from the union. It can lead to anxiety, emotional trauma, depression, misunderstanding, and many health issues that destroy peace within an individual. The two partners will never have peace of mind because of so many differences between them. Everyone finds fault in each other. No matter how they pretend outside they can never have peace of mind. In a wrong marriage, hatred is the order of the day. Hate and peace are two opposite things. Where the former dominates, the danger is, the latter is absent.

2) It can destroy one’s relationship with God

In Judges 16:1-20, Samson married the wrong partner (Delilah) who destroyed his relationship with God. In Judges 16:20, the bible says that Samson woke up to shake himself as usual but little did he know that the Lord was departed from him. Samson lost his power, and his staff of authority because of a wrong partner. And lastly, he lost his relationship with God.

In Judges 16:23-25, the Philistines were mocking God because of Samson. Marrying the wrong partner destroys your godly relationship.

3) It affects the children

Marrying the wrong partner puts the children in between, in the sense that whatever happens on a daily basis, the children are seeing it and can emulate what they see when they grow up. It raises bad children thereby raising a bad society. Marrying the wrong partner can also create a pattern in children to dislike marital union. It makes the children to be afraid of marriage. A wrong partner doesn’t fall from the sky, some were raised in the wrong homes. It could be that they manifest what they have seen growing up from their parents.

4) It makes the relationship become a burden

Marrying the wrong partner makes marriage so tedious. God created marriage to be enjoyed but when one marries a wrong partner, instead of enjoying the marriage they will be enduring it. In Gen 2:23, the bible says that when Adam saw Eve, he was very happy and said, “This is the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh.” In Gen 2:25, the bible says they were naked but not ashamed. Marriage is meant to be enjoyed, not endured.

5) It can lead one to infidelity

Marrying the wrong partner can lead one to cheating. It makes one covet or lust for another person’s partner. A man once saw his ex-girlfriend and started crying. He asked the lady if they could still date. He said to the lady, “My wife is the worst mistake I have ever made, I regret marrying her.” He lusted after her because of the state of his horrid union back home.

A wrong partner sometimes makes one forget the commandments of God as written in Exodus 20:14, which says, “Thou shall not commit adultery.” Even Proverbs 6:32 also brings out this sin clearly when it says “Anyone who commits adultery destroys his own soul.”

6) It can lead one to an untimely death

Many men and women have gone to their early graves due to the wrong partners. This has been the most serious danger one can face as a result of marrying the wrong partner. Some people who cannot control their emotions flights each other even in the presence of their children. Some end up killing their partners. In Judges 16:1-20, it can be deduced that Samson died untimely because of a wrong partner.

7) It causes broken homes

Marrying the wrong partner has led many couples into divorce. This is causing havoc in our today’s societies, in the church, and in the world at large. It has a serious effect on children. One person ends up caring for and taking responsibility for the children. Amos 3:3 asks, “Can two walk together without agreement?”

In addition, the bible also says that one can chase a thousand but two can chase tens of thousands. There’s always support for building a strong union in the marriage that would be united and last for life. But when such isn’t the goal for the lovers in marriage, it also can affect the progress of that family as its bond breaks down and slowly disintegrates. This, of course, is a notable danger of marrying the wrong partner.

Left for us, we cannot make the right choice on our own. We can only pray to God for the right partner and date enough to understand what we are entering into. Lastly, let the holy spirit make us the right partners for others too. We can be the success, models, and examples of what we expect and want to see in marriage. May God make you the very best that you expect from any union.

My greetings to you all, and to the ammgospel team, I want to say a massive thank you for always dedicating your time to being there for us. May God bless you all in Jesus’ name amen.

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