The 9 Indisputable Relationship Dialogue Enhancers.

The 9 Indisputable Relationship Dialogue Enhancers

The 9 Indisputable Relationship Dialogue Enhancers


The 9 Indisputable Relationship Dialogue Enhancers. For Communication to flow well in a relationship, it has to be two-sided, at least. At creation, God created man with the intent to have fellowship or relationship with them, and dialogue was necessary to sustain that relationship between God and man (Genesis 1: 26-27, 2:15-18, 3:9-24). The most important aspect worth noticing in a relationship is the link that binds people together.

Relationships can be described as a state of connectedness with someone, whereas dialogue can simply be put as a verbal way of communication between two or more people. Relationships vary as the situations vary. We have relationships such as husbands and wives, parents and their children, fiancés, and fiancées, and bosses and their subordinates, to mention but a few.

Generally speaking, relationship dialogue refers to the channel of communication established between two or more parties with common goals and interests.

Dialogue is a bedrock for a successful and healthy relationship. For instance, a young couple in a relationship planning for marriage will have to dialogue and discuss important issues before getting married. Such discussion can be how to build a lasting marriage, how to raise godly children, how to have a stress-free financial life, how to handle family issues, and so on.

In today’s marriages, communication is heavily hindered due to improper understanding and a lack of effective communication channels. However, by the time we are done with the 9 indisputable relationship dialogue enhancers, couples would have learned a lot to spark a continuous communication process full of dialogue and moments of bonding.

The 9 indisputable relationship dialogue enhancers are:

1. A Lifestyle Of Prayer Enhances Dialogue:

Prayer is a means of communication that helps to put things in proper shape. In dialogue, choice of words, way of presentation, and proper understanding count. Prayer with the help of the Holy Spirit can help couples maintain a cordial lifestyle with the fruits of the spirit such as kindness, faithfulness, and self-control (Gal. 5:22-23). This will improve their dialogue and ensures good growth for their union.

Prayer also helps the couple see their problems and how they can be resolved. James 5:16 says “effective fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much”. If the offense is unavoidable, with sincere prayers from both couples, a solution is within reach. And such a solution is a discussion that comes through dialogue.

2. To Create Quality Time For Dialogue Enhances Dialogue:

The 9 Indisputable Relationship Dialogue Enhancers. Dialogue must not be a hasty type at any time between couples. Ecclesiastes 3: 1 “To everything, there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven”. If couples need to discuss, both must agree on a particular time devoid of interference, distraction, and fatigue to fully concentrate, contribute and actively participate, listening patiently and attentively to everything the other person wants to say.

They can do so by sitting down together eyeball to eyeball to discuss the issue. Self-discipline is required to allow the partner to finish speaking before responding. When both couples pour out their mind on issues bothering their mind that require attention for correction, it will curb and prevent a repetition of such acts. Doing so helps in improving effective communication.

3. To Have Mutual Agreements Enhances Dialogue:

“Can two walk together, unless they are agreed” Amos 3:3. When couples have one mind and maintain a positive attitude towards each other, trust is built which will help in improving the dialogue in their relationships. Agreeing to do things and accomplish a task with a timeline fixed makes a couple aligned together in their way of life. They then are focused and readily communicate on how to realize the task, and this will devoid them of having a disorganized lifestyle. Involving each other in achieving the set goals will foster compatibility and help to discuss how to execute the plans.

4. To Maintain Love And Respect Enhances Dialogue:

Naturally, men want respect while women want Love and affection. “Nevertheless let each one of you in particular so love his own wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband” Eph. 5:33. Most marriages scatter and suffer defeat on the account of misunderstanding this pivotal factor.

Love triggers an action; respect will make the husband listen attentively in any discussion and love shown to the wife will allow her to respond adequately to issues that need to be resolved. The inability to embrace this has led to a conflict that has degenerated into separation, divorce, and even led to domestic violence. “I Love You” by the husband to the wife and a show of respect by calling the Husband “my King” and the best “husband in the whole world” can help overcome barriers and gaps in communication, thus enhancing dialogue.

5. To Build A Formidable Connection Enhances Dialogue:

The 9 Indisputable Relationship Dialogue Enhancers. Intimacy, companionship, and trust are just a few of the connections that can bring couples together. Couples must be aware of and respond to emotional connections all the time. Regular sexual life between couples allows for progressive conversation. Sharing jokes, having fun, playing together, and going on vacations all promote communication.

As best friends, a discussion will keep the relationship interesting, especially when both couples trust each other without fear of betrayal. When something goes wrong, it can be easily discovered via dialogue. Especially if the spouse who normally returns home excited but this time with a bad expression on his or her face, that would be a clear indication of something wrong. And this can be easily sorted through dialogue. When couples are not connected, they tend to be isolated.

6. To Resolve Conflict Faster Enhances Dialogue:

Every couple has disagreements at one point in time or the other. They do not necessarily agree on all issues because they can’t see things the same way at all times, and that’s the beauty of a relationship, too. No matter the level of disagreement within the relationship, do not let self-conceit ruin your marriage. Look for ways to resolve the issues quickly.

Even if you have to be the first to apologize, do. Some spouses tend to believe that their partners should be the first to apologize even as they know the consequences that prolonged disagreement can bring to their marriage. Unresolved disagreement is detrimental to personal health and the health of the union as well. But when resolved quicker, it enhances dialogue and makes the relationship stronger.

7. To Be Sociable Enhances Dialogue:

Getting to know more about the activities around the environment, watching TV., Entertainment, fashion, sport, and economic analysis, especially those that interest other partners, all create communication flow. Discussing the issues related to the different aspects of the world between couples, allow them to spend more time and learn. Attend the ceremony together and be involved in the other partner’s affair.

For example, the husband can choose the dress for the wife and by that act knows the classical things in the women’s world. So also the wife can learn new things in a man’s world as she shows interest in it. All these show how healthy a relationship is. Don’t be like some couples who do not care about the state of their spouses. Be sociable. It enhances dialogue.

8. To Acknowledge Each Other’s Contribution Enhances Dialogue:

Thanking each other for what they’ve done should become a habit for couples. Couples should not dismiss the other’s point of view on an issue, instead appreciate each other’s unique gifts and life experiences. “Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself” Phil. 2:3-4.

When couples understand that their opinion or advice matters and that they are allowed to express their opinions, the dialogue will run more easily. However, when they believe that their partner does things at his or her discretion, the other partner will remain silent, which can stifle the channels of conversation in such a relationship.

9. To Develop A Maintenance Culture Enhances Dialogue:

Marriage on its own is a school and communication is a continuous process that requires learning and improvement. Achieving good communication skills is a product of monumental efforts for growth and development. This includes going for a seminar, getting in touch with marriage experts to get more updated on their experiences, making a conscious effort to see each other development, etc. Communication in marriage must be worked upon to get the best result. Develop a maintenance culture to enhance dialogue in your relationship.


Effective Dialogue in any relationship is a proper therapy that cures all sorts of problems in the relationship. The manner in which Dialogue is presented matters to the survival and lasting relationship, as some communication can bring about joy to the heart, calmness in times of turbulent crisis, and graciousness to the hearers. So also, It has the capacity to turn away strife, anger, and dissension (Prov. 15:1-2; Prov. 16:24, 1 Thess 5:11).



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