The Common Marital Problems To Master For A Lasting Union

The Common Marital Problems To Master For A Lasting Union



The Common Marital Problems To Master For A Lasting Union

The Common Marital Problems To Master For A Lasting Union

There’s nothing new under the sun, the Bible tells us (Ecclesiastes 1:9). Everything that is now was at some point in time. If you were to ask someone who lived in the past generations, you would be surprised to learn that certain experiences you thought were unique to you weren’t at all. They had happened to someone else in the world before you.

Generations come and generations go, nothing truly remains forever (Ecclesiastes 1:4). In short, issues keep recycling themselves and visiting different people and places at different times. Nothing is new under the sun. In other words, nothing is new in the world. It could be new to an individual but not to everyone. There’s someone going through what you went through last year. And that someone might be thinking that he or she is alone or that the problem is unique to them. But “No” it isn’t. Someone went through it last year. You just don’t know about it.

As it’s with life so also it is with marriage. Marriage has some common problems only unique to those who have married. All marriages have their own issues, some of which are normal, bearable, and some painful. And it’s only they in the union who know exactly where and how it pinches and hurts them.

The fact is that no relationship or partner is perfect. We all are human beings who make mistakes and make corrections in order to be better and live in harmony with our loved ones. Although we are imperfect beings, the Bible still exhorts us to aim for perfection in whatever we do (2 Corinthians 13:11). The perfection in marriage is the perfect knowledge that those within the union are imperfect beings aiming for perfection which is futuristic and a progressive aspiration.

That’s why today we’re going to talk about the common marital problems to master for a lasting union, in order to equip couples with an overview sort of marital issues, which can help them stay even closer and stronger together when confronted by any of these marital storms. Knowledge is always power for those who have it.

That’s where empowerment begins: by knowing, by being informed and taking heed. Not that every couple will have these issues, but even if they do have them, they should know that these are not new to human experience or existence, and should work out a way to master the issues and bring them under control, rather than allow the issues to control and divide their union.

That said, the common marital problems to master for a lasting union are:

1. Sexual Infidelity

This is when your spouse is sexually involved with someone else other than yourself. It can have many causes or be as a result of many factors within the relationship. Find out what it is and stop the practice. Talk it out to your partner and find a solution to whatever is the underlying cause. Marital Unfaithfulness is a sin unto God and man (1 Corinthians 6:16-20). It’s a leading reason for the high rate of divorce in many nations. Left untouched or ignored, it can divide the union easily. However, when couples work on the underlying issues of sexual infidelity, they can save the marriage and live together again as happy couples.

2. Emotional Infidelity

This is a situation where the spouse isn’t emotionally faithful to the love of their lives but is to someone else. When a spouse is very close to another person who isn’t their married partner and shares emotional and verbal intimacies with them, that constitutes emotional infidelity. This is very wrong and common practice in some relationships too. Another name for it is emotional cheating.

There must be some underlying reasons for this to happen, find out what it is in order to stop the practice. You may want to talk it out with your spouse or partner or even a professional marital counselor. You just can’t be married to another person and spend your intimate time with someone else in whose arms you feel comfy. That’s utterly wrong.

3. Lack of Loyalty

In marriage, there’s this thing that I call spousal traitors, who are really legal spouses that act as traitors within the family. They are just not loyal to their lovers but live together with them. They pretend to trust you but aren’t with you one bit. At times, this is dangerous to have an enemy as a best friend and spouse.

Please, if you’re in such a relationship, it’s important to have a seat with your spouse and talk things out. Such a relationship has all shades of wrong in it. And can be life-threatening too, you know. I have seen partners who killed each other for personal and material reasons. The reason could be endless, but No One, I repeat, ‘NO ONE’ who says they love can be a threat to you, much less kill you. Love does no harm to the object of love (1 Corinthians 13:4-6 ).

To recap, we’ve mentioned sexual infidelity, emotional infidelity, and lack of loyalty as the common marital problems to master for a lasting union. There is more to this which we shall continue in the next post.

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Quite n eye-opening for me. A great post I must say. Thanks for putting this out

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