The Reasons Boss Lady Relationships Survive

The Reasons Boss Lady Relationships Survive



The Reasons Boss Lady Relationships SurviveThere’s this misconception about boss ladies which many people are buying into that they are arrogant, anti-men, anti-social, and are women who can’t keep relationships with men but try hard to compete with men or take men’s place in society. Some ladies even go to a length to address themselves with the “King, Father, Lord” and similar initials usually denoting the male gender. This is actually not true, wrong, and unwise to believe. Boss ladies aren’t men haters although they undertake some responsibilities familiarly tied to males. These assumptions and attitudes aren’t responsible for the success of boss lady relationships. This would become clearer to you after we are done with the Reasons Boss Lady Relationships Survive.

When we talk of boss ladies, we’re talking about mature ladies who are independent of men in terms of finances and can foot their bills by themselves without disrespecting the men in their lives. When we talk of boss ladies, we’re talking about women who are leaders leading governments, organizations, and the corporate world in general. Boss ladies govern their spaces well. And this includes both public and private spaces.

Particularly in the private space, which is where love or romantic relationships develop, we’re interested in why their relationships most of the time flourish, hence the need for this study on the reasons boss lady relationships survive. You see, there must be something that they are doing and getting it right as far as romantic and marital relationships are concerned.

Without further ado, the reasons boss lady relationships survive are:

1. Because Boss Ladies Always Respect Their Husbands

We all know that respect is crucial for any lasting relationship. It’s also a mutual thing whether from wife or husband, from boyfriend to girlfriend, engaged or not. Love flourishes in the presence of respect and boss ladies have understood this truth and never let their position, wealth, or fame get to their heads.

The Reasons Boss Lady Relationships SurviveYou see, it’s tempting when you are rich as a lady and have that sense of not needing anything because you have it all. There’s that inordinate feeling that you don’t need a man in your life and thus despise men, or disrespect them. That temptation is what I noticed boss ladies have so mastered how to navigate past that into building a strong relationship with their spouses that truly endures the test of time. They have learned from the corporate world what it is to be respected and how it feels to be disrespected and as a result have imbibed what it means to be respectful. If you aspire to be a boss lady and succeed in your marriage, respect the man in your life. Whether you are richer or more famous than him is irrelevant.

2. Because Boss Ladies Always Prioritize Their Husbands

The Reasons Boss Lady Relationships SurviveThis simply means that they make their husbands their priority or to put it the other round when it comes to priorities, they put their husbands first. You may be wondering what exactly am I trying to say! I am saying that these boss ladies who are going places at a short notice still think of family as being first before work. They do not let work destroy their homes. They do not give their husbands a two-minute notice or no notice at all when traveling out of station, city, or nation. There are some boss ladies I know who carry their families along to wherever they go. Some take along their husbands on foreign trips so that they can be close to each other. They do not surprise their husbands with traveling schedules without their consent or awareness.

Sometimes they cancel trips and reschedule them just to keep their families on the safer side. It’s all about priority. What you love most you prioritize. It’s that simple. If you love someone, you create time for that person. Let me tell you this: when love is concerned, it preoccupies the mind, and priority comes to play. If you said you loved him and wouldn’t have time for him, please, check your priorities. Boss ladies have mastered this art and are on top of their game. They carry their husbands along.

3. Because Boss Ladies Always Avoid Husband-Outsider Gossips

One applaudable thing we’ve noticed about boss ladies is that they do not discuss their husbands with just anybody or persons outside of the home. In other words, they do not gossip about their family or relationship. Bosses don’t discuss people — how men are, act, this or that– boss ladies aren’t into that at all. Those are for small minds. And they are so respected for this. The takeaway here is to avoid gossip as much as you can when in a relationship.

4. Because Boss Ladies Love Their Husbands Unconditionally

Boss ladies are unconditional lovers, have you realized that? Once they’re married to you, they would love you back-to-back, in good times and in bad times, whether there is money or not, their love is as constant as the northern star. They really take their time to fall in love but when they do, their love is as sure as tomorrow and steady as a gently flowing stream. Boss ladies love Unconditionally. So why won’t their relationships survive?

5. Because Boss Ladies Always Assist Their Husbands In Cash Or Kind

One of the things that we’ve said above as we defined boss ladies is that they are usually breadwinners, bill footers, and are in places of authority. However, they do not look down on the husbands or belittle them. Even when the husband is jobless or with a lesser income, they assist their husbands as the need for it presents. Boss ladies aren’t the types of people who make life unbearable for the husband at home because he is jobless. We’ve seen many cases where they got their men well-established in the field of their interest. This is one reason Bosslady relationships survive.

6. Because Boss Ladies Do Not Cheat On Their Husbands

The Reasons Boss Lady Relationships SurviveAnother point is that Boss ladies do not go after men because of their fame, power, wealth, or position, no matter what. Some people with authority can abuse it easily and take advantage of people who come close to them because of one of these qualities. But as a boss, as a leader, ladies in such positions of power stay faithful to their men, husbands, and lovers. They don’t take advantage of their husbands to mess around with men and abuse their trust. There are some boss ladies who put men into their places when they cross the boundaries and make advances toward them. Boss ladies do not cheat on their men.

To recap, the Reasons Boss Lady Relationships Survive are that they don’t cheat, they assist their men, they love Unconditionally, and never gossip about their family. They also respect their husbands and when it comes to priorities, their men are on top of the list.

Now, tell me why won’t you love boss ladies? Why won’t their relationships survive? Are you a boss lady or aspire to be one? You would be great at it if you considered what we’ve just mentioned above.



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This is so interesting to read and also informative in helping people especially men and some women understand the difference between using the phrase boss lady and the actual meaning of the phrase. I particularly like the outside gossip, they do not discuss with anybody, from my own experience, and one thing, they do not take any BS from anybody where their husbands are or on the topic of their husbands. I like this, Boss ladies, I love them! I want to be one when I grow up! lol

thank you for this interesting piece!


I am not sure why most people perceived boss lady in such a negative way. Personally I find them to be so independent and have more options with their life. Not only that they will have security in their future as we. I know for the fact that in every relationship there is always ups and downs and sometimes you will need to lean on your partner so being a boss lady can help with that. 


I think that this is a very interesting text, as so many people take a step back and are often afraid of boss ladies.

There is no question that they are generally powerful women and need to be to achieve their position in life.

I think that love is love, so when a boss lady falls in love, she will love just the same as anyone else.  The fact that they are faithful and respect their partner intensely makes them someone to be sought and certainly not avoided.

Thanks for sharing.

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