The Types Of Women Who Put Men Off – Marriage And Counseling


The Types Of Women Who Put Men Off – Marriage And Counseling


The world has seen rapid advances in science and technology that have helped improve the quality of life of many. With it also comes the sharing of knowledge and the empowerment of both the male and female genders. Women, in particular, have been empowered and occupy places and positions of leadership one could never have imagined a few centuries ago.

The Types Of Women Who Put Men Off - Marriage And Counseling

The power and influence of women, however, have had its toll on the family ecosystem, which involves men and women together, hence resulting in a distorted view of family to broken homes, to single parenting and no families at all. In order to empower relationships, we’ve tried to address some of the issues of this distortion by coming up with the types of women who put men off from having relationships with them. These women are as follows :

1) Women Who Detest The Submission Idea Put Men Off

Some ladies just hate the word submission when it comes to marriage thinking that the husband is better than the wife. Particularly they have read the Bible talking about women to submit to their husbands and they have this mindset of bondage, slavery, and servitude toward men as husbands. Because of that, they don’t like the idea of becoming a wife of someone to be treated like a second class citizen. However, this idea is a gross misinterpretation and hence a misunderstanding of Scripture.

God never intended any spouse to be a slave to another. It’s not good to read a portion of the Bible and run with it without considering its entire or immediate context. Before the submission admonition was elucidated in Ephesians 5:22-25, the Bible first of all mentioned in verse 21 that everyone–both the husband and wife–should submit themselves to each other out of reverence for Christ.

The Types Of Women Who Put Men Off - Marriage And Counseling

This is really true love. No one is a slave to another. The husband is not better than the wife and vice versa. In Ephesian 5:25, it says, Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. Is this slavery? What? Do you know how Christ loves the church?

You see, Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God is a relationship that mirrors the love between Christ and His Church. When a husband submits to the Lord as Christ’s servant and then leads his wife with a servant’s heart, nurturing her God-given talents, she can confidently lean on him and trust his covering. That is submission magnified right there! Don’t reject marriage because of your wrong perception of submission. Submission is love and not slavery.

2) Women Who’ve Misunderstood Feminism Put Men Off

There’s a batch of ladies now our days who have misunderstood what feminism is all about and have espoused the position that it means to hate male leadership. They misunderstand feminism and think it means life without the male is okay. And they go about hating men and what they do with a growing passion. These are really the type of women who put men off.

To be candid and simple, feminism is all about human rights. It’s the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. Period. Feminism is not women against men or men against women. It has nothing to do with hatred and inciting hatred towards the male gender. You who hate males, do you know that some males are feminists too?

Yes, feminism is a movement that has mutated into fighting against the violence meted on women whether rape, domestic, verbal and emotional abuse. And of which every sane, peace-loving male gender would stand against. Men are feminists too. That is what gender equality means. So, stop the fight in the name of feminism! And if you don’t mind, rather to put men off, GET A HUSBAND WHO SUPPORTS FEMINISM!

3) Women Who Are Too Busy Building Their Business Put Men Off

The Types Of Women Who Put Men Off - Marriage And CounselingOne of the types of women who put men off is the professionally busy type. Building one’s career, business or whatever empire is good and we encourage women to be boss ladies if they can. Women are as good as men when it comes to leadership. But they also should understand that there are men out there who can support and team up with them in their desire for success. They can share their dreams with these men and move along with them. Not every man is a dream killer, you know!

I said this because some women are too busy working on their careers until it becomes late for marriage. During the time of working, many suitors may have come by but are rejected because they got no time for love issues with any man. They call men “A distraction” to their career and put them off.

4) Women Who Are Lesbians Put Men Off

There are women who are devoted lesbians and have chosen not to marry a man or have male husbands. A lesbian is a homosexual woman. A woman who finds another woman attractive and falls in love with her. They do not need a man for sexual intimacy because they sexually satisfy themselves by themselves–all females. Any man that tries to close them for a relationship cannot find access easily. Because they have feelings for fellow ladies than for men, they are one of the types of women who put men off.

5) Women With Past Abusive Relationships Put Men Off

The Types Of Women Who Put Men Off - Marriage And Counseling

The bad marital experiences. They failed marital attempts and divorces can cause some women to avoid husbands for a while or totally. You see, Some women have had bitter divorces and violence in their past marriages that brought serious pain to them. Some of these women have decided to take a break from marriage in order to breathe once again. Some would find time for themselves to put their lives together again. And others would focus on a new career, job or business as single ladies. These ladies may prefer to stay alone for a while or even for life. As a consequence, they would intentionally put off any man wanting to strike a love relationship with them.

6) Women With Unrealistic Fantasies Put Men Off

Have you ever heard of the slogan “Mr. Right”? Basically meaning the partner good for someone like me, who loves me. Do you know there’s nothing wrong with that? Nothing at all. Everyone wishes for someone who loves and cherishes and treats them well. But some ladies have carried this slogan to the extreme. They have a long list of what they want in the man. Qualities that are unrealistic and at times, unreasonable. And they believe that they have not seen a man good enough for them, yet. But they keep putting off everyone that comes their way.

The Types Of Women Who Put Men Off - Marriage And Counseling

They want only the already made men. The rich and successful men. And every man who isn’t successful isn’t a match for them. They endlessly keep waiting for the so-called “Mr. Right”, who always comes but are never recognized because they come in disguise, most of the time. Yes, let me say that again, “Mr right” usually comes in disguise. Sometimes you need to work to uncover “Mr. right” like a banana fruit which must be peeled off before enjoying the sweet taste.

In addition, you can create your own “Mr. Right.” Not everyone would marry a rich person. And not every rich person can love and treat you right either. Your “Mr right” can have all other qualities but riches. And he would love you right and makes you happy in life. It doesn’t take riches to love a woman or stay committed in a relationship. And some of the riches that you are aiming for can even be your nightmare. So, stop waiting for “Mr. Right”. It is a slogan that has robbed a lot of women from true love. The ladies with unrealistic fantasies are one of the types of women who put men off.

Are you a wise woman? See what the Bible says about such a woman: Every wise woman builds her house, but the foolish one tears it down with her own hands (Proverbs 14:1). In short: WISE UP!




Adapted teaching by PC Akubueze, used under permission for © 2020 All rights reserved.



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This is a good article. I have a female friend who’s really hard to find a good suitor because of her ‘unrealistic fantasy’ of her ideal potential husband. She is a hardcore fan of Kpop idol. I’m sure not all of the hardcore fans are just like her, but she devotes herself too much with her idols and even dream about her love story to be like something from Korean drama. Is there something that I can do for her? She isn’t that bad looking and I know one or two of my male friends have certain attraction toward her, but her unrealistic fantasy just drove them off.

Feji ben

Hello Charles, thanks for this awesome article that would be of great help to marriages. It is like an eye opener to me and has been so helpful. I think every woman needs to read this, in short, needs to bookmark this site with its unique articles. I must say that you have done a great job on this site generally. The articles therein are very interesting and informative too. Particularly, this article about women who put men off, would be of help mostly to those ladies who are not yet married as they would have to study a would-be partner well before they go into marriage so they can get the best out of it. For those that are already in the ditch, like you said, it’s never too late to change. To be late is better than never. Thanks for the beautifully, inspiring, informative and a well thought out article. Cheers. 


I truly need to initially value your exertion in assembling this incredible site and composing this article. I really liked your article. Female and males complement each other. They’re not at war. Yes, you are right. Every women can create their own “Mr. Right.” So, we should stop waiting for “Mr. Right”. It is a slogan that has robbed a lot of women from true love. The abusive past experiences is a good one. A thing that can cause one to take a break from too much drama. However, I still believe in true love despite the chagrin. I think your tips will help our women a lot. Thanks for sharing a useful and informative post.


Hello Charles, nice to see you share this helpful post to help ladies who truly what to get fulfilled in marriage to find true fulfilment. This post would actually make them wise up. One of the types of women I have seen that mostly put men off is women with unrealistic fantasies. It’s better to make the man of your dreams. The best way to go about this is see great potentials in them, verify these potentials and help them reach the heights you want. A wife is a good thing from God and not a bone in the neck.



Hello. Thanks a lot for sharing this article with us.

I really like that you said  what was written in the Bible. A few months ago I got married with my wife and at the religious ceremony the priest read these words. I looked at my wife and she looked at me. From that moment we realized together what this means and what we were going to do each other. We also realized that we will be equal partners to each other. At the end of the ceremony, the priest explained this paragraph and even read us what you put here “Ephesians 5:25, it says, Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church …”.
Unfortunately, many do not understand and they avoid marriage for this reason. The man has his pride, and the woman does not want to be anyone’s slave. I strongly recommend that every couple go into therapy with a priest and find out what marriage and gender equality mean – both man and woman. Thanks again for this amazing article and I will share it on my social media account, if you don’t mind.

Wish you all the best! 

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