Top 8 Proven Ways To Increase Her Joy And Trust

Top 8 Proven Ways To Increase Her Joy And Trust


Top 8 Proven Ways To Increase Her Joy And Trust

Top 8 Proven Ways To Increase Her Joy And TrustNobody can truly make you happy except yourself. You do not depend on others for your happiness because that might fail you again and times without a number. However, you can do something, or rather someone can do something that will enhance your mood, and increase your joy and confidence. In marriage, this is so true between the wife and her husband and even those in a relationship, romantically tuned.

In marriage, it’s not uncommon to have friction as couples, and even sometimes, the husband might be confused as he finds it difficult to please the wife. Efforts to make your wife happy may seem to backfire more often than not. But don’t give it up, rather ask questions on what to do and how to do what! It could be a mystery to a few others but it’s actually simple and easy to keep them happy if you would understand some basic truth. This is the strong reason for penning the top 8 proven ways to increase her joy and trust in you as well as in the relationship.

That being said, shall we just get down to business?

1. Have Dialogue With Your Spouse Often

When was the last time you sat down and talk to your partner about things that has nothing to do with business but your relationship? It’s very rewarding and strengthens the relationship bond between husband and wife and those in a relationship, yet not married, when they talk to each other often. Don’t allow yourself to become too busy that you can’t spend some minutes a day talking with the love of your life.

Are you in love? Are you married? Create some time every day to talk to the object of your love about the simple things of life; about your relationship; about yourselves and the things that matters to you the most. It could be just 10 or more minutes of concentrated discussion. It could be a phone call from out of the home. It could be at dinner, lunchtime, or before bedtime. Whenever and wherever you find it convenient, let it be alone time for the both of you, free from distractions.

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2. Show Undivided Interest In what Your Partner Says.

It encourages the speaker when they know that the listeners are interested in what they are saying. It’s also a sign of respect you have for the speaker. The same goes for your relationship when you show interest in what your lover or partner is saying. It encourages them and makes them feel that you really care about verbal contribution. Even if the conversation isn’t interesting, you can make it interesting by giving him or her a listening ear and positive feedback gestures. This attitude increases the joy and trust in you and shows that you love them even with their boring convo.

3. Touch And Hug Each Other As Often As Possible

Touching your spouse daily and constantly is a powerful assurance of your affection for each other. It also builds trust and happiness in you both. Please hold hands daily when you walk together or have a chat together. You can also put your arms around their shoulders or waist. Hugging and cuddling with a gentle kiss are all ways to enhance this trust. Do that again and again without having a coital relationship with them.

Romance should be a lifestyle in your relationship without getting physical. Don’t forget that the goal of all your hugging and cuddling isn’t to have sex but to increase trust, joy, and love. Sex, of course, would never be an issue in your relationship if done right.

4. Leave Love Notes To Your Spouse Often

Love notes are not out of place in a relationship, and don’t have to be very long or bookish. It doesn’t have to be too erudite or poetic, but a touch of both can make your spouse’s heart flutter. Focus your words on the love side of the relationship and not criticize them for what they did wrong. Think of the things they did so excellently well and comment on them in words to your spouse.

Tell her/him that you love them in words and do so often. Let your love words be surprising and never boring. Carry her/his thoughts along with your words on paper. Take them into a dreamland, a world of its own with your love notes.

Please, in this digital age, the option of paper is still in vogue. Yes, with the technologies all around us, your spouse still enjoys reading love letters on paper (of course, you can send sms, chat texts, and emails), but the old paper is still modern. Use it to add some spice to your relationship bonding and hence increase the love, joy, and trust within the relationship.

5. Date Your Spouse Often

Dating is a life process that is never over with when you both met. In fact, the dating game starts when you get married. Shall I say that again? Dating begins when couples are together as one. There are the premarital and post-marital phases of dating. And each of the phases is getting to know your spouse better. Because you never know each other well as you both are growing together. Life happens and things are learned as they happen. So is with the dating process.

Let your spouse know you want to hear all the details of her day over a nice, hot cup of tea or coffee. Make it so special and a commitment for both of you to date constantly as far as you are together. Have a coffee date, a lunch date, a dinner date, a walk date, a sporting date, a cinema date, etc. Whatever suits you, do it together to understand each other better. But make a distraction-free date by all means.

6. Compliment The Outfit Of Your Spouse Daily

How does your spouse look like when they are ready to go out for the day? Did you notice what they wore? Did you say something positive about their looks or appearance? Hmm, that’s what compliment is all about. When you see them in a new, different outfit, dressed fresh for the day, say something positive to enhance their mood, love, joy, and trust. One thing you mustn’t do is make jokes about their outfits or body shame them. Never! To say ‘you look good,’ or ‘you’re beautiful’ isn’t hard to say to the one you love. But it must be honest. Even if you don’t like how or what they are wearing, be honest and express your view with love.

7. Help Your Spouse With Household Chores

Some cultures have associated cooking and household chores as belonging to the feminine side of the relationship, and as such, the wife should head that office. Over the years however, this belief has been proven wrong again and again as men are known to love cooking, becoming good chefs, and even teachers in the discipline.

Truth is, the husband can also cook good food at home and be an assistant and inspiration to the wife and family. Not only that, he can help the wife do other simple house chores he sees fit. It doesn’t belittle you if you tidy up the house, help in the kitchen, and yes do grocery shopping willingly. Your wife will definitely love it and be incredibly thankful for it. This also increases her joy and trust in you.

8. Don’t Forget To Constantly Surprise Her With Gifts

Top 8 Proven Ways To Increase Her Joy And TrustGenerally, humans love gifts and, most especially, women. Yeah, they do love gifts and they can be crazy about it at times.   You can see above that I didn’t say ‘gift’ but ‘gifts’ with an ‘s’. It’s not just a one-time thing but an ongoing kind of action you do for your lady, which increases the level of her joy, trust, and confidence in you.

It doesn’t have to be expensive gifts at all, but small ones that you can afford and know she likes. Whether it’s a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates or handkerchiefs or whatever she likes. Use it to boost her motivation from time to time.

Hey there! which of these actions do you think your wife would enjoy most?  If you’re unsure about it, it wouldn’t be bad to ask her so you know what is good for her. Hope you were blessed!





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