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There are a lot of insightful and unbiased reviews out there about Wealthy Affiliate. But one question that people so inquisitive about the activities of Wealthy Affiliate often asked me is the question: “Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?” and of which I have made the theme of this review.

I intentionally focused on meeting this need by providing answers that are all-inclusive to a question which I know that many out there might also have. Before we delve in it, let’s, first of all, understand what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. In this review, we shall cover the following topics:

a) What is Wealthy Affiliate?

b) What does Wealthy Affiliate do for you?

c) Who can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate?

d) What is the Price for becoming a member?

e) My conclusions and recommendation.

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What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a popular online or training platform that everyone can access. It features a course by course, task-driven lesson approach to teaching. It’s a powerhouse in the online affiliate marketing world which was started in 2005 by Kyle and Carson, who are the co-founders and co-owners. Both of whom have developed Wealthy Affiliate into a huge success story. It has a gargantuan community of 1.5 million marketers and entrepreneurs who help and encourage each other to succeed together.

The community is what makes Wealthy Affiliate stand out. And combined with the training and tools, can help anyone get started on their path to creating their own successful online business.

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Do For You?

Ideas are the mother of inventions and everything begins with an idea. The clothes we wear, the shoes on our feet, corporate organizations and industries, all began with an idea. The good part is that everybody has an idea, whether male or female, black or white, we all have some ideas of some sort, although not everyone knows and believes that they have ideas that could mean anything to the average person.

No worries, that’s where Wealthy Affiliate comes in to help you see that you have ideas and that your ideas are valuable to your existence and to others as well. But wealthy Affiliate doesn’t leave there, it helps you to develop your own ideas into something lucrative through the training, instructions, and support they give you.

  • Wealthy Affiliate Trains And Makes You A Pro In Your Given Niche. They have a very bold approach to business and provide you with all you need to succeed in the online business. Thousands of people have joined Wealthy Affiliate as newbies, having little or no experience in online business and SEO strategies. They were not IT-savvy either. But today, they are Pros in the online business and are making it BIG through their hard work and patience. Wealthy Affiliate is full of success stories. You can read just a few HERE!
  • Wealthy Affiliate Builds A Website For Your Business. They do not just train you and let you wonder to fend for yourself. No! Wealthy Affiliate actually helps you put what you have learned into practice by creating a state-of-the-art mobile friendly and profit-ready website for your business to flourish. You don’t need to be IT savvy. Nope! Your business website comes to life at the click of an eye, backed up by a secured and an ultra-powerful hosting service, which is one of the best in the affiliate industry. This means that your online business website stays in business any time, any day– 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Who Can Really Benefit From Wealthy Affiliate?

1. Those who are looking for the best training and mentorship platform for building a successful business online. Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

Wealthy Affiliate has an incredible amount of tools, training, mentorship, live video classes, 100+ of courses, live chat, and passionate support staff. If you just want the best of online business resource, then Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

2. Those who believe that hard work pays, Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

With the plethora of scams out there which promise you quick money, I just love Wealthy Affiliate for being so honest to people. They are the real proponents of “Hard work pays.” And it does! But Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t just tell you, they show you how and walk you through. The online space is full of inspiring and hard-working people who encourage each other to succeed.

3. Those who want success quick, fast, and now, and evade the work, I am sorry, I must tell you the truth, this may not be for you.

Because there’s no quick fix to riches or shortcuts to success. And Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t teach you that. If you’re not willing to put in the work, you will waste money making time with Wealthy Affiliate.

They really take their time and heart to teach you how to make money not just for now but for a sustainable future. This would be the dream of any serious entrepreneur. You would want to start a business today and still be relevant for many years to come. And that’s what Wealthy Affiliate does.  However, you can still try it out only if you have changed your mindset.

4. Those who desire to build a long term sustainable online business, Wealthy Affiliate really is for you.

Do you want to start and stay in business? Do you have plans for a business that stands the test of time? Then consider joining Wealthy Affiliate. That’s the right place for you to be. There you are surrounded by like minds who encourage and inspire you to succeed.

5. Those who just want a passive income, Wealthy Affiliate is for you. Maybe you are working and you just want to earn some extra cash with little daily effort or upkeep on your part, Wealthy Affiliate can teach you to monetize your niche.

6. Those who are not satisfied working under a boss, and want to be their own boss. Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

The desire to be on your own is a drive of an entrepreneur who’s willing to put in the hard work to make it happen. That drive is a hunger that longs for fulfillment. It tells you that there’s something more than your boss could offer.

And if you start taking it seriously and working on your craft, there would come a time that you would tell your boss, “I quit !” Because you have found your dream work. But such requires being surrounded by people of like minds. Join Wealth Affiliate today and meet people like yourself who would encourage you to be the best of yourself while making money at being you and doing YOU!

7. Those who, after working from 8-5 pm, still feel that they haven’t fulfilled their purpose in life, Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

They would help you discover your own niche, the thing you love doing, and train you on how to make money while doing it.

8. Those who dream of becoming successful entrepreneurs but don’t know how to. Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

Wealthy Affiliate has resources that can give you direction and put you on the right path.

9. Those who are entrepreneurs but are still struggling to make ends meet. Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

Wealthy Affiliate would train you and help you excel in your given niche.

10. Those who want to become startup entrepreneurs in any particular niche, but don’t know how to find their niche. Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

Wealthy Affiliate would help you find your own niche, and train you on how to serve others through your niche while monetizing it.

11. Those who want to do online business but have no knowledge on how to start, Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

The vast resources at Wealth Affiliate can help you immensely and this can be accessed for free. Just join as a free member, you get a lot within your reach that can get you started with your online business.

12. Those who are single mothers and desire extra stream(s) of income, Wealth Affiliate is for you.

Raising a family as a single mum isn’t easy. At times, you may want some extra cash to help you keep the bills in good shape but don’t know how. Joining Wealth Affiliate can open up some other opportunities for you.

13. Those who lost their jobs and are job seekers or who have given up on job searching. Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

You can find new hopes in life so far as you’re willing to put in the work. Wealth Affiliate would train you and show you how to use the time spent at home to do business online, and so for free.

14. Those who are retired, but still want some extra cash in their pockets, Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

There’s still hope for the retired so far as you have the passion for doing something to help others. That passion can be rewarding only if you know how to. Wealthy Affiliate can help monetize that for you.

15. Those who desire to work from home and control their time all by themselves. Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

This can not be overemphasized. Can you make money while staying at the comfort of home? YES!

16. Those who desire to serve other people in the area of their niche. Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

You can discover your niche with the help of Wealthy Affiliate, and see how you can be useful to others in your area of interest while making money at the same time.

17. Those who generally want financial independence and are willing to work hard online for it, Wealth Affiliate is for you.

Whether you are a man or woman, a black or white, you can enjoy financial freedom if you put in the work

18. Those who are bloggers and want to make blogging successful, Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

Any blogger who desires growth can find wealthy Affiliate very helpful.

19. Those men and women who own businesses wanting to have a stronger online presence. Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

20. Those who are interested in learning all there is about Internet Marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

21. Those who desire Ultra-Powerful Web hosting services for their businesses and organizations Websites, Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

What Is The Price For Being A Member?

Wealthy Affiliate offers you two levels of membership to join the community. The Starter and the Premium packages respectively. The Starter is free of charge and you can remain at this level as long as you like. The Starter gives you access to a lot of training and informative strategies to get your business up and running. All for free! This includes two state-of-the-art Websites and life support to keep you going forever if you want to.

The Premium is a paid membership of $49 monthly, but if you choose to go yearly, another reduction of almost half the monthly cost is made to your advantage (to pay yearly rather than monthly, it would cost you just $349, thus you save $239).

The Premium has a much wider tool, training, and life support to see you succeed. It gives you access to more than 4000 + beautifully crafted, state-of-the-art Website pages to build your site. Rather than two websites, as in the case with the free membership, you have 75 (50 +25) websites that you can build with added advantages if you choose to.


The list above gives an umbrella of people in situations for whom Wealthy Affiliate truly exists. If you’ve ever asked yourself if it was for you, ask no more. Just read for yourself and see where you fit in above, then take the necessary step to join and find out things for yourself. You can even start your training right away! I mean, as soon as you sign up. And you know what? It’s ALL for FREE. Yes, all the vast resources for a free membership at your disposal. So why wait for tomorrow when you actually can Join Wealthy Affiliate NOW!

Tell us, what are opinions or suggestions about Wealthy Affiliate?

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A music journalist, writer, and member of a great team of Relationship Experts. Carlos also serves as the site administrator.
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This is an awesome post. Really very informative and creative contents.


Great, extensive list of people who can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate. I think the  main things for people to consider are: if you can write about a topic that interests you a few times a week, follow easy step by step instructions within the training to build a website, and are happy to work for long term, residual, passive income rather than searching for a get rich quick scheme, this is absolutely for those people!


I love how you explain Wealthy Affiliate as a platform that helps one transform their own ideas into a business. This is so true, and I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for four years now, so I can see how my own ideas have been transformed.

I would never have thought back then that some of the things and hobbies that I enjoyed doing could be turned into a business where one could actually profit.

This is the joy of this type of business, as because you build it around your passions and interests, you stay motivated to work on it and profit from it in the end.


Your website makes it easy for people to understand what Wealthy affiliate is all about ,because you really give a nice short summary that covers all the basics about WA can offers you, because when I first log into WA I really though by myself Yoh where am I going to start because it was a little bit of scary for me at first when I entered the website but I did not know that the community of WA is actually all you need to make a succes. And adding websites like these also THAN YOU HAVE TO SMELL SUCCES. Thank you for helping me also understanding a few things I did not know.👏👏


You have really done a great job sharing a thorough review of wealthy affiliate. Thanks for not painting wealthy affiliate a get rich quick platform, it requires hard work and consistency. Wealthy affiliate is legit and it is the best platform for anyone who wants to venture into the online world, I’m into wealthy affiliate, I’m a member and I must tell you this really helping me achieve a lot, you earn while you learn. Wealthy affiliate is my number one recommendation for anyone who wants to venture into the online world.

Todd Matthews

Wealthy Affiliate was one of the best decisions I made. I learned so much in just a few short months’ time and I know there’s much more to learn and experience. What drew me to WA was the free Starter membership with zero commitment so I could see if the program was worth it before buying into Premium, which I did a week later. I can’t wait to see what my future here at WA holds. 


Hi a brilliant topic and I’m sure anyone in a couple needs this advice at some stage as all relationships are complex and change from time to time and are not always easy. 

The content is great, but more content related images would be great and a more fluid use of font?

The wealthy affiliate picture or link is quite large and so you do have to read the text to understand what the main topics of the website are? I look forward to hearing and reading more from you.  Thanks 


Wow! Thank you so much for this post and for taking your time to share this post. This is really insightful. I fall into the 9th category majorly. I have been an entrepreneur for the past few years but I couldn’t leave my 9-5 work because if not so promising blog I run. But when I joined wealthy Affiliate, I realised my mistake and where I got it all wrong while going through the trainings provided after upgrade. I can say boldly that I quit my job few months into wealthy Affiliate and the feeling of not been bossed around is unimaginably cool.


LeNard Simmons

Hi, Carlo, thank you for sharing your Wealthy Affiliate review. I have been a WA member for 4 years now and I like it because I learn something new every day. TYhe community is very helpful and giving you a hand ironing out your ideas so that they work for your business. The training is the best, the support is what is helping us WA members reach our goals.
I look forward to the Friday night live webinars and Q&A with Jay, from Magic Studio. The fact that Wealthy Affiliate does not have any upsell tell me that they are not trying to drain their member’s bank account. I highly recommend your readers join because you have done a detailed job on this review. I can imagine you helping your referral reach their goals. Happy Easter, Brother


I’ve heard about Wealthy Affiliate from a friend and he claims this platform can make him get full-time income by doing online job. Now I can imagine why it’s true. Building a long term business and passive income sounds plausible if done right. This platform is newbie friendly, right? I’m glad the starter member is free, so I can try to check it myself before deciding to upgrade my membership. Just to make sure, no credit card information required for starter member, right?


Hi Carlo,

Excellent review, I really liked the reading!

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over four years now, and all I can say is that it is by far the best online platform in the world to create a thriving business. I learn every day new things, and this allows me to take my business to a whole new level. What I really like in Wealthy Affiliate is the community, there is always someone to help, and this is a big plus.

Also, Jay’s training videos are so useful, without them I don’t know if I could have made it. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share my experience with the readers.

Thank you for this excellent post!

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