Is Same-Sex Marriage A God Idea? Part 1 | An Interview With Rev. PC. Akubueze

Is Same-Sex Marriage A God Idea?

Notice to the Reader: This is a transcript of an interview with Rev. Dr. P.C. Akubueze. We are aware that the topic of same-sex marriage is a controversial one that deeply affects the personal lives of many. We, as Christians, strongly reiterate the teaching of the Bible to “Love your neighbor as yourself ” (Matthew 22:39; John 13:34). And that all people, irrespective of their religions, sexual orientations, skin colors, and genders, must be treated with respect and dignity, with love and compassion. The publication of any interview concerning this subject is solely intended to enhance and to clarify the position of the Bible as concerns relational, family, and social foundations of society. It’s never intended to incite hatred of any kind toward homosexuals.


The Big Question Is Whether or Not Same-Sex Marriage Is A God Idea. Let’s See How Far The Man Of God Takes Us On This Controversial Topic.

SP: Thank you, Pastor, for accepting to talk to us on this subject. We understand there are a lot of controversies surrounding this subject and would appreciate your input. We are truly delighted to have you with us.

P.C. AKUBUEZE. Thank you for having me.

SP: Our subject for today really centers on Same-Sex Marriage. And with many questions in the minds of most Christians, we would like to give you the honor to tell our readers and viewers what this concept is all about. What does Same-Sex Marriage mean?

P.C. AKUBUEZE: Good question. Well, Just like the noun phrase goes “Same-Sex Marriage,” it’s the marriage contracted between members of the same sex or gender. You know, there exist two main sexes or genders as created by God, the Bible says, “Male and Female, He created them” (Genesis 1v27). When the male gender marries a male or marries from a male gender, it’s called same-sex marriage. The same is true with the other sex, when the female gender marries a female or from a female gender, it’s also called same-sex marriage. It thus covers the unions of Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, and intersexuals.

SP: You mentioned the unions of Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, and intersexuals. Can you define those terminologies?

P.C. AKUBUEZE: Yes, of course. “Lesbian” pertains to female homosexuality. It could have had some connections with a Greek island of “Lesbos” or “Lesbios” in the northeastern Aegean Sea, which was the home of Sappho, the great lyric poet. Anyway, that word alludes to the poet Sappho of Lesbos, whose verse deals largely with her emotional relationships with other women. It has come in our day to mean a woman whose sexual orientation is to women. Thus, Lesbians are members of the female gender who desire and engage in intimate relations with other members of the female gender.

SP: Being a lesbian, is it a God idea?

P.C. AKUBUEZE: No. It isn’t God’s idea nor a “God idea.” God created a male and a female as a foundation for intimate relationships, the Bible tells us so (Genesis 1v27; 2v20-24). Therefore, it couldn’t be God’s idea.

SP: And the word “Gay” stands for what?

P.C. AKUBUEZE: The word “Gay” has different meanings or connotations. We use it daily in showing cheerfulness and lighthearted excitement, you know, to merry, etc. It’s also characterized by promiscuity, licentious, or given to social pleasures.

However, it’s also used as a descriptive term for homosexuals generally, whether male or female. A person whose sexual orientation is to persons of the same sex is said to be gay in some sense. But in today’s society, a gay refers, especially to male homosexuals. A man whose sexual orientation is to men is called a gay. And it’s in this light that I employ the term. Thus, a gay is a member of the male gender who desires and engages in an intimate relationship with members of the male gender.

SP: Is the gay idea from God also?

P.C. AKUBUEZE: I don’t think so. It was God’s idea to have a female and a male, and so He created them male and female, not a male and a male, and His idea has not changed over time.

SP: What did you refer to as “Bisexual”?

P.C. AKUBUEZE: Well, “Bisexual” has two main connotations. The first is possessing the characters of both sexes. In other words, a hermaphrodite, having both male and female reproductive organs.

The second is relating sexually to two sexes without limitation or discrimination. Or one sex having a tendency to direct sexual desire toward individuals of both sexes. A male would desire a female as much as a male. And a female would desire a female as much as a male. Some call it ambisexuals. Whatever name they call it, it involves being sexually attracted to either sex indiscriminately. A woman may want a man at one moment in time and may desire a woman at another moment. Or She may be married to a man but has a female partner somewhere. Also, a male may be married at home with a wife but has a male partner outside. Even on some occasions, a woman might want a female and a male at the same moment, equally feeling alright in so doing. It’s all bisexual acts.

SP: We are convinced that’s not from God, man of God!

P.C. AKUBUEZE: You are right! it isn’t at all.

SP: You mentioned transgenders too, what is that in simple terms?

P.C. AKUBUEZE: Transgender is crossing one gender to another. A transgender is a person appearing or attempting to be a member of the opposite sex. A transgender wishes to be considered as a member of the opposite sex either by their external dressings (a male dressing like a female and vice versa). Or, having undergone surgery to become a member of the opposite sex. Such a person could be seen as a transsexual or a transvestite. What is important to note is that their gender identity differs from the one at birth.

SP: Was that God’s idea to have transgender in existence?

P.C. AKUBUEZE: No it wasn’t. I mean, transgender is wholly earthly, personal, and a fleshy thing. God’s idea was for a male and a female. It wasn’t for a male to become female nor a female to become male. This is not divine. It’s of the earth point of view and as such, fleshy.

SP: Fleshy?

P.C. AKUBUEZE: Yeah, you heard me right! It’s fleshy, earthly, and personal.

SP: How did you mean by being Fleshy? You mean done in the flesh?

P.C. AKUBUEZE: Hmm! Should I say that it’s a mind problem? It’s one hundred percent fleshy because it centers around the desire of individuals wanting to become something other than what they were created to be. They desire what is not a requisite to their daily existence at all, rather, their desire is to satisfy their personal instincts. A male desiring to be noticed as a female? It’s a personal and a fleshy thing, you know that. Don’t you?

SP: How could you define “Intersexuals”?

P.C. AKUBUEZE: “Intersexuals” could be something existing or occurring between two sexes. But I used the word as a person having both male and female anatomical characteristics, including reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics in varying degrees, of course. This could be as a result of an abnormality of the sex chromosomes or a hormonal imbalance during embryo-genesis. In this case, a male may not fully be a male at birth and a female may not fully be a female at birth as we know it.

SP: Is it God’s idea to have intersexuals since this occurs at birth?

P.C. AKUBUEZE: No, to be simple. It’s never God’s idea for intersexual.

SP: Since this seems to be natural, coming by birth, to whom should we attribute it? Certainly to God the creator?

P.C. AKUBUEZE: And I disagree with you totally. You won’t attribute any sickness that comes from birth or that’s natural to us as coming from God. That’s not true. Anyway, it depends also on how you define the word “Natural.” But certainly, God is not responsible for all that happens by birth nor even for all that is natural to humans.

When defining that word “Intersexual,” I made mention of the abnormality of the sex chromosomes and of a hormonal imbalance during embryo-genesis. These might be the factors responsible that are not God’s fault at all.

SP: You said before that God created male and female, is it a God idea to have Same-Sex Couples since they were all created by God?

P.C. AKUBUEZE: Funny question, isn’t it? I didn’t say it’s a God idea. But I said God created Male and Female as the only two genders or sexes we have in the world today. Read the book of Genesis chapter one and the twenty-seventh verse. You have your Bible with you, don’t you? Open it, you would see the record therein. And the fact that both were created by God, does not in any way imply that Same-Sex Marriage was the idea of God. No, it’s not a God idea.

SP: Viewers and readers, If there’s anyone who would want to come into the kingdom of God or who wouldn’t want to lose the citizenship and all its benefits therein, please click here for more directions on how to be a child of God. God bless you as you do.

Hello viewers, We are taking a break but stay tuned for we shall continue on this subject when we come back.


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