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Welcome to Smartcouples.net website. A space dedicated to empowering, enhancing, and sustaining premarital and post-marital relationships. Smartcouples.net is a vision for couples birthed by PC Akubueze and sponsored by Ammgospel, Epason, and ASSM.

We at Smartcouples.net are made up of a team of professional relationship experts from around the globe led by Charles. We are passionate to help couples succeed in their relationships and help reduce the rate of divorce.

Over the years we have helped many relationships thrive. But have also noticed that Marriage is one institution that suffers from many crises. And its crises have no respect for culture, skin color, language, financial status, or national borders.

Divorce, for example, means the same thing to the Indians as it means to the Americans, Europeans, or Africans. And the feelings of hurt and disappointment it leaves behind are similar.

From the many years of experience, we aspire, via this platform, to serve the public through teaching, coaching, and counseling relationships; making couples in this smart generation smarter for a stronger and lasting union.

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