Have you read the title of this article? It says, “Our God Is A God Of Breakthroughs.” Beloved, it’s my great pleasure to introduce you to somebody who always comes but never leaves; somebody who always speaks and never changes; somebody who always acts in the same manner irrespective of time, gender or skin color. That person is our Lord and God Jesus Christ. Our God Is A God Of Breakthroughs.

Our God, of course, is a God of “breakthroughs.” The Bible reveals God in many places as the God of victory. The God who fights to favor His people. In whatever circumstance that He intervened, it always resulted in victory or a kind of breakthrough. Each of which was a miracle or supernatural intervention on the natural. Where there was sickness, healing was the result when God intervened. Where there were captivity and oppression, freedom was the result when God intervened. And on and on it continued and still continues today. Our God is the God who brings about a breakthrough.

Our God Is a God Of breakthroughs

Each time when King David needed a breakthrough, God usually gave him one. There is a record found in 2 Samuel 5:17-25 which I would like you to read through, it is about the Philistines coming against David and his men on more than one occasion. And in all the battles David fought, God brought about breakthroughs for the Israelites.

In fact, this is one of the portions of the Bible that the word literally calls God the God of breakthroughs. In the twentieth verse of that passage, it says that: “… David went to Baal Perazim, and there he defeated them. He said, ‘As waters break out, the Lord has broken out against my enemies before me.’ ”

The phrase “Baal Perazim” is translated into English to mean “the Lord who breaks out.” Another translation reads: “the Lord of the breakthrough or the Master of the breakthrough.” Oh Yes, our God is the one who brings about breakthroughs, for the battle is always the Lord’s says the word (2 Chronicles 20:15). Our God Is A God Of Breakthroughs.

What is it you are going through which needs a change? Maybe you’re sick and for a long time have been desiring healing of your body or that of a loved one? You need a breakthrough.

Maybe, your business has been going the way you never intended, having invested much finance, attention and time into it? You need a breakthrough.

Maybe, you are looking for a husband or wife and the promising one always disappoints and fails you? You need a breakthrough.

Maybe, your divine calling is in abeyance? Nothing notable is progressing? Or Your music ministry looks impossible to growth yet you can sing equally well like the stars or even better than others who are successful? Your church attendances may be back warding? At school, you may find it difficult to make good grades? Phew!

The list may be endless. All you need is just a breakthrough. You just need to be put over. And our God is a God of breakthroughs. He can give you one right now.

Also, see the Prosperity of God for you is unlimited

Take a moment in silence, prepare to pray, to talk to God (it may be longer for some… hours or days, no problem). You may want to Surrender your whole life into the hands of the Father.

There also may be certain things you would want to stop doing, places to stop going; relations you may want to end with; friendships you may want to readdress or stop entirely.

And ask the Lord to search deep into your life to see the sources of your troubles and discomforts; your pains, hindrances, and shortcomings. Ask Him to break whatever chain that hampers your progress. Whatever curse there is, whether self-made or not. For every chain is designed or put there to stop you from going forward positively. In other words, it keeps one bound.

However, Jesus is a yoke breaker. He is able. Beloved spend some moment with the Lord and see how He can probe your heart. Above all: BE HUMBLE AND ACCEPT WHAT HE PUTS IN YOUR HEART. BE SENSITIVE TO YOUR FEELINGS AND MAKE THE NECESSARY CHANGE(S). OUR GOD IS A GOD OF BREAKTHROUGHS.

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