10 Advantages Of Dating Yourself - Self Dating

10 Advantages Of Dating Yourself – Self Dating



Dating provides the platform to know your potential spouse better, assess the personalities, likes, dislikes, background, passions, beliefs, and all the values he or she shares, all in an endeavor to know if you are compatible with your potential spouse. But before going to date others, you have to first understand these 10 advantages of dating yourself – self dating.

1. You Date Yourself To Harness Being Alone

Dating yourself is not loneliness. No! To be alone does not imply that you are lonely. You can be alone and be so busy, while you can around people and still be lonely. Loneliness is without a purpose and connectedness. To date yourself well, you have to be alone and be comfortable with that. There’s a purpose of being alone which you have to harness. The purpose of knowing you, of understanding your personality, likes and dislikes; your highs and lows, etc. Dating yourself means you get out there and do things you love, solo!

2. You Date Yourself  To Know Yourself Better

You should date yourself from time to time in order to know yourself. Knowing yourself precedes any strong relationship with others. There is also an implication when God said to love our neighbors as we love ourselves (Mark 12:31). Loving our neighbors is very good and important but only after having loved yourself, first and foremost. And to love yourself, you must have dated yourself in order to know about the very self to love. You cannot love something that much which you don’t know at all. So knowing yourself is first, which is what dating yourself provides.

3. You Date Yourself To Find Happiness In Yourself

10 Advantages Of Dating Yourself - Self DatingAre you happy with yourself? Do you find joy within you? A young man was frustrated with himself because he was unhappy and sought happiness from someone he went out to date but came back more frustrated.

You see, people don’t give you joy. You cannot seek for Joy from people you see. It’s a wrong premise to date someone because you don’t feel good or happy about yourself. That’s a recipe for frustration. Happiness is internal. Joy comes from within. If you don’t have Joy within you, chances are that you won’t have joy when you marry or date someone else. It comes from within you and only dating yourself can allow you the freedom to discover self joy. The joie de vivre is also a result of dating yourself.

4. You Date Yourself To Discover Your Independence.

You never really know the power you have within until you are placed in a situation that demands it come out. You never really know what you can do alone until you are left alone. When you date yourself, you are alone but not lonely. Being alone means you need to go shopping, prepare food to eat, do ditches, laundry, clean the house, and do other chores, all by yourself. And it’s the opportunity which dating yourself provides for you to discover that you can do these things without depending on a partner’s full or partial assistance. Having such discovery can help you in the future with the person in your love life.

5. You Date Yourself To Increase Your Self-confidence And Self-Worth.

Because you have discovered your independence, you know what you can do well and how you can do them. Your confidence level is boosted up. You have a sense of self-importance and know that you really matter irrespective of what people say or where others are at. You do not compete with anyone. This is only true, however, when you date yourself.

6. You Date Yourself To Accept What Nature Gives You

There are things about you that are natural and which you cannot change at all. So what do you do with them? You love them the way they are. Because you were created with those things in your life, they become part of who you really are. Whether it’s’ your looks, height, or bodily features. Love your body and accept you fully as you are. We are all different. Do Not crave to be someone else. Be happy with YOU, and this is what dating yourself does.

7. You Date Yourself To Manage Your Time Better

There’s never a moment to manage time well like when you are independent. You know that you don’t have to count on a spouse or lover to do this or that for you. So you plan all by yourself when to do whatever. Effective time management is a result of self-mastery.

8. You Date Yourself To Know What To Expect From A Partner

Because you have discovered your independence, you now know what you are good at or not good at through practice. And because you know this, you can know what to expect from someone with whom you wish to share your love life. Because you know what you lack, you can know what you need from whoever comes into your life. You would be looking to make up for the weaknesses you have, making you kind of complete. And that’s what dating yourself does. Your weaknesses become strengths when dating yourself.

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9. You Date Yourself To Avoid Fighting The Wrong Battles Of Life.

Dating yourself helps refine your choices in life generally and your love partner in particular. You know whom to attract because you know who you are. Most couples fight the wrong battles in life because they never get to know who they are before they start dating. Some meet the right potential partners but wouldn’t know it and they mess up big time. Others meet the wrong ones and they just can’t get along. Even though they force it to work, it just won’t. All because they don’t know themselves before attempting to know others.

10. You Date Yourself To Avoid Falling For Just Anybody

10 Advantages Of Dating Yourself - Self DatingSome people do anything anyhow, go anywhere anytime, and say anything anyhow. They eat whatever is given them, sleep with whoever is available, yet can’t find a single person to commit to any relationship with them, because they just don’t stand for anything. They fall for everything. Nobody wants that kind of person. If you know yourself through self dating, you cannot fall for any person who comes around.

Don’t Please Everyone

There are some people who try to please or love everyone but no one is willing to commit to any long-term relationship with them. People just come and leave, because all of them have equal access to him or her. For them, anything goes. If you don’t stand for something, you would certainly fall for anything and everything. A woman who tries to love every man finds it hard to have a committed man. You cannot know yourself at the same time try to make everyone happy. If you know yourself, you would not please everybody, neither would you hurt them. Date yourself well and long enough so you won’t fall for just anybody! We just covered the 10 advantages of dating yourself which we recommend as a must-read for every single lady or gentleman, and also those couples having relationship issues.


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