How To Transition From Your Ex-Partner To Your Current Partner – Dating Relationship Transition


How To Transition From Your Ex-Partner To Your Current Partner – Dating Relationship Transition


We’ve started a series of articles in view of helping you couples on how to transition from your Ex-Partner to your Current Partner. To transition is a process of changing from one state or location to another. When you think of transitioning, two things usually come to mind: from your current location, on the one hand, to an aspired location, on the other hand. Or from your current situation, on the one hand, to your aspired situation, on the other hand.

How To Transition From Your Ex Partner To Your Current Partner, a
Starting over in a relationship, from old to new

It’s usually from where to where, or what to what! You think of where you are now, and where you wanna be. You think of what you should leave and what you should become. In fact, you think of the old and new situations. And between these two different states or locations or choices, one notable fact is that you cannot be in both states, at both locations or having both choices at the same time. Only one is possible at any given period of time.

The picture that I have just painted is so true to relationship dating. How To Transition From Your Ex-Partner To Your Current Partner is something that needs to be done with wits and careful consideration. Given the fact that you recently might have been divorced, or heartbroken, or lost a partner to death (accidentally or not), or maybe just undergoing a normal mutual breakup in your relationship. Trying to be here and there at the same time only hurts your sanity.

Your mental sharpness and relational inventiveness must never be left behind when you intend to leave an Ex-partner to a New partner in a relationship. I intend to help you see the possibility and best practices in the transitional phase of any relationship in hoping that yours might be a smooth and protected sail. Do not just read for the sake of reading, but do so to equip yourselves (males and females alike), and strengthen the position in your current relationship thus, provide a fertile ground for the relationship to grow.

To Ignore this article, however, can make your current relationship miserable and your life unhappy. That being said, let’s get to the nub of the first series segment of “How To Transition From Your Ex-Partner To Your Current Partner” which is:

Do Not Date Your Ex-Partner And Current Partner At The Same Time

You have read the introduction, haven’t you? We just talked about transitioning from one place or person to another. Transitioning in a relationship takes place when you are leaving one partner to another partner, or when you are entering a new relationship because the old one didn’t end well.

The reasons for relational transitioning could vary, from a difficult breakup to a mutual one; from separation to an all-out divorce. It could be the death of a partner or the sudden disappearance of one partner, whether being kidnapped or held hostage. Whatever the situation it could be a time of vulnerability and of strength too.

People might blame you as being the cause. You can even blame yourself for the breakup and can’t move on properly, even if you want to. You would be looking ahead and be looking behind at the same time thinking “what happened?!”

And that isn’t healthy at all to any potential relationship, but only exposes your vulnerability. In trying to see who can fill in the love lacuna in your life, you could just fall for anyone who comes around, who may or not be compatible with you. Yet, you know deep down in your heart that you have not given up totally on the partner who just left you.

Don’t Be Stuck In Your Past While In Your Future

Although you are in a new relationship, at the back of your mind, there’s still that would-be temptation to go back or grant access to the old partner whenever he or she shows up. The reason for this temptation is that you have not resolved the issue within your heart as to your reality and what you really want before you ventured into a new relationship. No matter what happens in life, you can still move on.

The worst of anything that could happen to a relationship or even in life is death. The death of a relationship. The death of a partner. But even at that, life still goes on; people still move on. Don’t be stuck in your past while in your future.

Don’t Enter The New Without A Conclusion Of The Old

Do not start a new relationship when you haven’t come to a conclusion about the old one. You should resolve this issue in your mind first no matter how long it takes. Don’t try to jump into another relationship if you aren’t so sure that the former truly ended.

How To Transition From Your Ex-Partner To Your Current Partner
Let Go Of The Past, Move On with The New Partner

Maybe, you if aren’t sure, you could investigate a bit more of what wrong went wrong with a relationship you have grown to love. If there’s no means of a clue or if the person just disappeared into the thin air (some selfish partners vamoose without a trace when they get what they wanted), be sure to resolve that in your mind and make up your mind to move on before you enter into another relationship. And when you do enter the new, you are done with the old.

Don’t Look To The Return Of Someone Who Left You Heartbroken

Avoid looking back to the return of someone who left you heartbroken. If you carry on that way, not only are you gonna remain heartbroken but you would be a heart breaker yourself, because once you see the one you’re dreaming of, Boom, you would leave or contaminate your current relationship, leaving your current partner heartbroken too. Avoid every scenario that would make you date your Ex and Current partners at the same time. This is truly how to transition from your Ex Partner to your Current Partner.

Don’t Go In The New Relationship With The Old Baggage

Be slow to enter a new relationship if you have not dealt with what is in your heart for the person who left you. It’s not your current partner’s responsibility to fix that but yours. Your current partner should not suffer for what your Ex did. He or she can help clean up any mess but they aren’t responsible for the mess. Just don’t go in with the old baggage of unresolved issues.

How To Transition From Your Ex-Partner To Your Current Partner

You see, just because someone dear to you left without your consent or warning is no reason to enter in a new relationship where you can’t invest in it because you are still attached to your past. Let go of the old baggage and welcome the new.

In conclusion to this section of the series, we have talked about How To Transition From Your Ex-Partner To Your Current Partner, and have focused on the fact that you must Not Date Your Ex-Partner And Current Partner At The Same Time. To espouse on that, we mentioned that you shouldn’t Be Stuck In Your Past While In Your Future; that you shouldn’t Enter The New Without A Conclusion Of The Old; that you shouldn’t Look To The Return Of Someone Who Left You Heartbroken, and finally, that you shouldn’t Go In a new relationship With The Old Baggage with you.

Look out for the next series segment.  But tell us what you think in the comment box below, and don’t forget to subscribe on our mailing list to keep you abreast of our subsequent posts.


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An interesting writing I must say and commend. The process of transitioning from a bad relationship to trying things out with a potential prospective requires time and patience to avoid carrying the shits of the former to the new to avoid just sorting out only in the new relationship. You have really shed a lot of light on the this issue and how best possible to transition and things to look out and note before making new commitments. This is great


Good Morning Carlo,

That is sound advice. Do not continue to date your ex when you already have a new partner. Doing that will only create problems.

A clean break hurts but I think is the best. It is the same as with smoking. When you stop you stop.

In 1982 I had to go through the very sad experience that my fiance died. It was extremely difficult to come home after work to a dark, cold, and empty house. Of course, I survived but I still miss him sometimes.

You are right, no use for old baggage starting a new relationship. Thank you for this good post.

Regards, Taetske

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