First Date Advice – 3 Models From The First Date To Wedding


First Date Advice – 3 Models From The First Date To Wedding


We all would agree that a first date is an untoward moment for marital auditioning. Your first date helps create acquaintance and facilitates the possibility of a second date. Handling the first date well could lead to a second date on the one hand, and on the other hand, there could never even be a second date when the first was poorly handled. The first date being, basically, a tryout for a second date, is probably where you don’t start asking questions about marriage to someone you barely know. You would surely want to let dating take its full course before coming to a conclusion about marriage.


However, there are some exceptions through which a first date could lead to marriage, directly. There are situations where the first date could confirm and seal the deal there and then. These exceptions by our studies have become models of converting the first date to a marriage ceremony that could save you some headaches and time. These 3 Models From The First Date To Wedding, are as follows 1) To build love on a known premise. 2) To experience the evolution of the potential date partner 3) To acquire information about potential partners from different sources. Let us look at each respectively.

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Model 1 : To Build Love On A Known Premise On The First Date

This basically is building and working towards love with the information that ensues on the very first day they meet. There are some couples who met for the first time and the rest was history. Yes! Some couples met on a first date and with the discussion that emanated, came to the conclusion that they were going to marry each other.

Some people call this ‘Love at first sight’ and it could be true in a sense because they never knew each other before but with the opportunity provided them on their first date, they were able to establish the vision for being together, which is to marry each other. They decided without hesitation to couple up and work things out together, fully convinced that both of them were good for each other. And in all subsequent dates, they always had marriage at the back of their minds.

Their premise which is marriage was first established on the first date. They met and all went well. They later married and became husbands and wives building happy families thereafter. Although they met for the first time and knew that they were meant to be together, they didn’t end their first date with a wedding party or ceremony. They knew at first meeting that they could be an item together and courted on that premise.

In addition, some couples, having come to terms with their vision on the first date, got married a few days later and continued living happily ever after. This is not the norm, I must say, but an exception and for matured minds only who already know what they want. You can develop a vision with your potential spouse and both of you agree on that premise to love, date and marry each other. The vision becomes the guideline for the couples.

Model 2 : To Experience The Evolution Of The Potential Date Partner

This, in real practice, is experiencing the evolution of the potential date partner and expressing your feelings unequivocally on a first date.

There are also others who met for the first time and it ended up in marriage. No, they didn’t marry the same day, but the first date was enough for them to decide, to pop the big question, and to take concrete measures to become husband and wife.

This is because one of the partners have known the other for years prior to their first date. The husband had known the family of the wife, in and out, yet didn’t date the wife then for one or two reasons. He knew what he was looking for, and this is not just the physical beauty but the internal beauty of the beloved.

In his case, he had answers to most of his questions, if not all. His knowledge of his beloved was sufficient for him even before they met. Consequently, meeting for the first time just made it easier for them to express externally their love which had been building internal momentum for years. This too is an exception and not the norm.

Keep in mind that the purpose of dating is to receive information from people or someone concerning the suitability of love aspirants to actually become an item. People date in order to know. To know you. But knowing you could be sped up by some variables.

A piece of information you seek to know during dating is what transpired or what developed over time. It’s history. Your history to be precise. Including your “You.” Your “You” is your personality and character and nature. But knowing your “You” is also a product of time.

You know about yourself because you’ve outgrown your old self. Because you have grown to discover this or that quality about you over the years. Yes, dating is not for toddlers but for adults who over the years have metamorphosed character wise. So the information you try to get on your dates is what evolved over time.

And some partners speed up their dating calendar by having immediately this knowledge that they could have had during extended dates. Why immediately? Because they have taken their time to monitor the growth of their spouses over the years. The questions that they could have asked on several dates were answered by what they saw, heard and experienced without physical dating anyone.

Be Careful how you behave at work and at other random places. It’s possible that someone you might fall in love with tomorrow is just quietly watching at you, your behavior and movements. Or he or she may be watching while waiting for you to grow up or be mature enough to handle his or her approach.

Model 3 : To Acquire Information About Potential Partners From Different Sources

The third one is by acquiring information about potential partners from different sources and being satisfied with whatever knowledge they have gathered, they express love interest on a first date.

There is still another set of people who inquire information from different sources concerning the one that they are about to date and would never meet on any date except when what they have as information is satisfactory. In this case, a man who meets a lady on a first date can speed up the process to marry her.

Those who know more about their spouses step up their game and speed up dating. The different sources could be family members, relatives, colleagues, friends, and schoolmates of the spouse to be. One partner would never approach the other until the information gathered is satisfactory to the other.

If he approves his findings over a period of time, he or she can have a date and express their love intentions. Just on that very first date, they could confirm and seal their love marital commitment to each other. Some people take it further to engage even on the very first date. Turning the date party into an engagement party.

This again is an exception and for the matured minds who already know what they want. It’s not for those who aren’t serious. Besides these three exceptions, anyone who dates does so to get more information about their partners. And this knowledge which would trigger love cannot just come all on a single first date. It will come gradually and will develop love in accordance with the information that comes with time.

So to recap, we’ve just seen the 3 models from the first Date to wedding which can convert any potential couple to married couples. These 3 models from the first date to wedding are: when you build on an established premise; when you experience the evolution of your spouse and when you gather satisfactory information about your spouse from different sources.




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