10 Tips To Empower And Manage The Kitchen As Couples

10 Tips To Empower And Manage The Kitchen As Couples

10 Tips To Empower And Manage The Kitchen As Couples

8 Tips To Empower And Manage The Kitchen As CouplesFood is essential to life and it’s part of our daily routine. Every spouse eats but not every spouse knows how to cook or manage the kitchen well. It’s an added plus to the relationship when couples know how to manage the kitchen. At least, it wouldn’t be a bane to that relationship if you knew how to empower and manage your kitchen. Some couples denigrate one another because they don’t know how to cook or because they are dirty. And they allow this to bring a rift in the relationship. I tell you what? This is easy to solve as you follow the 10 tips to empower and manage the kitchen as couples.

That being said, let’s get started right away:

1. Couples Should Have Kitchen Cabinets Installed

Adding kitchen cabinets helps to compartmentalize your kitchen for various utensils and foodstuff. You would not have to scramble things together as each item or similar ones would have a specific place in that kitchen. It makes arrangements and cleaning easier and your kitchen organized. Cabinets come in different shapes, colors, and sizes and shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Although some people spend a fortune on it, you should do so according to your taste and financial pockets. You can make yours on a budget, or even build one locally. Don’t spend what you can’t afford or what would make life difficult for your family just to make your kitchen look rich. The main purpose of kitchen cabinets is not to look rich but to look clean, and organized and provide storage for kitchen utensils, and food items. It also helps to keep rodents and roaches away from your cooking space.

2. Couples Must Give The Kitchen A Clean Look

This is the most important factor to mention. It simply means to keep your kitchen clean not just some of the time but at all times. As couples, when you start from your kitchen to your bedroom to keep them clean, you are preparing the future of a clean home when children come into the picture. Consequently, they would learn what it means to be clean and healthy right from home, not at school.

Keeping your kitchen clean improves the general home health condition. By cleaning regularly, you abnegate the propagation of bacteria and viruses that fester on food residues and as such eschew the growth of disease-causing organisms from your home.

For this to be true, however, don’t forget to use disinfectant to keep your kitchen clean always. Take particular notice of areas such as Electricity sockets or switches, doorknobs or handles, windows, and around the kitchen cabinets. The areas that are often touched by the hands, including the cooker and cooking utensils, should be disinfected as you clean.

3. Couples Should Have Proper kitchen Aeration 

Have a kitchen with enough space for aeration. The provision of fresh air to a cooking space, room, or kitchen is a must. There should be proper air circulation when cooking in order to avoid water on the roofs and walls. Water escapes as vapor while cooking and should go outside via a channel in the kitchen or through the opened windows, at least.

When there’s no means of aeration within the cabinet, breathing and ventilation become difficult. Food odor and tight unpleasant air are trapped within the kitchen which can find their way to other rooms where they can be infested by fungi and bring damage to the walls, roofs, and items of clothing, consequently. You might end up spending more on repairs because of the lack of aeration.

4. Couples Can Increase Their Culinary Skills

Cooking is a skill that anyone can learn since we all need food for daily living. Because of the differences in our lifestyle, not everyone can cook and not everyone sees it as a problem if you can’t cook. Some couples find their way around this by employing a chef at home to do the cooking. Others who know how to cook support their partners by doing the cooking alone. Whatever works for you is fine.

However, cooking is a nice skill that all partners can learn to some degree. And it’s never too late to learn. Today provides a good moment to learn how to cook if you don’t know how to. Age means nothing when it comes to learning. The purpose of learning is to help your spouse cook and eat good food. And the Places to learn “how to’’ are many. You can learn from YouTube videos, online courses, or from a handy book from your local library or bookshop. Your partner or chef can also teach you how to cook one-on-one. Do whatever works for you guys to achieve your cooking goals.

5. Couples Can Assist Each Other In Cooking

Cooking isn’t for a particular gender as some cultures see it. It’s not for the weak or less privileged person to do. Cooking also doesn’t denigrate anybody. The cook is as important as every other person in a relationship. This means that couples can cook by themselves and individually too. Some partners are very faithful in cooking and they do it so well and never complain about anything. They never consider it a gender-based issue.

Although they never complain, it’s a good practice to help your partner during cooking. Either you opt to cook entirely by yourself because he or she has been doing it alone for a while, or you help him or her and together make the cooking experience an art of dating. I mean you date while you cook, both of you, of course.

Make it enjoyable as you help with cooking in the kitchen. Whatever you do there whether cutting, slicing, or washing dishes, be happy doing it and dialogue as you do.

6. Couples Can Imbibe Healthy Eating Habits

To eat healthy implies eating what’s good for the proper functioning of your body in the long or short run. In order to stay healthy, eat healthy. Avoid too much processed food. Eat more of the foods prepared with items from fresh sources. For fresh fruits and vegetables, Please wash them properly with water. Some fruits can be washed with water and soap without affecting the taste. Some vegetables can be washed with fresh water and a little added salt. In any case, see to it that what you eat, whether cooked or uncooked, is healthy, and would not attract medical bills.

7. Couples Can Cook For Multiple Occasions And Freeze

Some consumable food you may have bought from the markets might spoil when kept longer than its normal lifespan. In such a situation, you can cook for many days ahead and store it in a freezer/cooler or refrigerator until you may need it. Storing in deep freezers stays healthy longer than storing in a refrigerator. But it depends on the number of days you want the food eaten.

In any case, multiple cooking (cooking every day of the same food) can be reduced to cooking for multiple consumption (cooking once but increasing in volume). It saves energy and time and can be cost-effective. It also saves food from getting spoiled. So if possible, cook at a time what you can eat for more than one occasion or many days ahead.

8. Couples Can Increase Vigilance On Items On Promotion

When you go out to buy some items on the market, always check to see if the items you want are on promotion or not. It’s also important to check what items are currently on promotion just for your information because it can help you judge your shopping experience better. There are varied reasons an item could be on promotion.

It could be because their prices are usually lower (which they are), or because it’s newly introduced in the market. Or because the promotion is for fast consumption due to the expiring dates. Whatever the reason, don’t forget that Promotions have this tendency to reduce pricing which is good for your finances and family spending power.

9. Couples Can Imbibe The Culture Of Bulk-Buying Foodstuff 

10 Tips To Empower And Manage The Kitchen As CouplesBuying in bulk, basically, means increasing the quantity of what you need at a particular period of time. I used the word “Period” because what you buy would not just last for a day but for many days or weeks. You see, there’s some level of bulk buying that everyone can afford because everyone eats every day and as such must buy their food willy-nilly. Why should I go to the same market multiple times a day to buy breakfast, lunch, and dinner? And I will have to do this many times a week usually buying the same consumable items.

If I am the one caring for myself and/or my family, then I have to have an alternative plan for shopping that would serve me well and be cost-effective. This is how couples should think. And the result would be to buy in bulk according to your financial power.

I understand that not all families can buy in bulk due to varying income levels, however, know the level of bulk-buying that you can afford, and then imbibe that into your practice. Why? Because it can influence great price reduction for your family and reduce your stress level as one knows that there’s food for many days ahead. In addition, it saves your precious time as the shopping that could have taken a month to do would have been done in a day.

In all your planning, do not hoard so as not to deprive others of what to buy. And do not buy in bulk triggered by fear. Think of what you would need for survival other than food and dispense your resources fairly judiciously.

10. Couples Can Be Frugal In Spending

Being frugal in life, generally, is a wise thing to practice at times. It’s illogical to spend based on pressure or to compete with your friends. That’s not really how life functions. There’s a popular saying that cutting your coat according to your size isn’t out of fashion. Do not be under any pressure to spend irrationally.

Do not spend and cry later. Buy just whatever you can afford without stress. Just buy the things that can serve you well and not necessarily because of the price, or because you are competing with a friend. Make your life the way you want it to look with the money or resources that you have now in your command. Everybody isn’t equal. So, spend wisely.

If you have any other suggestions, let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and God bless!

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