12 Consequences Of Dating A Married Man

12 Consequences Of Dating A Married Man



12 Consequences Of Dating A Married Man

12 Consequences Of Dating A Married ManEveryone has their specs in dating. Everyone is attractive to somebody they find special. So are married men too who’re other people’s specs and are generally sorted than some single men, maybe because of their maturity, experience, and financial stability. But truth be told, there are consequences for taking that path, and today, we present to you as simply as possible the 12 consequences of dating a married man to help you think properly before you head into an affair with another woman’s man. That being, the first consequence is:


1. It limits the chances of having your own partner.

Whenever you date a married person, your own chances of getting your destined partner are slim. Not only will you be focusing on someone else’s husband, but you will also not be available for the right partner to locate you.

2. It brings family repercussions.

Yes, your home can suffer repercussions dating a married man. Understand this truth and know peace. When you date a married man, you are in other words dating the husband of someone who has a family of their own. Your presence in the man’s life could be detrimental to the family and can break their home as a consequence. What might happen when you break a home like that is another woman might be interested in your own husband whenever you marry. And your family can suffer and feel the pain that you meted on someone years behind.

3. It limits you from freely expressing and exploring your love life.

12 Consequences Of Dating A Married ManSince whatever you do is within the time, space allocated by someone’s husband who is in love with another. The only time he has left is what you can have. You cannot freely call him at odd periods of the day or at night. In short, you can’t interact freely with him whenever he’s with his wife. That limits your freedom of expression of love with the so-called object of your love.

4. It never makes you a priority to them.

Oh yes, since you are dating someone’s sweetheart, you’re never his priority, his wife, rather, is. You can’t have your calls answered as a matter of urgency. How painful is it to endure a relationship knowing that you are never a priority? It’s painful indeed because someone else will always be their number one when it comes to emergencies and public matters.

5. It might never reciprocate your love.

12 Consequences Of Dating A Married ManWe all know that love is reciprocal and mutual, but a married person that you are dating might not reciprocate your love if there are other objectives involved in the relationship. Some women date because they want money, power, or fame which they might get from dating a married person. A married person can give you money without love, necessarily. Of course, you can have a coital relationship but without true love for you. To him, you are just one of the objects for sexual pleasure that he has around. Whenever he needs you, he contacts you and gets it. And that absolutely can be done without reciprocating true love.

6. It’s a Misplaced love investment.

Dating right is making a love-human capital investment in each other. Your love from each other to each should culminate in a stronger bond in the union. Your interactions should bring added value to each other and yield results for the good of the relationship. But this is far from the truth as far as dating a married man is concerned. All of your love, interactions, and giving might not be mutual or reciprocated at all because they are love investments on the wrong person.

7. It limits you to a private relationship.

Dating a married person is like having a private relationship that you cannot flaunt in public. There’s so much hush-hush involved in it. You may not be openly proud of it. Either or both of you would want it coded to some extent. The husband may not want the wife, close friends, and family to know about the relationship. The lady might comply to keep it that way. But then you see your love life in a private world because you don’t want to lose the relationship with a man who belongs to another lady.

8. It opens the door to date others.

The temptation of having multiple dates or relationships is possible. You see, when you date a married person, the temptation to want to date other men would be high. You would want to make up for the areas where your current date is lacking by dating more men, whether married or not. Some ladies date Mr A for money, and date Mr. B for emotional reasons and then Mr. C for sexually related issues, all at the same time. But what you should understand is that such a lifestyle comes with its own risks and unpleasant consequences as well.

9. It risks the pride of your future partner.

12 Consequences Of Dating A Married ManThe history of your past may be notorious for the promiscuity of married men. This kind of history cannot be erased just like that even after you have changed your ways of life. It lingers on because it has to do with others who may not think as you do. Your history will influence the way they talk to you and those around you, especially, the man you may marry. A man may love and marry you but what he hears about you affects his psyche and influences his behavior sometimes.

In addition, societal respect matters a lot as we are all humans. His respect from those who knew you and know about all your current status might not be there. What we have here is that his pride is wounded because of your uncontrolled promiscuous lifestyle in the past.

10. It can end anytime without warning.

When you date a married person, there’s that possibility of ending the relationship at any time. Because it’s a non-committal relationship, it can end at any time. I mean, any day and anywhere. As soon as he gets what he wants, it’s over for you. Whenever he feels he has had enough of you, he calls it over. He’s the only one who decides what is and what isn’t.

11. It’s too dependent to be independent.

When dating married men, You might never have a life of your own due to its dependent nature. He comes for you when he wants, gets from you what he wants, goes with you whenever he wants to without your consent or opinions. You literally have to live in someone’s world and become too dependent to be independent to live your own life.

12. It never gives you an understanding of true love.

12 Consequences Of Dating A Married ManFrequently dating different married men only leaves you with the wrong perception of true love, and gives you the impression of a newbie in love. When you date a married man, you date someone whose heart is already taken and belongs to someone else. That person cannot give you 100 percent of his time and love.

Sincere love from the core of the heart might not be something within your mental grasp because what you will get is just on the surface of things. You would be a neophyte when it comes to matters of loving another, and the main concept of love you may never understand. In addition, we only give what we have or know. You would be unable to love right in the long run because your experiences of what love is are grossly faulty.

For example, some ladies believe that all relationships are full of roses because of what they experienced with their married men. But that isn’t true at all. Some don’t know how to manage relationship crises because they grew up believing that it doesn’t exist since their married men took care of everything, financially. Ladies with these kinds of mindsets might be neophytes when it comes to matters of the heart.

Think properly before making the decision of dating someone who’s married. For more on this, see part two of the series.


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