The Chemistry Of Falling In Love – The Emotional Level


The Chemistry of Falling In Love – The Emotional Level

The Chemistry of Falling In Love - The Emotional LevelThe emotional level becomes the last series title in understanding the chemistry of falling in love. Over the past weeks, we’ve covered the verbal, physical, social, mental, environmental, and now the emotional levels. My name is Chika, and I’m grateful that you all have followed me thus far on this subject. Again, I will be your host tonight as we talk about what the chemistry of falling in love does to your emotions.

Mind you the core purpose of these teachings is to equip you people to better identify true love when it shows up and reciprocate love when you receive it. So study what you can when you can and put to use what you’ve learned in the process.

The emotional dimension is a very powerful instrument in love. In fact, without emotions, love cannot be truly expressed. I may say love cannot exist without the emotions involved. Does that make sense? Yep!

Let me ask you something: Do you know that the height of emotional resilience can easily be hurt? The place of power could also be the place of great weakness, of course. You can be so emotionally strong today and cry tomorrow as far as love is concerned. That’s just possible. An emotional roller-coaster is not a strange idea in falling in love with someone. What experience does this falling-in-love stuff have to do with your emotional side? Anyway, let’s get things straight as we start with the very first point:

1. You have joy in their presence and you enjoy it.

Emotionally speaking, their presence, thoughts, and things concerning the love interest bring joy to your heart. You would just be happy for them and you can’t explain it at all. Take this advice to the banks, it’s a romantic truth worth storing within you. “If the thoughts and presence of your genuine lover don’t bring joy to your heart, reconsider that relationship.” That’s it!

2. You had a feeling that you have known each other forever.

There’s this intangible sensation within you that you have known this love interest for a very long time. It might not be true, but no one can easily talk you out of that feeling you have for your love interest. Even if they are critical of them, you would want to only speak well concerning them as someone who has known them before. When in fact, you just got to know each other. You would inadvertently defend them with little or no evidence. Surprised? Well, that’s what the chemistry of falling in love does to couples.

3. Your personal feelings are easily touched or controlled by what they say and do.

Another important emotional aspect brought about by the chemistry of falling in love is what it does to your feelings. You can have an unadvertised change of feeling in the twinkling of an eye just because of what they say and do to or against you. To be candid, no person can get to your heart or upset your mood so easily as the love of your life.

Remember Samson in the bible (Judges 16 )? Even the lions couldn’t get that close but his love interest did. What about Adam whom the serpent can’t reach but the wife, Eve did easily access (Genesis 3)? It’s just what it is. If you met a bad partner, you would have a bad emotional ride in life. If you love your peace of mind, be mindful of your lover. They can give you more of it or take away all of it. Oh yeah, that’s true right there.

4. The Jealousy Factor is not missing.

Jealousy is an emotional reaction caused by a few factors ranging from the point of hate to overly loving someone. Jealousy has its bad and good sides too. Some people say that jealousy is the beginning of love. Well, while this philosophy is true to some extent, it’s not always the case. It can trigger the opposite and itself can be triggered by hatred. However, as an emotion, jealousy is not new to lovers, or some lovers. Lovers do experience jealousy to some degree even to the extent of over protectiveness.

A man would want to protect his lady when others show love interest or flirt with them. The intention to do so is driven by jealousy which is a good thing, though. I used to say that if someone who says they love you doesn’t feel jealous when their love is threatened by rivals or say others, there’s still a question to ask. That love needs more clarity. Because the jealousy stemming from love wants to keep that love for itself.

You cannot look for a husband or wife and be happy as your rivals loosely play with her/him. There would be that inner feeling of wanting to know what’s going on. That feeling is positive jealousy. And this is one of the emotional sides of the chemistry of falling in love with your partner.

5. The Eventual emotional downturn is a factor.

An emotional downturn is a plan in which your lover puts you down and off totally or partially. This situation brings a train of emotions from unhappiness, anxiety, and depression, to mental disorders and suicidal thoughts. This is exactly what happens during heartbreaks when one lover says it’s over with the relationship between the two of them.

It also happens when you have been served a “no response” by the one you called your date or once lover-to-be. Even when you have not yet been in a relationship, the one you see as a crunch could get you messed up and in bad shape if they deliberately put you down publicly. You can withdraw into a solitary life or place.

Eventual emotional downturns are unexpected and need proper management to navigate through the situation without causing harm to one’s health and body. That being said, it’s what the chemistry of falling in love does to couples.

6. Your personal ego comes to life.

The ego is one of the emotional sides of the chemistry of falling in love with someone. That pride of feeling self-important, self-worth, and seeking respect is heightened when falling in love is concerned. The ego, when used positively, can build a good relationship and personality. But at times the ego is let to dominate the sense of good judgment which a person has and leads to negative consequences. An unbridled ego can do and undo a relationship. The wrong use of the ego has led to the downfall of many lives and relationships. Control your ego and curb its excesses if you want a long-lasting relationship.

7. The soft spot areas are too tempting.

Sometimes called the weakest link, the soft spot in you is always a sort of emotional weak point that could be explored for good or bad. This spot always empathizes and gives a sounding yes to the love of your life without much ado. It’s an area of nonresistant approvals and approaches to assist, help, agree, and team up with the one who caught your love attention. In most places and times when this soft spot comes into play, you hardly say no to its demands.

Again, as strong as Samson was there was still a spot that Delilah could explore to conquer him. As secretive as he was, he still couldn’t keep the main secret from the lover (Judges 16). Because the soft spot is the weakest link to the hearts of lovers and that’s what the chemistry of falling in love does to the emotions.

Well, C’est la fin! Thank you all so much for your patience all along. I acknowledged the support and love from the Ammgospel team and the man of the commission, Rev. PC Akubueze. Please, as a reminder, I have classified the Chemistry of Falling in Love series into levels for the sake of clarity. You will do so well to abreast yourselves with these levels: the verbal, physical, social, mental, environmental, and emotional levels. Enjoy your read, I will see y’all next time. Bye! © 2023. All rights reserved.



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