The Chemistry Of Falling In Love – The Physical Level



The Chemistry Of Falling In Love – The Physical Level

The Chemistry Of Falling In Love - The Physical LevelIf you haven’t fallen in love before you most probably have heard of someone who did. Love is a beautiful thing, we all know, but the process or processes involved to make this love happen is of great interest to me. At times, I consider it to be a mystery that people fall in love.

Why I said mystery is because you never can forthrightly tell that this person is gonna fall for this or that person. And at times the mystery even gets the worst part of the bet when an unlikely couple comes to the stage. You wonder and cry, “OMG! This guy and that girl in love? Wow! How on earth could this have happened?!” Surprised? Of course, but it’s not very uncommon.

Now you can truly see the mystery with me. This mystery increased my curiosity to understand the process that could lead someone to fall in love with another. So I perceived couples relationships and questioned starters in relationships in order to record the facts I noticed, observing the chemistry of falling in love.

Examining my studies with the records of other hardworking writers and relationship gurus, it’s my take that although no one process fits all, the majority of couples still can testify that they have experienced most of the facts garnered in this article. Some of you can testify as well having read through it, and others can learn one or two things to help them overcome their points of resistance and delays to their destiny partners. Enjoy the read while you can.

I have classified the chemistry of falling in love into levels for the sake of clarity. These levels, which are in no order of importance, are known as the verbal, physical, social, mental, environmental, and emotional levels. And some characteristics can transcend one level to another. Let’s start with the physical level.

1. You try to look your best when you’re around the object of your love.

Before and during the process of falling in love, you really are concerned about your looks physically. Well, they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. And that’s true, but I think everyone wants to look their best in front of the person that makes their heart beat faster. This yen is from the inside out and, most times, done inadvertently.

If you’re someone and care about yourself daily, when you meet your love interest, you would want to look at yourself a second time. It’s not about being beautiful, ugly, handsome, or even wearing expensive clothes, but it’s more about being comfortable with what you’re wearing, and how you look or present yourself. May I advise here that if someone you love doesn’t move you at all to care or think of how you look or present yourself, please, take a pause and re-evaluate that relationship.

2. You try to impress each other.

Couples who intend to fall in love with each other have some inward desire to impress each other. Or at least one does so by cultivating the feeling of perfection in their words and actions towards the other. Secondly, because their main goal is geared toward their love interests, they would be talking about self-praising things they did or would do. They could talk about their success, whether true or false, all in a bid to impress the love of their life. This inward desire can influence the way they speak and act when they meet their love interests. This is also part of the physical aspects of the chemistry of falling in love.

3. You touch each other often.

Physical touch also signals some kind of chemistry between would-be couples. To the one whose attention you crave, the opportunity to touch that person is high on your priority list. It gets more accentuated if both of you are together. You would touch each other respectfully, I mean.

This includes the holding of hands, of shoulders, the crossing of hands over the back and waist, the patting on the back, stroking the hair and the face or cheeks to even kissing each other. All of these and more not mentioned are ways of expressing and demonstrating the love you feel for your partner. It’s more often physical and ephemeral.

4. You lock eyes with each often and usually spontaneously.

The physical level also entails locking eyes with each other. There’s that unexplainable truth that your love interest catches your visual attention. I mean the movement of your eyeballs in admiration. At times your eyes meet but mostly one keeps looking at the others wherever they go. You just keep following them with your eyes because you love them so much and are curious about their movement. Usually, when both of your eyes meet, it’s a cocktail of ogling and smiles. At other times, you could hit your feet or head against an object just because your love interest catches your attention. And you couldn’t just help but stare.

5. You inadvertently meet with each other

Sometimes there’s a stroke of serendipity playing out here. There are instances where you can just walk into someone you never had in mind to love and that moment becomes your very first date that would last forever. In another instance, you may be thinking about someone to love and that person comes calling or walking towards you. A long-lasting romance just started right there. Again another instance can be you meeting your would-be lover for the first time but your meeting was never intentional.

You may want to enter a lift and as you do, you meet your would-be lover right there, not waiting for you however. But that could be a spark of something romantic. Or it could happen that the person you accidentally met four good times in casual ways say on the way to the market, at the gate of an event hall, at one bent corner leading to your exit, and in the middle of the auditorium sitting close to you, becomes your bride or groom for life. So your long-lasting romance was a product of an inadvertent come-together. All these are part of the physical level of the chemistry of falling in love.

6. You are willing to help at the slightest request or when you notice the need for it.

This point is a no-brainer for those in love and even so for those gravitating toward loving themselves. Your willingness is overt, and everyone can see it. You would be very available to help them and would do so with alacrity. This act of help is the one part that tells it all that you are in love. Love is full of giving whatever you can to the object of your love. You help whether you’re appreciated or not; you just keep giving if you can without a solid reason backing the action at times. This concludes the physical level involved in the chemistry of falling in love.

We shall continue with the subsequent part of this series. Please, be sure to click the link below to continue your studies. In the main time, have you experienced any of the points listed on the physical level? Hit the comment section and share your thoughts.

Thank you for reading thus far. It’s been your girl, Chika, and I’m signing out.


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Thanks for the interesting article! It is very important to learn about all the intricacies of building relationships, the role of instincts, and the magic of chemistry. I would like to learn more about verbal and non-verbal signals. I will be happy to follow updates on this site. And right now I’m going to read the previous article.


Hey thank you for this unique piece of information!
I am going to be honest I haven’t as of yet fallen in love so wouldn’t know how it feels exactly however the way you have described it here definitely gives me an idea of how it could be. Your website here is a great place to read around on regards to love and martial information.

Keep it up and have a great day!

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