7 Reasons Women Are Unmarried In Today’s Environment

7 Reasons Women Are Unmarried In Today’s Environment

7 Reasons Women Are Unmarried In Today’s Environment

7 Reasons Women Are Unmarried In Today’s EnvironmentPropelled by technology and scientific discoveries, the cultural and social environments of our era are rapidly changing. They are different from what they used to be a few decades ago. You would agree with me that although it has tastefully landscaped today’s lifestyle, the cons are still felt socially, psychologically and culturally. This article seeks to help relationships by highlighting the 7 reasons women are unmarried in today’s environment, and making possible suggestions where necessary. These reasons are:

1. Because They Are Women With Self-Made Fortunes

7 Reasons Women Are Unmarried In Today’s Environment

There are some women who are very successful in their own right that they become intimidating to their suitors. They are rich, powerful and influential. They have all that it takes to live an independent lifestyle without the support of a man. In short, they don’t need anything that they cannot afford.

The consequence is that men are afraid to have such women as wives. They feel such women are difficult to manage. Not all men though, I must say. Just a few foolish ones. Yes, I called them foolish if that’s just the reason they avoid such well-bred, assiduous and industrious ladies. It’s simply foolishness! But some men admire such ladies and are not threatened by their success. They marry them, and they live happily as couples.

However, some have stayed single for long just because they were independent, hardworking and successful. And even others lived without a husband for the same innocent reason.

Well, I would advise no woman to feel guilty of such experience. Just keep doing great! Keep succeeding! Keep being you! Keep keeping a good and loving attitude. Your man would locate you when it’s your time. God’s time is the best (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

2. Because They Are Consecrated For The Services Of God

7 Reasons Women Are Unmarried In Today’s EnvironmentWe cannot overemphasize this. But there are some ladies who have made a vow never to marry and have families, but live to serve the Lord. They are called sisters or nuns. Practically, these are members of a religious community of women, especially a cloistered one, living under vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience to God. They are said to be consecrated and wouldn’t go in search of husbands.

To put it the other way round, Potential husbands don’t go in search of nuns for wives. They’re not available wife materials. Although in some isolated cases, some nuns become mothers and wives. But that’s not the rule. So don’t go searching for nuns. Respect the vows of others.

3. Because They Have No Wombs

In cultures where childbearing is regarded as the main goal and success in marriage, women without a womb may fear being discovered by their men so they stay away from committed relationships with men within those cultures.

Some women due to medical reasons have had their wombs removed to save their lives through a hysterectomy. Let’s just call it total womb removal due to natural and life-threatening causes. But some others are man-made causes that damaged the womb due to excessive abortions that were poorly done in the past.

I think that there’s nothing to fear or worried about because there a man who would love you the way you are. Be sincere with whoever comes your way. Tell them about your medical situation. Do not lie and do not judge yourself. The man who loves you indeed would not leave you necessarily for that. Even if your culture despises women of that repute, they are other cultures to consider.

4. Because They Are Unfaithful In Relationships

The Unableness in establishing a single and consistent relationship can lead a lady to stay unmarried. Some ladies know themselves very well. They know that they have a sexual issue which a single man cannot meet and so they sleep with many men just for sexual satisfaction and nothing else. They don’t charge for money.

A woman notorious for casual sex might not find it easy to settle down with just one man. These women are not interested in marriage or husband affairs. They just want sex with men and that’s all. Their relationships with men are always casual, inconsistent, superficial and coated with the lack of trust.

7 Reasons Women Are Unmarried In Today’s Environment

There’s also a risk factor of contracting a disease in the quest for sexual satisfaction amongst these ladies. Although they do not intend their relationship to culminate in marriage, men also take cognizance of the fact that such ladies should be avoided. They never consider such ladies as potential spouses. Multiple sexual partners is a no-no to most men. And is one of the 7 reasons women are unmarried in today’s environment.

5. Because They Are Married To Their Sex Objects

There are what we call object-sexual individuals, who are male or female, but for the purpose of this article, I would refer to the female gender alone. These ladies idolize, fall in love and stay committed to inanimate objects for romantic fulfillment and sexual pleasures. This practice is also called ‘objectophilia’, which basically means the love directed to inanimate objects. Or in simple terms, object sexuality. Their objects of love and sex could be anything imaginable but humans.

Ladies who are in such relationships find it insane and absurd to have a normal relationship with men. They usually stay single as we know it but are married to their objects.

However, this is a pure distortion of truth, and of the devil to break nuclear families, households and spoil family social strata. Humans are more than just sexually driven beings. You don’t reject men or marriage because you can feel sexually satisfied without a man. Man is more than just sex, dear ladies.

Although you can feel sexually satisfied based on the object of your fixation, you still need the emotional, psychological, moral and social sides of humans. What do you do at times of emergencies? You would need someone to talk to, right? What about procreation and family? What if you die beside your object? That object can’t communicate with you or help you. You need a man by your side, my dear. This is one of the 7 reasons women are unmarried in today’s environment.

6. Because They Are Well Advanced In Age

7 Reasons Women Are Unmarried In Today’s EnvironmentCharm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting, says the Bible says (Proverbs 31:30 ). Some women are just too old for the game. Even if they make themselves available, no man comes forth to propose.

Ladies, You see the number of men coming towards you falls drastically with the process of aging. So young ladies who are beautiful and revere their beauty note that it’s short-lived. It would fade away one day.

Men could hover over you like bees in a beehive when you are younger but that would not stay like that over the years. It would reduce with age. So be wise! Choose wisely and don’t let your destined partner go unrecognized when he comes.

Don’t raise your shoulders and treat men disdainfully, thinking that they will keep coming back to you. As time goes by, the number of men who would be searching for you declines. And there may be a time when no man comes again, and that can put you under pressure. And believe me, such a time of pressure isn’t good to make a sane choice. The Bible says to do things while it’s still day, for the night comes when no one sees clearly to work (John 9:4). Avoid those dark moments, ladies.

7. Because They Want To Enjoy Life Waywardly

7 Reasons Women Are Unmarried In Today’s EnvironmentThere’s another category of ladies who say they want to enjoy life in their youth and throw off all cautions doing all kinds of things they could with their lives and waste their time away.

These ladies can do anything imaginable in the name of freedom to life. Their lives have no restraints, no restrictions, and no discipline. They drink as much as they like. Some use drugs, smoke, and have uncontrolled sexual encounters with anyone they like, anyway they like and anytime they like.

At the time of wild living, they got no time for relationships or to settle down with a man. They just don’t have any interest in marriage and stay unmarried.

The consequences of this wild choice go beyond being unmarried to that of unwanted pregnancy, teen and single parenting, addicts, school dropouts, and victims of sexually transmittable diseases. Men also avoid women of refractory character. It’s one of the 7 reasons women are unmarried in today’s environment.


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Society has changed so much and I understand that technology and communications have had a lot to do in this transformation. Among these seven reasons there are ones that are drastically opposing others. That makes me conclude that human beings, and in this case women, process information so differently one from another. Worth considering each case separatedlly.


These seven things really are some of the most things why women are still unmarried. In fact, I have an experience of a lady that treated men like shit because she taught she was so beautiful. She was very arrogant and made herself hard for men to get. But now, if you ask me about her, I’ll say that she’s even looking for the ugliest man to ask her hand in marriage.

Some ladies live their lives waywardly like they don’t give a dame what goes on around them because they feel that there is “time”. But this is not true. The best time now is to live a life that will attract the right suitors.


When I saw the title, I immediately thought “oh, interesting post” I had to find out more. 

Reason number 1 I can relate to. Although I am not rich and powerful yet (I am working on that 😉 ) I am very independent, and some men seem to be intimidated by that … 

I find the point of being married to an object a little weird. Animals are not objects, they are living beings, but you can’t be married to an object or to another species. Animals also stick to their own species when it comes to mating, they wouldn’t even find a partner among a different species, so why do people do that … ? That being said, I once read a story about a woman who married a tree … Well, to each their own, I suppose. 

I was a little surprised by some reasons, while at the same time I was aware of others that you mentioned. Interesting article.


Hello Charles. You have done really well putting this article together exposing the 7 reasons women are unmarried in today’s environment. Indeed there are so many women in our society today that are unmarried. Some are unmarried as a result of their past, their health conditions, achievements and wealth, their vows, their personal decisions, addictions and even age.

I must also point out to you that some of them are not yet married as a result of a curse following them and probably their lineage too or even spell that has been cast on them. This is mostly common in Africa. Well, there’s nothing impossible for God to solve. With God, the impossible is a lie!

I celebrate you!


Thank you for this helpful and informative post!
Among the reasons you shared here, I think the first reason is the one that makes men run away more.
I don’t care what she looks like, for me, it’s the character of the woman I’m looking at. Whether she is rich, influential or poor if she is humble and respectful, no man will run away from such a woman.

But if she is arrogant, hayaa!

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