What Is A Boss Lady - Successful Relationship Tips

What Is A Boss Lady – Successful Relationship Tips

What Is A Boss Lady – Successful Relationship Tips

Boss Lady Keep their men
What is a boss lady? Relationship tips for thriving at home and office

In the 21st century, it’s encouraging to know that the number of women in the global workforce is significantly increasing, despite the gender inequality challenges. It’s obvious that females are leaders and can lead well. Nothing can hide the fact that some women are in powerful and influential positions politically, economically, and socially. In this article titled, “What Is A Boss Lady – Successful Relationship Tips,” we called these women leaders, Boss Ladies.

Let me make it clear here that a boss lady isn’t a so-called bi**h exuding arrogance. No woman should be called a bi**h, by the way!

We make mention of the above because some ladies are calling themselves boss ladies at the expense of their families and homes. Many are successful but fail at home. They fail when it comes to family life, with repercussions like broken marriages, single parenting, deprivation of paternal love from children, and lingering issues with Exes.

The intent of this article is to encourage and educate boss ladies and aspiring ones alike to be real leaders at work as well as at home. To be successful professionally and maritally. With this article, “What Is A Boss Lady – Successful Relationship Tips, ” boss ladies would be better placed to succeed at both platforms.

That being said, let’s start with the nub of the writing, defining who or what exactly is a Boss Lady?

A Boss Lady Is Ambitious, Talented, And Influential

A boss lady is an ambitious and talented woman with incredible power whose decisions can impact not just her own life, but those within her sphere of influence. If you called yourself a boss lady, how many lives have you impacted? Ask yourself that question? Because it’s not about a queen who slays to look good and expensive but about one who positively influences others, improving and bettering their lives.

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A Boss Lady Is Not Bossy

A boss lady isn’t bossy because she is the boss, but can be bossy in order to get the job done. Even at that, not all boss ladies are bossy. You aren’t a boss lady because you are bossy. Nope! Bossiness doesn’t define a boss lady, not at all. A boss lady is a woman who is not bossy and can accomplish all tasks while remaining beautiful. Oh! I like the way that sounds. You are not bossy yet an accomplisher. Wow!

A Boss Lady Is Authoritatively Positioned

A boss lady is a good-looking woman in an authoritative position whether in business, politics, the military, or other vocational occupations. Some people see it as a woman who is successful without the aid of others. But I used to say that nobody is successful alone or can be successful alone without the help of a trusted, devoted and loyal team. A boss lady successfully leads a team to her own success.

A Boss Lady Is Not Against Males

We do not want to create the impression that boss ladies are against their male counterparts as some people might suggest. No. To be a boss lady does not make you hate men. Some ladies are just mad at men and are against everything concerning the male gender. Boss ladies don’t fight against the male gender. And aren’t there to impress them either.

A Boss Lady Is Not In Competition With Males

Boss ladies aren’t in competition with their male counterparts. They are not afraid of the male figure but respect them. Men, of course, want boss ladies to succeed. You may lead them and find strength in their presence. Boss ladies aren’t intimidated in the presence of their male counterparts.

A Boss Lady Is Not A Lesbian

Boss ladies aren’t Lesbians. Being a Lesbian doesn’t make you a boss lady, far from it. You can be a Lesbian and not a boss lady. And you can be a boss lady and not a Lesbian.

A Boss Lady Is Not Arrogant

Boss ladies aren’t arrogant. Being a boss lady isn’t a manifestation of arrogance or pride. To be a boss lady is not being disrespectful or a nonconformist.

A Boss Lady Is A Successful Leader

Women are doing pretty well in leadership positions all over the world just as their male counterparts. There is a lot of female-led business conglomerate that is very successful. Some females are heads of states, heads of governments, leaders of communities, organizations, in the Police force, the Military, and many other outfits that are progressively achieving their objectives and plans. The world has made great strides to accept the equality of women and men in leadership positions. And leadership opportunities given to the female gender are no longer a thing that people shy away from.

A Boss Lady Maintains Gender Roles

While women should be leaders, there is not a switch on gender roles. Women are leaders leading with their “femaleness” in them. I mean that being a leader does not make you a male. You don’t ignore your female nature because you’re the boss or in charge of affairs.

Leadership comes with many variables. What makes you a leader can change tomorrow but what makes you a female doesn’t change, ever. Being a boss addresses your talents, abilities, or capabilities. You can increase it or decrease it, make it bad or good. But what makes you a woman is your nature that cannot be altered, even if you desired to.

The lack of this understanding has left the homes of some boss ladies bearing the brunt of their careers. Many homes and families are affected just because the boss ladies in leadership positions or ladies richer than their husbands couldn’t handle the family roles properly.

What’s Expected Of Boss Ladies

What Is A Boss Lady - Successful Relationship TipsAn expectation of the world that has come to accept boss ladies as equal players with their male counterparts is that they should manage their homes well. Whereas the men want boss ladies to succeed, they do not want such at the expense of their families and homes.

To be a boss lady with several broken homes doesn’t speak well of your leadership skills. It may surprise you to know that true t leadership isn’t just professional. It reaches the home full time.

Loving your husband and family right, giving your husband the place he deserves in your life is a part of your leadership ability that boss ladies should demonstrate.

For you to become the boss doesn’t imply that you have to lose your family to work. It doesn’t imply either that your husband has to lose his respect as the man in your life.

A boss lady should not boss the home but leads it with her own loving husband. What really makes her the boss should lead her to keep her family together with tact and so always.

It doesn’t speak well of your leadership ability if you’re only good at work, but at home, you are something else. At home, you become a person who cannot keep a husband, I mean, who cannot live amicably with a male figure at home.

Some men feel threatened when their women are richer than they are or are the boss lady types. Some just don’t dare to date any boss lady for fear of being bossed around at home. While this is not the opinion of all men, it’s the fact, however.

If you are rich and successful, be rich and successful at home. Rich with moral values and successful in the relationship with your family. Be successful with him as his wife and let him be the husband, your husband. Be successful with being a good mother to your children, and a good loving partner to your spouse. Be truly the BOSS LADY!



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Interesting post, and also makes us look closer into women in top positions.

It is even more difficult for women to get there than a man. In most cases, men have loving wives supporting them in the background and they can work to the top without household and home hassles in most cases.

Women, on the other hand, have to fit their full-time job in with running a home successfully and bringing up children. This is very stressful and I think any women who makes it to the top of the corporate ladder in these circumstances deserves to be there.

Often it is at the expense of the family at home, but it also depends on how supportive the rest of her family are. She can’t possibly do it all on her own.


Hi Carlo!

More and more women are playing a major role in social, political, professional and other areas of life. Why not actually? Many of them are very well educated, strong, determined, focused and hard workers. Very often they have multiple roles, privately and in a business world.

It is not easy to master all the tasks, especially if the woman is a successful business lady. 

We are witnessing many successful women worldwide playing important roles for the communities, states, companies, and families.

As you mentioned in your article, the main issue is balancing the private, family and business life. If a woman is able to master and balance all these areas, it is truly power and boss lady. The men should be important support whenever women need it. 

Best regards,


Being a boss is a difficult thing both for men and for women. Probably even more difficult for women since, not a long time ago, they didn’t even have the right to vote. I’m glad that women are beginning to be seen as being more than able to cope with the same responsibilities as men.

I agree, for a woman with a family, to be a true boss, she needs to be both a leader and a wife/mother. Being a great boss lady implies being conscious about the importance of maintaining this equilibrium. At work, the boss lady needs to take control, make important job related decisions, but at home she needs to understand that she’s not the only one that has to make all the decisions. 

I think a happy family is one in which the husband is aware of the fact that he’s not perfect, he doesn’t know everything, and so he lets the wife take over the role of the leader. This also goes the other way around. The woman has to understand this as well.

Being great both at work and at home really makes a woman a boss.

Dave Sweney

An excellent guide to explaining what is a Boss Lady and how to become a more powerful and effective Boss lady in today’s environment, both at home and at work. I work with quite a few such ladies and many of the traits that you describe are ones that they also have incorporated into their lives.

These days women can have it all in my opinion. I have worked with many that have a high level of EQ – this is emotional intelligence, and often they have far more than the men they may be working around. The more EQ you have the more you can work with the people around you from what I have seen.

Lots of powerful information to be had in this post, I have sent my daughters a copy of this (they are Boss Ladies BTW) so they can have a look at the article and perhaps add in their thoughts. They are dual citizens of the US/Germany and they have leveraged their education and experiences to land good jobs in Frankfurt, Germany. 

Thanks for bringing this important subject up and getting the word out about just what Boss Ladies are and also adding in so much advice for women that will show them how to be one themselves. There is a need to empower as many ladies as possible, they are half the world’s population and they can make huge differences.

Sujandar Mahesan

Hi Carlo, I read the whole article about What is a Boss Lady. I really enjoyed reading it and also understood what are the qualities and the essentials of an Boss Lady. You explained it throughout your article in a very easy way for us to understand. Thank you so much for sharing this article with us.

Selenity Jade

A very nice description of what being a boss lady really is. Though you implied only beautiful women can be a leader, when I’m pretty sure you meant boss ladies are beautiful, as all women can be. Still it’s a great article and I love how you stated no woman should be called a b****. Great read. 


Nice article Carol! I love the way you outline and explained all your subtopics in detail. I believe the world will be a better place if your steps in this article is followed especially the sub-topic “what is expected from boss ladies”. Most men stay away from successful women not because of anything else other than the ladies being too bossy and most of them go about with the mentality that they are in a competition with the men.

I will sure recommend your site with this article to some friends whom i think will learn from it. 

Thanks for sharing!


I love these thoughts on what a boss lady is! I’ve always seen the definition of boss lady as a woman who embraces her femininity whilst standing in her power in a gentle but authoritative manner. She is the epitome of feminine, knowing how to use her feminine strengths while getting the job done, which is basically everything you’ve said here. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post!


Hi Carlo!

I liked how you explained what a Boss Lady is and her excellent qualities. Is there anybody in your mind that is a good example of a Boss Lady? I see you have Lady Michelle Obama’s image inserted in the content. Is she one of your prime examples?

If she is one of your examples, I would like to know more about why you think she is a prime example of a Boss Lady. Don’t get me wrong though as I love Mrs. Obama, I just want to read more about who in your opinion are Boss Ladies. It may not be Mrs. Obama, but whoever it may be, I’d like to see more examples.

I especially liked your last paragraph in particular. People would always think that when talking about rich and successful, it’s about monetary or material gains, but in truth, being rich and successful runs deeper than that.

Thank you,


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