The Reasons Women Stay Unmarried, Vol. 1

The Reasons Women Stay Unmarried, Vol. 1


The Reasons Women Stay Unmarried, Vol. 1

The Reasons Women Stay Unmarried, Vol. 1In our world today, it’s common to see women of all ages, from different cultures and races, still stay single. Unlike it, women in the past had a higher score of getting married at a younger age. In some cultures in time past, they were given to marriage as immature girls, and at times, even before a girl reached the age of 18, she already had someone to marry or called her husband. The point is the rate at which women got married over the past centuries was higher and faster than what we have today. Why is this so? This article tries to explore some of the reasons women stay unmarried in today’s environment.

1) Their Snubbing Attitude

This one is a very bad one character-wise. The women with Snubbing attitude rebuff men and belittle them when men approach them.

Some ladies are reputable in snubbing men. They like snubbing people who approach them for friendship, love or just an acquaintance. And as a result, many potential husbands have been snubbed in the past without them knowing it.

The Reasons Women Stay Unmarried, Vol. 1Let me take this snubbing attitude a bit further. You can snub somebody physically in his face. You can also snub someone by proxy when you snub their messengers sent to you. Furthermore, You can snub someone’s written letter to you, and also snub someone’s emails and direct messages sent to you online. In any of these cases, you can snub away your destiny husband. So don’t justify your single situation by saying nobody came to you whereas they came to you through emails or written love letters etc., but you still scared them away just as you would their physical presence.

When you snub people and make them feel like trash, you create an air of inaffability, uneasiness, and disrespect around you. Men hate to be disrespected by ladies openly. In addition, men do develop a feeling of distancing themselves from such ladies as a defense mechanism because they know what they would get approaching these ladies.

Ladies who do snub people do so because of pride or insecurity. And although they snub others, they seem to have that internally hidden desire for somebody to love them. If you want people around you, you’ve got to love people and treat them as people not as trash or animals. Respect is mutual.

It is alright to say “no” to someone whose love or friendship you don’t want. But do so respectfully not disdainfully. To snub men is one of the reasons women stay unmarried.

2) Their Uncontrolled Anger

This is a situation where ladies are easily provoked to anger at any time, and anywhere. It’s a character weakness and most of the time they usually regret after the anger dies down. Their anger can lead them to do many things, from fighting anybody in their way, I mean anybody, to destroying things. They can destroy things that took them years to build in a moment of anger, just like that, boom! And it’s gone. Men do avoid such ladies no matter their beauty. Especially when they have heard so much about their character from others.

Some ladies lost potential suitors during the dating phase because they unnecessarily got angered and behaved badly. When the men discovered their character FLAWS, they discontinued the relationship and left.

In addition, some men marry these ladies only to find out what they had gotten themselves into when they start acting crazy. In most situations of women with anger character flaws who are unwilling to change, two things are noticeable. Firstly, Their husbands don’t feel respected and comfortable in the relationship and sort to seek such comfort and respect from women outside of marriage while keeping their marriage intact. In other words, they cheat. Secondly, they seek to relieve themselves as soon as they can by divorcing these ladies with uncontrolled anger.

But some are still lucky to have husbands who might support their character flaws and hope to walk them through a process of change. Change is possible in every situation. It’s the willingness that counts. If the willingness is not there, there is nothing you can do to help. Uncontrolled anger is one of the reasons women stay unmarried.

3) Their Spiritual Husbands

Spiritual husbands are spiritual entities or demons who have taken the place of physical husbands in the lives of some ladies. And they do have sexual intimacy as a physical husband does. The ladies can feel them but can not resist them. Upon their many ways of having contacts with physical ladies, one notable way is via dreams at night or day. In short, at bedtime, spiritual husbands usually come to visit.

Another notable fact is that they would never allow their captives to get a physical husband as done in marriage and would do their worst to prevent it even if that means to harm someone, destroy relationships or/and make life miserable for the resisting captives. Spiritual husbands is one of the reasons women stay unmarried.

However, there’s a solution if you find yourself having wet dreams or sex with unidentified persons, you can go for a spiritual solution in the house of God, the church. They would pray for you to regain your normal life.

4) The Female-Male Fighters

There are women who Fight males everywhere and beat the living day out of them. Their public nuisance is way too much to bear. When they are somewhere, you can predict what would happen. And if you predicted a fight, you would never be incorrect. This is different from just uncontrolled anger.

Uncontrolled anger is a character weakness but these male fighters have it as a talent they seem to enjoy. And people do cheer them. One characteristic of these ladies is that their violence is only against the men in the streets and other public places. They aren’t against women. Some have earned nicknames such as lioness, tigress, Iron lady, king of the jungle, etc. No man would choose to come close to someone who would beat them every now and then, much less to marry. That behavior puts men off. It’s one of the reasons women stay unmarried.

5) Their Addiction To Drugs

The Reasons Women Stay Unmarried, Vol. 1Some ladies are addicted to drugs to the extent that it affects their social behavior, health, and finance, and causes their total loss of independence and dignified living. These ladies are taken care of by the state or some social/charity organizations. Some were even married before they got involved in drugs and lost their partners while struggling with drugs. Some already were addicts before marriage but it made their home a living hell and destroyed their love and social lives. Not all are lucky. The single ladies who lose their independence because of drug addiction do not find life easy much less, husbands to marry. Drug addiction is one of the reasons women stay unmarried.

6) Their Abuse & Addiction To Alcohol

Some women are hard drunkards and can’t stand a day free of alcohol. They drink from morning to midnight. Nothing else matters than drinking. But this is not applicable to all female drunkards. Some are already married before they become addicted to alcohol. What it does to those who are single is that they turn to lose their independence in doing basic things that are necessary for life.The Reasons Women Stay Unmarried, Vol. 1

They might not take a shower for weeks and could stink. They might sleep outside of the home and at times in the gutters. Some might become homeless and need social support for survival. One in such a state cannot find it easy to marry and settle down with dignity. Although the situation can be reversed if victims make changes to lifestyle, it’s nonetheless one of the reasons women stay unmarried.

Do you know any lady suffering from any of the above-mentioned reasons? How was their experience like? To read the sequel to this click here.


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Hey, I am enjoying while reading your article and find many reasons why Women Stay Unmarried. Like you have mentioned, I understand that ladies are easily provoked to anger at any time, and anywhere due to their character weakness. They usually regret after the anger dies down. Their anger can lead them to do many things which are irrational. They fight just anybody and destroy properties. This caught my attention really. Thanks for sharing your article with us. Keep them coming.

primoz pticak

Hi! Nice article  you are right in all of aspects you have described. Now I must mention one thing, that is a big con and makes men not wanting a girl – it’s jealousy. Being jealous occasionally is rather good, but all the time, men think that these women are ill, and men just want to get out of that kind of a relationship. That’s my view. 


Primoz P.


I must admit, I am a bit taken back by some of the reasons you mentioned here. Most of the ladies I know who are unmarried are very capable women, with careers and huge responsibilities over their shoulders – caring for her family or managing a business. They are certainly nowhere near being abusive or addictive. 

It’s actually the snobbish and bad-tempered women who seem to be ‘thriving’ in their relationships. Honestly, I don’t even know how that could work, but it works for them. 

What I wanted to say is, not all women who are unmarried have negative personalities. Some are just trapped in circumstances that don’t allow them to meet the right partner in life. And some are probably taking their time to heal from a wounded past. 


Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. The number one desire of any woman is getting married and getting married to a successful man. You have explicitly outlined the major reasons why some women don’t get married on time. Knowledge is light, it can help avoid delays in relationships. 


Actually, this has been a trend lately. I can’t even tell if they allow it on purpose because I’ve come across women who often claim to be happily single.

Notwithstanding, I do believe there, is at the very least, an indirect connection between the reasons you mentioned and why they actually stay unmarried. For instance, the point about ladies snubbing men is a disgusting attitude and no man appreciates such.

This has been really insightful, thanks for sharing 

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