17 Street Reasons For Staying Single

17 Street Reasons For Staying Single



17 Street Reasons For Staying Single

17 Street Reasons For Staying SingleBefore we begin with the 17 street reasons for staying single, it’s good to say that, “Everyone is single at some point in time,” as far as marital relationship is concerned. This is a statement of truth spoken with confidence. You would agree with me that everyone in a romantic relationship or married, was once alone, I mean by themselves, without the ones with whom they are in love or to whom they are married.

Even Adam was once alone when God created him (Genesis 2:8, 15-17). The singleness experience actually started during creation but was not meant to stay that way. Because later, God saw that the suitor for the created man, Adam, was lacking. So He created Eve to be Adams’s helpmate and wife (Genesis 2:18).

Although singleness started with God’s creation and was not intended to stay that way, some people, especially the young ones, find themselves single for a very long time either by their own doings or because life happened to them. As this article lays emphasis on the 17 street reasons for staying single, you may agree with some points if they reflect your situation and learn from some in order to avoid taking the same position. However, note that these are individual views of youth participants in an interview done from across all genders and multicultural backdrops. That being said, let’s get started!


1. The Fear of loving the wrong person.

Some young people don’t want to wake up one day and realize that all that they did as their best in investing in the life of a would-be partner was done for the wrong person. This can hurt you to the bones knowing, at last, the labor was a waste of time. This fear prolongs their wait for the right person.

2. They are tired of interviews in the dating business.

While some people may cherish this aspect of dating, others frown at it. Some young friends hate the fact that just dating a person gives you the feeling of being in an examination class. They just keep asking questions on and on, until you become uncomfortable in their presence. These people shy away from dating.

3. Their hearts are too fragile.

Those with fragile hearts say they are scared of having a broken heart. They take considerable time to mingle with the opposite gender because they can’t stand a relationship that ends abruptly.

4. They have trust issues.

Other young people say they are avoiding dating games because they have trust issues. They do not want to hurt other people because they cannot trust anyone. They don’t trust themselves and are uncertain about trusting others. Thus, they prefer to stay alone and mind their business.

5. Being too jealous of sharing a partner.

Some young people stay too long as singles because they are jealous of sharing a partner with others. Whether emotionally, intimately, or physically, they want theirs to be theirs alone. And for this, they really take more than enough time to get to know someone.

6. Crushing on somebody’s wife or partner.

It may sound funny and awkward, but some young people wait for long as singles because they are crushing on others who are already in a relationship. They wait for their so-called crush to get separated, divorced, and single again. It’s like such youths aren’t well-wishers. What do you think?

7. Waiting for a partner to be mature.

Some young people espouse choosing future spouses when they’re at a tender age and so they have to wait for them to grow older or get mature for marriage. This ideology or belief keeps them waiting until the ladies desired are due for womanhood.

8. They are too fussy to date.

Yeah, some young people are just fastidious about their dates. They long for perfection in someone and keep looking for it in their supposed would-be partners. This set of people could be so picky, judgmental, and very critical of their envisaged partners to be. Since none is perfect, they never graduate from the school of waiting.

9. They dream of phantom beauty.

Oh, another set of young audience is dreaming of an illusory beauty for a partner. They want someone with a bit of all their crushes. They want a bit of Beyonce, Cardi B, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga all in one lady. These people should just stop dreaming about what does not exist. Because the waiting could be a long one, indeed.

10. Their Family rejection.

A few others always make the wrong choices and have their family members reject the choices they make time and again. They wish to love but at the same time want to please every member of the family with the one that they love. Marriage is between the two involved without the family. Your love, your choice, first!

11. They have a history of ugly dates.

These young people always end up with the ugly ones and just wanna avoid history from repeating. One may ask, were they blind to start dating without noticing? However, they were somewhat deceived either by the make-up worn by their dates or a sort of façade put up. With such façades, the reality is known only after a while.

12. Too many lies told for a catch.

There are not a few ladies who said that the dating game is full of lies. The men are too determined to make them fall by lying themselves out. They would say all kinds of sweet words, which are all lies, just to catch you in their net. Once you fall for them, and they get what they wanted, it’s all over. These female youths prefer to avoid dating games.

13. Always meeting the married types.

Another set of young ladies also agreed to the fact that they have consistently met with men for a date only to realize that they were married men and had children. The worst of it is that they were attracted to these men but with no vision to be together as partners. Thus, they remained single still.

14. Fear of loving someone who doesn’t love you.

The fear of falling in love with someone who doesn’t love you is a hindrance to some young people getting married. It’s true that you may love someone who loves another person than you instead. That fear, truth be told, makes every potential partner a victim. And must be dealt with head-on else it can keep you waiting for a long time.

15. They are not ready to commit yet.

Another audience, because they are young, believes that time is on their side and therefore aren’t ready to commit themselves to a relationship with anyone. These youths believe more in “enjoying their lives, ” maybe, by being sexually wayward. And I think that you can still be in a relationship and enjoy a good life–the abundant life of Christ (John 10:10).

16. They Want the big-butt ladies.

Some young men are still waiting for marriage because they aspire to have ladies with big butts as their wives. However, they usually meet the ones with tiny butts and therefore, prolong their search. Funny, isn’t it?

17. They are too shy to talk.

Some young people that we asked said they were too shy to talk to the opposite gender. Even if their dream partners were brought before them, they could hardly say a word or look them in the face, eyeballs to eyeballs. Yet, they hate being alone and long to be together with the object of their love, or with someone else.

Can you relate to any of the above points? To continue this series, take a look at our next post.


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