6 Financial Drains Caused By Domestic Violence

6 Financial Drains Caused By Domestic Violence




6 Financial Drains Caused By Domestic Violence

6 Financial Drains Caused By Domestic ViolenceYou may be wondering what the heck has finance got to do with domestic violence?! Everything! Yeah, you heard me right! But wait a minute! What is a drain? Or what do we mean by financial drain? A drain is a channel that helps to transport wastes or other resources from one area of interest to a location of destination. Just keep that in mind as we progress.

So, when we say financial drain, we’re talking about how finances could leave your pocket to another destination, probably intentionally or unintentionally. Germane to our studies, we center on domestic violence as being the cause of these drains. Domestic violence could be very expensive to sustain, you know.

Anyway, don’t worry about it. That’s what the 6 financial drains caused by domestic violence are written for you to see how expensive engaging in such violent behavior could cost you. Moreover, it helps you know where you can change and save money from going down the drain because of your unpalatable behavior. Having noted that, let’s delve right away into our points.


1. Money Wasted On Damaged Properties Replacement

Domestic violence varies in degrees, and people choose to manifest their emotions differently on given occasions. Some couples when they are angry are very aggressive towards inanimate objects. In the twinkling of an eye, they can break the smart TV, the iPhone, the windows and glass doors, and other important and costly household wares, all because of domestic violence. Although some do regret their actions, they still cannot repair the damages done. Regret or not, what was damaged was bought with money and needs replacement. If you’re not financially sound, buying another could take a very long time.

2. Money Wasted Through Legal Matters

Separation and divorce aren’t just easy to go through on every occasion. In some climes, divorce might be rigorous, time-consuming, and financially hectic to accomplish. This also involves other crimes that could have been committed along with violent behavior. If you aren’t financially loaded, getting a lawyer involved in the lengthy legal procedure could be very expensive to experience. Why spend this huge time and money? Because of domestic violence! I think it’s cheaper to change your behavior than otherwise.

3. Money Wasted Through Indemnification

As domestic violence continues, it could cause great harm to the victim of your bad behavior. And you may be charged to court for that. When the plaintiff commenced an action for damages done to them by a violent spouse or partner and sought indemnification for the loss, it could be very costly and eye-watering to cooperate. Anyway, you’ve no choice but to cooperate with the judge’s decision against you, all because of your violent behavior.

4. Money Wasted On Alcohol And Drugs

6 Financial Drains Caused By Domestic ViolenceLet me put this way for clarity’s sake that alcohol and drugs go both ways. But first, it’s never a solution to whatever you aim to arrive at. It would always prove to be a frustration if you expected a solution. Now, to the core of the point, remember we said both ways, right?! firstly: Alcohol and/or drugs can be addictive and can cause domestic violence or violent behavior when one engages in any of them.

Secondly, alcohol and drugs can also be the result or consequences of an abusive relationship where one partner finds solace after experiencing violent behavior from the soulmate, partner, lover, or spouse who “supposedly” should have been led by love from the heart. In both ways, money is drained to satisfy the urge for alcohol or drugs. And particularly, the latter is of interest to this article. Because you do not only waste money satisfying your urges, you come home and create more damage from the effects of the substances you imbibed. The waste is a result of domestic violence. That could be used for something better.

5. Money Wasted On Hospital Bills

Have you thought about harming your partner so badly that they become hospitalized? Oh yeah, your violent behavior can put some innocent person in a hospital bed or death-threatening situation where they are even dying. What do you think happens when such describes your experience? You or someone else would be paying for medical bills. Sickness is never treated free of charge, especially the one caused by dirty and violent behavior. You spend money. Learn how to save it rather.

6. Money Wasted On Child Care Support

6 Financial Drains Caused By Domestic ViolenceThere are situations where you get to pay for the support of your children if they are taken away from you because of your violent behavior at home. No matter how rich you may be, there’s only some amount of violent behavior that could be condoned from you. If it passes a red line, that becomes a limit which is considered an unhealthy environment for learning and the growth of children. Because of the child protection act, which is also in your locality, any child under your abusive system could be taken away from you. In other words, you lose control over your kids if you keep abusing them at home.

But wait a minute, I’m not done, you could also pay more money to guarantee better living conditions for your kids as they grow up under the control of another. Did you see the extent your bad behavior can cost you? If your family experiences parental bad behavior, you can get help from the nearest locality.

To recap, we’ve said the 6 financial drains caused by domestic violence are 1) Money wasted on damaged properties replacement, 2) Money wasted through legal matters, 3) Money wasted through indemnification, 4) Money wasted on alcohol and drugs, 5) Money wasted on hospital bills, and 6) Money wasted on child care support. Can you relate to any above? Maybe you know someone who could. Please, don’t forget to share with us what you have to add to the above list. Peace-out!

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