The 11 Facts Of Romantic Relationship From The Christian Perspective

To be romantic is an ideal quality that must be cherished within the union of those married. Every marriage should have its romantic flames burning on. And this is the core reason that we have put together the 11 Facts Of Romantic Relationship From The Christian Perspective. Be encouraged and stir up your relationship.

1. Romance Is A Good And Godly Practice Within Marriage.

The Christian idea of handling romance in a relationship is unlike that of the world. While being romantic may have varied cultural interpretations, the Christian point of view aims at keeping the romantic torchlight burning, and makes the idea strongly valid, reliable, godly, and endures the test of time. Romance Is A Good And Godly Practice Within Marriage.

2. Romance Is Created By God

Human beings were created with the capacity to love and be loved. To give and receive love. But they were never created to run out of love.  The human body is designed to eternally flow in love. However, we can choose not to love or walk in love. That becomes a matter of choice, yet does not make void the human capacity to love.

Let the married couples take some time for real romance. Our God is the God of romance. He is the God of love who lovingly created man and woman to love each other within the framework of marriage (Genesis.2:24). Romance Is A Good And Godly Practice Within Marriage.

3. Romance Reflects No Lies

Sadly, there are some cultures that espouse that to be romantic, one must embrace falsehood in their actions, words, and feelings. In this respect, whatever you do does not reflect the real “You” inside. Whatever you say is a lie. And your feelings are just fake. They are meant to deceive and take advantage of, rather than to cherish and promote love.

To be romantic and amorous has nothing to do with telling lies and falsehood. It has nothing to do with faking it, but everything to do with faithing it. It’s an art of faith using positive and faith-filled actions and words in expression to the one you love.

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4. Romance Reflects What The Bible Says About Us

What we say in romantic relationships reflects what the Bible says about us. In romance, you talk of the things that be not as though they were (Romans 4:17). If you are a lover of the Bible, you can’t help but be romantic with your spouse.

5. Romance Reflects The Reality

What we say reflects the reality we see and what we are trying to achieve. When we say “You are beautiful,’ it’s because you really are beautiful. The mouth speaks what the eyes see, expresses what the body feels, and intellectually exudes what the mind reasons in the context of love. There’s no room for lies and fake expressions just to take advantage of your partner.

6. Romance Reflects What’s Within Us

What we say also reflects what’s within us. When we say we love, it’s because we truly love from within us. And when we say, “Till death do us part,” it’s because we intend it to be so. We stand by our spouse through thick and thin because we’re truly committed to the relationship. We are able to handle the good times as well as the bad times because we were intentional from the onset of the relationship.

7. Romance Is Not An Experience For A Night But For A Life.

In all that love entails within that institution, it’s worth noting that romance isn’t a thing for just a day but for life. How long have you been married? For 50 years? Maybe 60? 70 years? Or just 10? Or even for 6 months? Well, the time for romance within marriage, biblically speaking, is immeasurable. Romance isn’t just a premarital or post-marital affair. It’s just a marital affair that never fades out.

8. Romance And Its Mystery: The Revelation

The 11 Facts Of Romantic Relationship From The Christian PerspectiveOur God is the ancient of days. No mind can fathom the depth of His love. No theological study can tell you all there is with that Love virtue of God. However, the Bible brings all down to just three powerful words: “GOD IS LOVE,” it says (1 John 4:8).

I would like you to catch the Revelation of that phrase. For it didn’t say “God was love or God will be love.” But it says, “GOD IS LOVE.” The “IS” in that statement is in the “Spiritual” present tense. It’s the “Spiritual Constant” that reflects the existence and eternal longevity of God. If God lives forever, (which He does), and does not change (Hebrews 13:8), it, therefore, implies that God always “IS.” And since God is Love, Love lives forever too, and Love always “IS” as well.

With the above spiritual analysis, it would make sense to say that “God is love yesterday”; that “God is love today”; that “God is love tomorrow.” So if you removed LOVE and tried to catch up with GOD, you wouldn’t see or get Him either. Love is His existence, essence, and nature. Therefore, love never ends with time nor decreases with age. No matter how old you are, you still remain human. And humans were never made to run out of love. I’m not talking about just getting physical. Love goes far beyond that!

9. Romance Is A Virtue Of Love

Romance is a virtue, and as a virtue of love within the institution of marriage, it never ends with time nor decreases with age.

Romance within the institution of marriage is holy, godly, and biblical. Romance augments the sanity of a love relationship as it’s given and received daily, making the union healthy. Please, don’t isolate your marital partner in the name of holiness because God might not answer your prayers if the aspect of romance within the marital institution is unhealthy (1 Peter 3:7).

10. Romance Needs Quality Time

The 11 Facts Of Romantic Relationship From The Christian PerspectiveDear Couples, take the time for romance within your marriage. Let him know that you love him as he is and let her know that you love her the way she is. Don’t forget to tell your partner how dear you are to each other (Song of Songs 3:4). Tell your partner that both of you belong to each other alone (Song of Songs 2:16); that he/she occupies the thoughts of the other (Song of Songs 5:2).

Talk about how he/she misses the other (Song of Songs 3:1); how he/she is happy at the sight of the other (Song of Songs 8:10); how he/she is flawlessly beautiful (Song of Songs 4:7). Talk about the fact that you are not ashamed to talk and boast about each other in public places (Song of Songs 3:2), and that you desire to be with the other for life (Song of Songs 7:10). Romance is a godly affair and a Right for those in marriage. Please, don’t be afraid or ashamed to let it flow.

11. Romance For Partners And Potential Partners

The 11 Facts Of Romantic Relationship From The Christian PerspectiveFor all the singles out there, it’s true that finding a partner is a good project (Proverbs 18:22). But this is not just a project to “Google” it out alone. No! it involves God. While Googling, you would want to do things right, to get the right contacts and persons. This is where God comes in. You wouldn’t find lasting peace and joy if you Googled out your partner without God on your side. May God provide you the grace to discover the ideal partner for you as you walk with the Lord.

Favor Of God

You see, you have to walk with God to win His favor. A godly woman is a gift from the Lord (Proverbs 19:14), and a favor from God (Proverbs 18:22) to a God-fearing man. However, you cannot be shown such a favor if you aren’t within God’s camp. And no woman can come from God’s house if she isn’t there in the first place too.

A woman’s heart should be so lost in God that a man needs to seek God in order to find her. So, the solution is to love Jesus and remain in His love. Be prayerful and keep being prayerful to deserve and be able to discern any favor that comes from The Lord God. Now that you have seen The 11 Facts Of Romantic Relationship From The Christian Perspective, we urge you to MAKE ROMANCE A CHERISHED QUALITY IN YOUR UNION.

Please leave a comment below, and tell us how you intend to keep the flame of romance burning.


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