What's Cheating In A Relationship? Is Flirting Cheating? - The 5 Kinds Of Cheating In A Relationship, Part 1

What’s Cheating In A Relationship? Is Flirting Cheating? – The 5 Kinds Of Cheating In A Relationship, Part 1



What’s Cheating In A Relationship? Is Flirting Cheating? – The 5 Kinds Of Cheating In A Relationship, Part 1

What's Cheating In A Relationship? Is Flirting Cheating? - The 5 Kinds Of Cheating In A Relationship, Part 1

Many philosophers and relationship experts have put out different teachings centered on cheating in a relationship. Some of which are inspiring and others confusing. Some of these teachers struggled on the subject as they were unable to distinguish between the definition of cheating, the kinds or types of cheating, and the illustration and demonstration of cheating.

Some gave several illustrations of cheating and called them definitions, types, or kinds of cheating. So they defined cheating by just the ways people do it, which is very subjective as it varies from one couple to another. The subject then becomes difficult to understand when one tries to define cheating by the ways people cheat rather than by what they do in relation to what it actually is. The word Cheating we are talking about is an action word. It’s a verb. To know it and do it are two different things. But the ways you do it make it a third item, which is totally different because it’s controlled by many variables including cultures.

 What's Cheating In A Relationship? Is Flirting Cheating? - The 5 Kinds Of Cheating In A Relationship, Part 1There can be a million ways people cheat but these ways don’t define cheating. To have a million ways to cheat doesn’t mean there are a million definitions of cheating. Similarly, there can be a million reasons people cheat, but these reasons do not define cheating. To have a million reasons to cheat is not to have a million definitions of cheating. Following such a distorted view of cheating literally makes people cheat without even knowing what to cheat means, or might justify their act of cheating because of one’s personal gains.

However, I have come to present it differently, cutting the butter with a hot knife. It’s either one or the other. You either cheat or you don’t; are a cheater or not. Period! Cheating is cheating; a cheater is a cheater, although he or she can change.

You can have many causes of cheating but one definition of cheating. You can have several reasons to cheat but one definition of cheating. You can have several kinds of cheating, depending on your criteria for classification, yet have one definition for cheating. The definition of cheating isn’t that hard at all.

Cheating Defined

What's Cheating In A Relationship? Is Flirting Cheating? - The 5 Kinds Of Cheating In A Relationship, Part 1Cheating basically means unfaithfulness to commitment. It means you are not faithful to the person you are married or/and are committed to. It means infidelity. It also means going against the contract, in this case, marriage or a committed relationship. Cheating also means not following due process in whatever one wants to achieve or accomplish. It means to take a shorter route, a quicker means, and even a distorted means of getting what one wants. Cheating is giving out any area of intimacy to someone else other than your contracted or committed partner. It could be attention, words, presence, and coitus.

Cheating could be troublesome to some marriages and can lead to the dissolution of the contract of marriage.

One thing is always present when cheating is concerned and that is Selfishness. Cheating is being selfish, no matter how you may sugarcoat it. It’s all about you the perpetrator first, before your partner, the victim, comes to play.

A Distorted Motive For Cheating

Some people who advocate a distorted view of cheating might say they cheat to help their partners. Really? That’s preposterous, but it happens. Well, the fact is not everyone understands true love and the value of what they have as partners at home. You can never short change what you value and revere so dearly. And when you understand true love and what it really means, you would fight for it to protect and to keep it. One of the ways that people fight and protect their love lives is in the area of cheating but sadly, that’s where many fall.

With the many talks shows and written articles on cheating out there done by serious-minded people, we’ve tried to see cheating from different perspectives, and have made some conclusions about the practice. Some of which may or not include the other, but each conclusion can stand independently of the other. That said, the five kinds of cheating are Physical cheating, Emotional cheating, Financial cheating, Sexual cheating, and Relational flirting cheating. Yes, we’ve considered flirting as cheating. Hold your peace, for we shall comment on each respectively.

Physical Cheating

What's Cheating In A Relationship? Is Flirting Cheating? - The 5 Kinds Of Cheating In A Relationship, Part 1You can physically cheat with someone you love or don’t love. By physical, we mean the presence of a person having the experience. This involves giving you most of the person’s time. The person, male or female, spends quality time with his or her physical presence geographically. In physical cheating, his or her presence matters a lot, because it has all to do with geography, location, and place, without any form of sexual relation.

There’s physical cheating if one’s partner always spends quality time with another person who isn’t his or her marital or love partner. She can walk for miles just to be with you (a lover or just a friend) while she is already a married woman. He can drive to a different city just to see and spend time with another lady he is not married to. And they may not have any sexual contact in the course of the time he spent with the lover.

You can cheat physically without having sexual intercourse with the person. So you begin to cheat when you start spending that quality time with someone else you would have spent with your own partner. That’s where the physical cheating starts. It’s not only when the sex is involved that you call it cheating. No. The cheating starts when you keep investing time on the wrong person.

What are your thoughts about physical cheating?

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Thank you for your contribution. Do stay safe.


Hello dear Charles, wow! what a nice content you have here. Thanks for sharing this important information. with us, I must say you have really highlighted all the important things that we need to know about cheating in relationships. Your choice of words in explaining these  (5) kinds of cheating in relationships makes it interesting to study, and I think these (5) points contain valuable information that one can hold on to. Marriage is sometimes complex for people, and with the different cultural settings, people seem to curve out their acceptable standards of what works for them within their culture, some even undermining the core values of true marriage. Well, I guess knowing these points and definitions you’ve so stated can help couples manage theirs better.. May God help us all. Thanks again for sharing.


Thanks, David for the comment. Please do stay safe.

Iheanacho David

Nice article. I like your definition of cheating cos I feel it touches almost every form of cheating. People cheat these days and they fail to see that they just cheated.  They see cheating as only physical cheating, some others think cheating is only when you have sex with another person. People need to be resensitized on issues like this.


Stay safe Eda.


Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. Cheating is one thing that is capable of destroying a relationship easily. However, I have learnt a whole lot from this article. Before now I do considered cheating to be only when a spouse have an extra marital affairs with another, never knew spending quality time with another person’s could be regarded as physical cheating, thanks for the insight 


Hello Tam, Charles has levels of writing, some of which would require more than just onetime reading to understand. As a relationship pundit, he stimulates thoughts and writes with empirical shreds of evidence from across multiple cultures. Watch out for the complete title as a followup sooner. Thanks for the comment, and do stay safe.


Hi Charles,

Hmm an interesting post indeed. It was a massive confusion at first lol: to have a million ways to cheat and million reasons people cheat does not define the definition of cheating. I read this part a few times to really get a hang of it. Interesting.

Another surprise to me when I read to the explanation of physical cheating, which does not relate to sexual element as I thought when reading the label ‘physical cheating’. If I am asked to put on a scale of impact, cheating by definition of more quality time with one not partner causes more hurtful thoughts than cheating by definition of sexual activities.

Thank you for sharing.

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