The 10 Great Questions To Ask Before Falling In Love


The 10 Great Questions To Ask Before Falling In Love


The 10 great questions to ask before falling in love.

THE 10 GREAT QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE FALLING IN LOVEFalling in love is a beautiful experience, and can be the most painful one if done amiss. Nobody, truth be told, wants to fall in love with the wrong person. But at times, it happens. Not everyone gets to fall in love with the right person.

Although everyone dreams of falling in love with the perfect image created in their mind, or with someone good enough to make life worth living with, that dream or wishful thinking doesn’t necessarily make it happen. 

We are sometimes deceived by what we see or think. But the reality of life may be different. The person you admire and fall for can be the worst nightmare to snap out of. And the one you may have rejected can turn out to be the perfect match for you.

 To make your experience of love a memorable one, we have gathered the 10 Great questions to ask before falling In love. It’s important to ask yourself these questions and get honest answers to them before stepping forward. These questions can be the game-changer in falling in love with either the perfect or wrong person. They can make your experience memorable or regrettable. That being said, the first great question to ask yourself is:


1. Can You See Yourself With The Person In The Distant Future?

THE 10 GREAT QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE FALLING IN LOVEFalling in love is a vision, a long-term vision in that matter.  A vision is like a project but with long-term goals. You don’t fulfill a vision in a day, but you can fall in love in a day. Before you fall in love, you should do so with someone that you would like to see tomorrow, next year, and many years down the love lane.

In other words, you should picture the object of your love if it’s the kind of person that you would want around you in five, ten years or more to come. Or it’s the type for just a night, day, or week. These latter types, which are seasonal, have no place on your love list.

While a vision entails a lot of things or aspects, one thing that would outstand every other aspect is the fact that the person you are to fall for is not just right for you but will be there when needed to fulfill the vision for the union.


2. Can You Still Feel Happy To See Or Meet This Person In Adverse Circumstances?

In falling in love, there’s infatuation that can come with it. By infatuation, I mean an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone you wanna fall for. Such infatuation is often mistaken for true love whereas it’s so short-lived. Therefore, ask yourself if the feelings you are having could still be there behind the scenes of all that glitters or not. Can you still admire the lover in adverse conditions?

You, maybe, are passionate because of what you see externally at the moment which might change sooner or later. Maybe, everything looks good on the outside which, reasonably, can fuel your passion. But imagine when things are rocky, dark, difficult, and hard, would you still be in love with that person or run away from them? If you can’t, please, don’t fall in love.


3. Can You Go Through Tough Times With The Person Without Indignation?

THE 10 GREAT QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE FALLING IN LOVEOne of the 10 Great Questions To Ask Before Falling In Love concerns the area of resistance during tough times. This is a straightforward question that needs a straightforward answer. Love accepts both sides of the coin. When you are in love, you stay in love, walk in love and sustain each other in love. Now, can you love that person which you wanna fall for and walk with them through difficult times without murmuring in disgust? Yes or No? True lovers are happy with each other and identify with you whenever possible. They are happy at the good and bad times as well.


4. Can You Care For The Person If They Fall Sick?

THE 10 GREAT QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE FALLING IN LOVEAnother great question to ask is the caring factor. You know, love is full of care. This factor can help you to know if the person is right for you or not. Ask yourself not if they have a caring heart but if you have a caring heart toward that person or not. Can you show hospitality toward that person, especially when they are sick? Sometimes people fall in love but forget the fact that people also do get sick in life. And when they fall sick and are handicapped, their partners may want to fall out of love or seek divorce or dissolution of the union.

Before falling in love, think ahead of life situations, if your lover is handicapped, can you still care or opt-out? If you can’t don’t. Fall in love with someone you can care for when ill. You do not wish for it but it’s good for your psychology and morale.


5. Can You Be Loyal To The Person?

THE 10 GREAT QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE FALLING IN LOVEWhen falling in love, it’s important to know that loyalty makes the relationship work where it couldn’t. Another word for loyalty can be faithfulness. And this faithfulness goes in every aspect of the relationship. Can you be loyal to the person you aspire to love? If you can’t be loyal, there’s no point falling in love because you would end up breaking peoples’ hearts and having yours broken as well. Let me put the question another way. Would you fall in love with a traitor? If your answer is “NO”, then don’t be a traitor yourself.


6. Is The Feeling Mutual Or One-Sided?

THE 10 GREAT QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE FALLING IN LOVENot only that the infatuation could be misunderstood as falling in love, it could also mislead someone into making a life decision that is wrong or false. Falling in love should be a mutual thing that can progressively grow as the relationship grows. It’s important to know, however, if it’s true love or just infatuation, and if the feelings are just one-sided or a mutual one.

Fall in love with someone who loves you in return. It mustn’t be one-sided. Or if it’s one-sided on the onset, give it time for it to grow and be reciprocated. If it never grows and never reciprocates, don’t go beyond that boundary. Stop it right there, because it could hurt you.


7. Can You Still Love That Person If There’s No Money?

THE 10 GREAT QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE FALLING IN LOVEThis is a real tough one. Everyone wants a good life to ensure a guaranteed future. But bad things are not chosen, they are a part of life. We do not advocate falling in love with someone without thinking about the necessities of life. You have to feed, clothe and shelter yourself for a love life to survive. Life is money, no matter how small that is.

However, there are some people you can love with or without money. Without money, I mean with the basics of life. They do not care about the luxury of life but the essentials. And they allow the latter to influence their choice of falling in love. Whatever you believe and choose for yourself, it’s important to ask yourself about the money motive in a relationship before even starting one. Do you love someone because of the money they have or not? Can you still love this individual if the person in question goes bankrupt? If you can’t, don’t fall in love.


8. Can That Person Be Your Best Friend?

THE 10 GREAT QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE FALLING IN LOVEA very strong point that I will recommend to every young single or couple out there is to fall in love with your best friend. If you are in love but having made that person your best friend yet, well, don’t worry. It’s never too late because it’s a progressive project. But strive to work in that direction in your relationship. It’s never nice to have a lover and have another person as a best friend in whom you confide. It’s very wrong but it happens because of ignorance and a lot of teachings that are out of place.

What does it mean to fall in love with someone in whom you can’t confide? The one you fall in love with should be the one who knows your weakest points and strengths, the one to be there in matters of life or death, and this person should be your best of best as far as friendship is concerned. The person should be the only one in whose presence you are free as a bird and the person who knows your secrets. Please, do not make another take this place in your relationship. Any other person can be a friend, a good friend but never a best friend.

 9. Does That Person Command Your Respect?

This is simple to know from the first interactions with the person that you wanna fall in love with. If they do not command your respect, it’s unlikely that you would fall in love with them. It’s a point that is so crucial in a love relationship and can’t be overstated. If you don’t respect him or her, don’t fall in love with them. Period!! For more on this, click on this teaching on respect in relationships.

10. Do You Take The Person For Granted?

THE 10 GREAT QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE FALLING IN LOVEAnother question that comes to mind is that of taking people for granted when you are familiar with them and/or when you underrate them. Many people miss out on their true love because they take others for granted, thinking that they would always be there at their beck and call. 

Some others just underrate those who come their way for one reason or the other. Others still ignore being thankful for those in their lives and behave anyhow until they lose these love interests. 

Be Honest!

Ask yourself this question, are you taking someone’s presence for granted or not? Are you grateful for your lover or the person knocking at the door of your love life? Are you serious with them or just playing with their emotions and efforts? Maybe, you have seen them too much and they mean nothing to you anymore. Think about it and get serious with those around your love life. It could be that you are the one delaying or destroying your relationship by mere carelessness or the lack of gratitude with those around you. Gratitude promotes relationship bonding, you know!!


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