The 10 Most Simple Self-Analysis Questions On Falling In Love

The 10 Most Simple Self-Analysis Questions On Falling In Love

The 10 Most Simple Self-Analysis Questions On Falling In Love


The 10 Most Simple Self-Analysis Questions On Falling In LoveWithout a doubt, it can be confusing and difficult at the start of a relationship to decipher whether what one feels for another is real, genuine, or it’s just fantasy. We all have emotions, triggered by countless situations, and at times, our emotions can be misleading. But how do we know love emotions that are so true?

This teaching attempts to give simple, practical, relatable day-to-day experiences on falling in love with someone whose attention you crave and cherish. All may not be applicable or true to everyone per se, but all have been tested and discovered to be an aspect of falling in love. These are experiences with potential partners of diverse origins. The 10 most simple self-analysis questions on falling in love are related to emotions and transcend times and culture. These are what you should ask yourself when in a love quandary.

1. Do you respect the person? 

Let’s start with this. You cannot love someone you don’t respect but you can respect someone you don’t love. These are two different things entirely. Respect is a human right, anyway. Let me make another statement, You cannot love somebody you disrespect but you can love somebody you have disrespected. Sounds funny, isn’t it? It’s normal that someone you disrespect today can be the object of your love tomorrow. But that only happens when you change your mind and perspective on respecting that person. If the person you admire commands your respect, it could be love developing. For more on this, click here!


2. Does your heart beat faster whenever you see the would-be lover? 

Faster heartbeats can have quite a number of causes attributed to it ranging from medical, psychological, physical, emotional to economical and romantic reasons. I wish to pick up the romantic side of heartbeats and make some comments. You see, love is quite intangible that has tangible results and resources. Being intangible, it involves the essence of the human creature which is the spirit of the person. It is okay if you call it the soul. The soul is intangible but produces palpable results. Love emanates from the soul but can have visible results even reaching the heart.

Size doesn’t matter

The 10 Most Simple Self-Analysis Questions On Falling In LoveYou can be too big, too tall, too strong physically, and be controlled by the love of a tiny person. Because it strongly involves the soul, the core of a person which is symbolic of the human heart. Anyways, this is deep and beyond the context of the article, however, it suffices to say that when you are in love, it can increase the rate at which the heart beats for some people.

Again, not every fast heartbeat indicates you are in love. But at one point of being or falling in love, your heart beats faster at the sight of your lover, in the presence of your would-be lover, at the sound of the voice of your lover, or even thinking about your potential lover. It does happen to some people and NO, don’t call a doctor or 911. It’s just normal and short-lived. It changes with progress. When this happens, it could be that you are falling in love.


3. Do you feel for the Person? 

Do you have a sense of sharing the same feelings with this person about a situation? Maybe you are sad just because the person is sad? Maybe you are happy because something good happened to the person? Maybe you’re in pain together? Suffering similar situations together? Do you feel good after having a shared experience no matter how difficult it was? At times such shared experience goes beyond the ordinary. You never can tell. It may be love developing. 


4. Do you think about the person all day long? 

When falling in love, it’s normal to have the person flood your thoughts and with their images on your mind that linger for long. This is personal, internal, and although it can differ from person to person, it stimulates the imagination in a good way. Anyway, the truth is, it’s absurd to fall in love with a person who never entered your thoughts. How long do you think about your potential lover?


5. Do you feel shy in a good way? 

Some potential lovers feel shy in their thoughts about their would-be lovers. Some others feel shy hearing the words of their would-be lovers. They just can’t resist what they hear. And finally, a third group feels shy in the presence of their would-be partners. This third group cannot look eyeballs to eyeballs with their lovers in the making. So where do you belong? It could be love developing when you are genuinely in any of these positions. 


6. Do you feel weak in a good way? 

To some people, falling in love makes them weak in a good way, you know. Even when you are a strong and smart person to everyone else but your love interest, you become weak. When it comes to the one you love, you feel powerless, helpless and vulnerable all in a good way. To say NO is not part of the vocabulary in front of the lover. You can’t help but keep saying Yes to almost everything they say. This can be love developing. 


7. Do you come alive, feel motivated and energized when you see the potential lover? 

Some people have bad energy to be around them with. They are full of negative vibes and run you down whenever you meet them. But if someone makes you feel comfortable, motivated, and full of life when you meet them or even think about them, it could be a sign of what’s going on within you. It could love developing for that person. Everyone wants to feel comfortable and be around people with an inspiring and positive aura. A dream lover always makes you come alive. 

8. Do you behave inappropriately because of that person? 

Well, it sometimes happens that your behavior is altered impromptu before the one you love or aspire to love. This alteration is not in a bad light at all, and sometimes you just can’t explain it. But it could be seen by others as inappropriate, funny, jokingly stupid or inordinate all because of the feelings of love you have for someone. Call it what you may, the truth is, it could be love developing. 


9. Do you spend all day talking to the person? 

As far as communication is concerned, your focus is the potential lover talking. This could be on phone, in person, online chatting, I mean just talking and doing nothing else significantly. Even at the end of the conversation, you still don’t wanna leave or you may be waiting to see who leaves first. Or when you wanna leave you feel he or she still has something to say and then you wait again. Well, It could be love developing.


10. Do you feel embarrassed to see the person when you are not in your best self? 

Oh yes, for potential lovers, you would want to present yourself in the best way you can. You would want to look good, clean or tidy. In your attempt at first impression or to present the best of you, however, you could be frustrated when your love interest suddenly shows up when you are not ready or when you least expect it. You can feel embarrassed and struggle to look good or want to know how good you look.

 You can behave funny in front of the mirror in trying to see if you look good before your appearance. You may even hide from the lover because you don’t want them to see you the way you are, circumstantially. Do not get mad at yourself! Do not fight it too much! It may be a genuine love developing. It could be that you are falling in love with someone, I mean, the one who makes you feel and act this way. 

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