The Dating Of Praying Together With Your Lover

The Dating Of Praying Together With Your Lover


The Dating Of Praying Together With Your Lover

The Dating Of Praying Together With Your Lover

In our last article, “The dating of praying together with your spouse”, we talked about the fact that prayer can actually be a dating experience for those in love. The dating experience could be a holy experience just as prayer is holy before the Lord. We also mentioned the fact that some couples are so tense at prayer meetings that they forget to be themselves and as such fake holiness in prayer.

Let me say something here: Holiness is actually being yourself in Christ Jesus more than being what Religion dictates you be. You’re really holy if you love and respect your wife always and especially, during prayer meetings, rather than disrespecting her but fast and pray to God. In fact, the latter makes you a sinner giving an unauthorized prayer offering to God. It’s like a slap in the face of God.

Remember the Bible says that your prayer can be unanswered because you couples aren’t in good terms. In fact 1 Peter 3:7 puts it this way:

“Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered.”

The Dating Of Praying Together With Your LoverNow, wait a minute, can you just read that last phrase again? “…so that your prayers may not be hindered.” Did you get that? Any form of disrespect, argument, or quarreling affects your prayer meetings. It’s neither an atmosphere of dating. May this be a candid warning to us all in the Lord and to some of the Pastors too who think that demeaning their wives at home could make them function well at Church. Love your wives, respect them, and involve them in the prayer meeting to make you function well both at home and Church. It helps the health of the relationship positively.

What does it mean?

The dating of praying together with your lover who may be your spouse or would-be spouse, actually means that prayer can help couples date themselves well. It means praying with your spouse sincerely is actually dating your spouse. If you make it a habit to sincerely pray with your spouse or lover, you are practically dating your spouse directly and indirectly.

Getting To Know Each Other Better

Now, Dating in itself means getting to know each other ‘BETTER’. The ultimate goal for couples to date is to know your partner BETTER. You might have wondered why I stressed the word BETTER. You see, I did so because that word, BETTER, is used in a progressive sense of it. Progressive because you never really get to know someone fully. This means that no matter how you think you know your partner, there’s still something new that you keep learning from each other daily.

The Dating Of Praying Together With Your LoverAnd it takes dating to know or learn that. Learning becomes a progressive experience. From the day you met until death, there’s something to learn about your spouse–a plethora of things in life. We humans change with time and maturity. The way we think and act changes over time. You might have known your partner in certain situations that you’ve been together. But the ones you’ve never been, you really can’t tell. Can you?

The couples at 50 are still learning, although they know each other somewhat. At 60, 78, 90, there’s something new that your partner can either teach you or learn from you. Can I take it a bit deeper? Even in heaven, when you die and enter heaven, you have entered a place of great learning together. You start to learn from day one as you arrive in the kingdom of heaven after your days on earth. Let me leave it at that. I just don’t wanna get you confused.

So, when prayer, which is a part of the Christian life, is done well, it develops a healthy relationship with couples who engage in it. Like we’ve mentioned, it’s the dating of praying together with your lover. Dating isn’t solely the focus but prayer is. However, to pray effectively, the couple must have been dating and still dating each other. How? By Respecting each other and Loving each other as the Lord wills.

Learning To Be Each Other’s Back In Areas Of Vulnerability

The Dating Of Praying Together With Your LoverThat’s another good point right there. When couples pray together, they Learn to be each other’s back in areas of vulnerability. This, in other words, is dating which only prayer provides. You are your spouse’s back in prayer when you agree on something and both of you pray together for or against it. Can two people walk together? No, unless they agree says Amos 3:3. That right there is the word of God.

When you’re with your spouse in a prayer meeting, disagreement flees and has no place in your relationship. In that very prayer meeting, you would hear your spouse’s weakness and the things he or she is asking God to help meet. When you hear such weakness, you don’t abandon them and opt-out of the relationship, rather you support them and pray it through together without belittling the partner in any way.

That agreement, that support makes you a backbone for your partner to stand up straight, head high, and gives him or her a shoulder to lean on. When couples Learn to be each other’s back in areas of vulnerability, they are dating each other. And you know what? It’s all because of PRAYER! What was that title again? The dating of praying together with your lover. Capish?

Check out for the next article as we shall continue exploring the dating of praying together with your spouse. But tell us how prayer has helped you to date your partner better? Or are you considering praying together as a means of dating?

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Thanks, Suz for the input. Have a great day.


Hi there! I’m going to start off by saying a quote that I saw online that says that a couple that prays together, stays together. This is a very true one because when one thinks about it, one is able to see that when a couple prays together, they are able to understand themselves better just like you have explained and then respect and love waxes stronger. Prayer says a whole lot in a relationship: humility, open to learning from each other, submissiveness to God, etc..There’s nothing like inviting God in ones’ union, and the way that you have stated it opens one’s eyes to seeing dating differently. Thanks for sharing this article with us.


Thanks for commenting, Nath. I hope you’re having a great weekend..


This is very informative to see and the fact that a lot of people have actually forgotten what it entails to actually connect better with their lover in the place of prayer while praying and actually worshipping God together to achieve the very best. All you have shared here is massive and I will look out to ensure that we can replicate all these too

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