The Chemistry Of Falling In Love – The Mental Level



The Chemistry of Falling In Love – The Mental Level

The Chemistry of Falling In Love - The Mental LevelThe mind is very much involved in the chemistry of falling in love. We have heard about attraction, right?! As involved in bringing two or more together for the first time. But this attraction, although coming from the heart, is munched on by the mind. What I mean is that that attraction can come from whatever source but the mind considers if it shall stay or not and for how long.

My name is Chika, and I shall be your host tonight as we continue our series on the chemistry of falling in love. Last time we talked about the physical level involved in this chemistry and we mentioned a lot you would want to consider before or after reading this post which focuses on the Mental level in the falling-in-love ecosystem. See the physical level right here.

The Mental level involves the brain which produces Dopamine– a hormone released from a section of the brain called the hypothalamus–that controls a significant portion of the behavioral aspects that transpire between two lovers. There are certain things that dopamine does on this mental level of the chemistry of falling in love that we shall like to examine. Shall we?

1. Your thoughts are mostly focused on them.

Of course, knowing if there’s anything going on romantically between people, you have to consider what preoccupies their minds. If you do, you would come to agree with the fact that your love interest mentally keeps you busy. You think about them more often than not. And their thoughts on your mind have no respect for places or time. Wherever you go, they are on your mind. Whatever time of day it is, they are on your mind. In or out of bed, you can think about them. And their thoughts give you self-confidence, peace, joy, and love.

2. You cannot easily forget the details you know about them.

Because you think about them often, you can’t easily forget the news, stories about them, or the memory you have of them mentally. Every minute detail can be hard to let go of. That’s also a fact of the mental level of the chemistry of falling in love.

3. You behave inordinately at times.

This is because your behavior is altered by the presence of the one you love. At times, you are funny. At times, you are unreasonable in a nice way, though. And at times, you become too soft in the ways you conduct affairs around that person who caught your attention. To this person, mentally, you are willing to do all for them and stand for them in thick and thin, come shine or rain.

4. You are inspired by the presence and the fact that you have this person in your life.

It’s that simple but not as simple as to think. The person you have chemistry with can inspire you in so many ways. They also can motivate you to do more than you could do by yourself. It’s a known fact that those who are truly in love can go the extra mile, and do great things inspired by the love emanating from the hearts of the lovers. A beautiful lady can make a man perform better at something they weren’t doing better before.

5. You have fortified willpower to decide and do things.

Love can make your will so strong to the point of standing in the face of all odds just for the sake of your lover. Because of love, a man can decide to do something very difficult just to satisfy the desires of the love of his love life. A person can be so strong-willed to the point of death because of love. People can die for love. People fight for their lovers. Remember Romeo and Juliet? Rings a bell? But there are countless others who have and can die for love. This goes to tell you how strong the chemistry of falling in love can fortify willpower.

6. You may look stubborn on some occasions because of your Lover.

This has to do with your ego in the presence of the object of your love or concerning things related to the one you truly love. You may not want to let your ego down in certain situations you personally judged but allow it to drive your choices and positions at that point in time. All these are happening on the mental level of the chemistry of falling in love.

7. You may go for a long time without sleep.

With the level of the hormones called dopamine and norepinephrine, you can be physically strong, happy and so focused on your lover and the future of loving the one you admire to the point that you can’t even sleep at the moment, even when everyone around your vicinity is sleeping. In layman’s terms, these hormones dry sleep from your eyes in a good way, you know. You may call it insomnia and that would be OK, but you aren’t sick as a matter of fact. It’s just the chemistry of falling in love on a mental level.

8. You may not eat for a long time yet not feel hungry.

It’s also noticed that a mind inspired by dopamine in an attractive stage of falling in love can boost the body with so much energy and gladness and euphoria. You, as a lover, would want to focus on the object of your love that food would mean nothing to you because you wouldn’t feel hungry for a while yet be satisfied by the sight of the one you love. You can spend a lot of time together even in a close space without minding about eating. This is a reaction taking place on the mental level involved in the chemistry of falling in love.

Can you relate to any of the points mentioned above?

We shall continue our series on the chemistry of falling in love, but please, if you haven’t seen this right here, do so now. Thank you all for being patient with me. I will see you on the next show. Bye!! © 2023. All rights reserved.



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