Cheating On Your Spouse Caused By Premature Ejaculation

Cheating On Your Spouse Caused By Premature Ejaculation


Cheating On Your Spouse Caused By Premature Ejaculation

We strongly believe that you have been following our teachings on the series centered on cheating and how to avoid it in a relationship. If you’ve just seen this article only recently, you would do well to refer to related articles for further studies by clicking here or here or at the previous post.

In this article, particularly, we focused on Cheating On Your Spouse, Caused By Premature Ejaculation. Because this is a reason that some female counterparts give when they cheat on their male counterparts with whom they have an established relationship. They said that no sooner had they started in bed than they ejaculated.

Cheating On Your Spouse Caused By Premature Ejaculation

You see, it has become a common problem to the point that they labeled the Male Partner “A Few Seconds Man” Or “A One Minute Man”, which is quite insulting to some men and makes them feel less confident in bed. I would want to look at premature ejaculation holistically, and unconventionally too, but let’s make it simpler as we define what it is.

What Is Premature Ejaculation?

Let’s start with what it’s not. Premature ejaculation is not Impotence or  Infertility–a situation where fathering a child is ruled out. It’s not, necessarily, Erectile Dysfunction (ED)– a situation in which your man cannot trigger or sustain an erection. All of which involve men who are underperforming in bed, including premature ejaculation. However, premature ejaculation is very different from the ones we’ve just mentioned above.

Premature ejaculation happens when a man ejaculates sooner during sexual intercourse than he or his partner would like and appreciate. This may occur just before or just after penetration, lasting for a few seconds to a minute or thereabout.

The men in such a category cannot stay long enough in bed. They usually cum as soon as they are in. In this case, the penis size doesn’t matter. The big or small penis might have this issue. But let’s take it even further.

We found out that most males we have counseled having this issue felt sexually satisfied and did not make a fuss out of it. They didn’t complain against their female counterparts. Whereas their female counterparts did feel disappointed, frustrated, and at a disadvantage position. They just did not get the point of it all.


What Are The Causes Of Premature Ejaculation?

The causes are varied and depend on what exactly you define as premature ejaculation. Some people who cum within five minutes feel that they are having this issue whereas they are not at all. They put unnecessary pressure on themselves because of others, usually marketers who wanna sell their products. Although some men feel embarrassed to talk about it, some couples don’t see it as a problem in their relationships.

Do you know that some women don’t experience orgasms during sex? Some do but others don’t and they are happy with that and live happily with their men. Sex is an experience that can last from one to a few minutes per session to some people and to others beyond an hour per session. A session here is defined by the time a male ejaculates. Or the interval between penetration and ejaculation of the male. This greatly varies from one individual to another. In any case, just enjoy the experience.

Cheating On Your Spouse Caused By Premature Ejaculation

That being said, there are both psychological and biological factors that can play a role in premature ejaculation. The issue could be caused by hormonal imbalance, stress, anxiety, prostate or urethra issue, trauma and relationship issues, etc. What is important to note is that it’s treatable and a solution can be found for it if you consult your doctor and comfortably talk out the problem. Do not feel shy about it if you see it as an issue to sustain a meaningful relationship.

Let us now look at the positive sides to this. Please be positive and stay positive. A positive mind can help things out if you use it to see things differently.

(1) Ejaculating Too Soon Is A Sign Of Your Beauty

If a man ejaculates as soon as he sights that you are déshabillé, or because of your nudity, or as soon as he penetrates you, it only tells you that you are a beauty to behold. You, the lady should be glad about it. See it positively and take pride in that. Not all women can turn a man on that quickly, let alone ejaculate.

There are some women you would have to waste a lot of time looking at their body parts in order to get turned on, but nope! You look up and look down but could feel like getting down until you even watch porn to feel something about your woman that her presence and body couldn’t offer. But you should be glad when your man is turned on and even proves that by ejaculating too soon. Kudos, girl!

(2) Ejaculating Too Soon Is A Sign That The Female Counterpart Is Good In Bed

Yes, you just read that right! Quick ejaculation can be a sign to you–the woman– that you know your game well. I mean that you are very good in bed. Some women have the in-bed gift of body movement and can turn a man on at short notice. As soon as he penetrates, he’s done with it because of a fast release caused by the body movements of the female counterparts. That is a positive sign to be happy about too.

(3) Ejaculating Too Soon Is A Sign That He Loves You

A man that cums as soon as he gets in you is a sign that he likes you and loves you too. Although the latter might not always be the case. He may just like what he feels and sees. And any woman can meet that need. But for some, there’s true love involved which makes him aspire to be with you even before actually getting in you. His memory of you or/and the last encounter he had with you can trigger untimely ejaculation. His ejaculation only accentuates the love he has for you.

(4) Ejaculating Too Soon Is A Sign That He’s Happy

Some men who ejaculate too soon only demonstrate a happy mood from within. Such men are not only happy with you and the relationship but are happy men in themselves until you make them feel otherwise. The problem could be worse if a man could not cum in you because of your own weakness. Because of how you make him feel. Do you see what I mean? So far as the male is not complaining against you, it’s a good thing and solutions could be found easily to improve the sexual experience.

(5) Ejaculating Too Soon Is A Sign Of Good Sperm Count

A man who ejaculates too soon ejaculates semen in you which contains sperm. Bringing out that semen earlier shows that he has a very good sperm count within. This, although, isn’t clinically tested, for not all quick comers are high sperm counters. However, there are males who suffer from low sperm count after hours of sexual activity they still couldn’t produce anything like semen from which to procreate. So, if your man could cum that soon, it’s a healthy sign, good for procreation. It shows that your man is still on point, regardless of the discharge time.

(6) Ejaculating Too Soon Might Be Temporary

It’s known that a husband can ejaculate too soon at first but might not do so when he cums the second time. For some couples, we noticed through counseling that the pace between the first and second ejaculation isn’t the same. For instance, when he cums for the first time too soon and goes again, the second ejaculation isn’t like the first. It’s much longer or delayed than the first time he came. So, you see that tagging a man as a “one-minute man” because of his first encounter might not be a true reflection of his sexually potent life.

(7) Ejaculating Too Soon Can Be Delayed

The man that knows that he suffers from premature ejaculation can do something to delay it and make the sexual experience last longer. It’s all in the mind, what he thinks often during intercourse. He can rechannel his thinking away from the excitement to prolong his experience. And there are other techniques too to prolong this experience that he can get from his doctor or counselor. There are also over-the-counter non-harmful creams that can retard the speed of ejaculation. Some of these products can help prolong your experience.

(8) Ejaculating Too Soon Can Be Treated

If your man experiences premature ejaculation which is a consequence of an infection or so, you don’t have to make that an issue in your relationship because it can be medically treated if you both seek medical assistance. The doctor can diagnose it and advise you on the best treatment for it. Don’t let that stress your love life. Talk about it with your partner and see your doctor.

(9) Ejaculating Too Soon Could Have Supplemental Experience

If you realize that your man is prematurely ejaculating persistently, there are other techniques that can help resolve the issue and keep your love life afloat. But this is what you have to talk it through with your man and see if there are other ways that he or you both can adopt in your sex life other than just penetration.

You can derive sexual satisfaction in a number of ways other than just penetration. Be sure that you, the female, tell him how you feel about his situation and, of course, what you might want him to do to make up for it. In no case should it be a reason to fight and cheat on him just for sexual satisfaction. Your doctor can suggest other ways too for you two to express your sexual emotions to each other.

(10) Ejaculating Too Soon Is A Sign That He Finds Pleasure In The “Inner You”

Finally, for your husband to cum too soon in you just tells you that he finds pleasure in your physical bodily features or/and the feel of your internal sexual canal/organ. The picture which he has in mind of you, psychologically, might have quickened this climax. It’s something to celebrate rather than criticize.

It’s not uncommon to hear that someone is on you while thinking about another person else.

There are some partners that find it hard to climax. They would have to imagine heaven and earth about their spouses or even be thinking of Exes and past illicit encounters before they could just reach orgasm. Please celebrate your “one-minute man”, before you discuss ways to increase his staying power. Better still, don’t call him that! Don’t criticize him! Don’t make him lose self-confidence as that would not be healthy for your relationship. And hey! you can help resolve this issue by trying out some of these products. Get them for your men!

For more on this, see How To Avoid Cheating On Your Partner Due To Sexual Dissatisfaction (Part 1).



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This is my option, not forced on others. Some men do it because they’re insecure.
I’ve noticed that men with little penises have this issue but the big guys do not.
And I climax every time I have sex even during intercourse.
And no for me, maybe other women are happy, but I’m not happy with an orgasmless sex life.
Hell no. However, the teaching was insightful. I enjoyed the read. Thanks.

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