How To Avoid Cheating On Your Partner Due To Sexual Dissatisfaction (Part 2)


How To Avoid Cheating On Your Partner Due To Sexual  Dissatisfaction (Part 2)

In continuation of the previous post, “How To Avoid Cheating On Your Partner Due To Sexual  Dissatisfaction (Part 1), we now bring to you two important points that we’ve gathered over the years, through sessions of counseling couples from different cultural backgrounds. And what we’ve come to conclude is that irrespective of culture, the experiences are very similar.

With these two points, which are issues in relationships, we have made some suggestions, having demystified some gray and esoteric areas during sexual encounters in order to boost self-confidence and trigger optimum sexual satisfaction. Enjoy your read as you find some answers in this article, “How To Avoid Cheating On Your Partner Due To Sexual  Dissatisfaction” (Part 2).


1) The Issue Of A Partner Not Responding Well During Sex

A factor that we discovered during counseling and have come to believe that it’s one cause of spousal cheating is the fact that One Partner Doesn’t Respond Well During Sexual Intimacy.  By “Respond”, we mean that one partner, whether male or female, doesn’t act in bed to the pleasure of the other.

Specifically speaking, this concerns the body movements which stimulate the other to get intimately involved and engaged. These movements were lacking in the experiences of the couples concerned. And the female partners were blamed for this low. But I think that was unfair, misguided, and one-sided, to be candid. If it really matters, it has to do with both involved—the male and female.

One of the wives says the husband is like a piece of stationary wood on her body. And the husband also says that the wife doesn’t understand the internal movement of her body that drives him on.

The Attitude In Expression Matters

Well, let me say that “Attitude” matters a lot! Some men with bloated egos think that just having a big penis does magic in bed, and as such, become so dull during what should be an exciting experience for both.

Bigger is good but bigger isn’t necessarily better. Let me stress the latter part of that statement again: “Bigger isn’t necessarily better.” You can have a bigger penis with a poor sexual experience. Having it big without knowing how to use it does no good. It’s a nightmare for both involved in the act.

Please, here we have accented on the attitude more than on the size. Allow me to take it a bit further and stress on how some men think that having it big means a “Yes, Yes, Yes” to whatever they demand from the ladies, or do with ladies. And with the idea that whatever they do is the best there is out there, they believe that any action during sex, consequently, should be okay for the ladies.

But nope! Any action is not okay for the ladies, irrespective of the size you carry. You have to know what you carry and how to use what you carry and also carry your partner along during the encounter. Please, there’s no ego in the bedroom if you are to enjoy the experience.

 How To Avoid Cheating On Your Partner Due To Sexual  Dissatisfaction (Part 2) g

We aren’t against the men, you know, but against the “Attitude” some men wear because of what they believe they have within their underpants. That’s really what’s up!–The “Attitude.”

Consider The Level Of Friction

The level of friction during sex can determine how good the act can be. It’s the grip with which the vaginal canal comes into contact with the penis that helps emit a sense of pleasure for the male or female partner. And be careful, because zero friction in sex means a poor sexual experience. It means both partners could not feel each other. For a good sexual experience, a level of friction is required for the vaginal walls to hold on to the male organ–penis.

Spousal Communication

Now, the main issue here as we have realized is that of communication. The man wants it, and the woman wants it too but they don’t talk about it. One thing that you must understand is that “Assumptions” never get it done until you speak out about what you have in mind. I mean what you want to be done; what you expect your partner to do in times of intimacy.

It’s not all about having it bigger and that’s it! The man, although he has it bigger, might not even know what to do with it in bed. And the female too, irrespective of her beauty, might be innocently, sincerely naive as to what to do during intimacy.

Do not just assume that he or she knows what you expect from each other and keep silent. Tell him that you want him to do so and so. Tell her that she should move like this or like that as you want it for the good of both of you. In other words, communicate with each other! Sexual communication is vital to sexual satisfaction. The reverse is sexual dissatisfaction and that is troublesome because it invites an extra-relational experience, which we call CHEATING. And believe me, this one is not good at all. It’s a humbling experience.

2) The Male Partner Has A Small Penis

I know this could be familiar if you’ve been following our previous posts. Some of you could have an idea or guess what it’s all about because it concerns the male partner, principally. And a complaint that comes from the female counterparts in most of the cases.

 How To Avoid Cheating On Your Partner Due To Sexual  Dissatisfaction (Part 2) h

Yes, some couples made us know that some men have pretty small penises with which they can’t find sexual satisfaction. And the result is cheating on their partners to keep their relationships afloat. We find this a bit worrisome because we believe that no penis is too small from which to derive sexual pleasure. It’s all in the mind and the know-how.

Please don’t get me wrong, there could be differences in the size of the penis and it varies from one male to another. Some people may derive more pleasure from longer or thicker penises, just as others may prefer a partner with a shorter or thinner penis.

A penis that some couples call small could be big or normal to others. There was even a case where a penis was called big by a female but was referred to as small by another female. So what you can call small can be big actually to another. This is quite subjective. It has to do greatly with what works for you or what you are comfortable with. We really do not want to go into the actual sizes of the penis to determine what constitutes a big penis and so on.

 How To Avoid Cheating On Your Partner Due To Sexual  Dissatisfaction (Part 2) g

However, no matter how small a penis is, it is the way one uses it that really matters. A man with a “small penis”  can have a great sexual experience with his female partner, all things being constant. While a bigger penis man can have a very poor sexual experience with his female counterpart. It all comes down to how you use your penis and not necessarily the size of it. Bigger is not better. But how it’s used is what creates an unforgettable, better experience.

Do you want it bigger? The solution could be right here!

Now, let me tell you something. Even your little index finger can pleasure your female partner if you know how to use it. No, the fact that you have the finger doesn’t bring about sexual pleasure. Rather it’s the way you use that little finger that brings it about. What’s the point of this? The point is if a human finger can pleasure someone that much, any penis you know, no matter how small it is, is probably bigger than that small finger of yours, and can pleasure someone that much if you know how to use it.

 How To Avoid Cheating On Your Partner Due To Sexual  Dissatisfaction (Part 2) g

I truly believe, therefore, that if you are in such a situation, feeling that you have a small penis, and losing confidence in meeting your partner’s needs, you have to communicate it to your spouse and both of you should be creative on how to maximize and derive sexual pleasure with what you people have at home. It’s better to master what you have at home, I mean, the “small penis,” than to cheat on your partner in order to feel sexually satisfied. Cheating on such grounds will culminate in losing your relationship. And I think the latter isn’t desirable.

Do you have other suggestions, let’s know about them below. Please feel free to make your comments germane to the content. We hope your visit found this article impactful, and wish you more understanding and coital longevity in your relationship. Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.



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