How To Avoid Cheating On Your Partner Due To Sexual Dissatisfaction (Part 1)



How To Avoid Cheating On Your Partner Due To Sexual  Dissatisfaction (Part 1)


In our last studies on cheating on your partner, we talked about factors that influence this unhealthy habit of cheating. We also gave solutions from tested experiences and made some suggestions to help couples curb, overcome or avoid cheating totally. Please you may peruse the past articles (posts) on this subject to stay in touch with our developing series.

In this article, we would be talking about “How To Avoid Cheating On Your Partner Due To Sexual Dissatisfaction.” This is the first part of the issue of sexual dissatisfaction that we’ve encountered during counseling sessions with some couples. But for the sake of clarity, let’s ask a simple question. What’s sexual dissatisfaction? Just think about it for a moment.

I know a few things crossed your mind. Anyway, to put it straight, sexual dissatisfaction is basically the disappointment that someone has with coital relationships. It’s an unsatisfactory sexual experience that one partner or all partners involved in a relationship encounter during or after sex.

How To Avoid Cheating On Your Partner Due To Sexual  Dissatisfaction (Part 1)

The disappointment that couples get when faced with this experience might cause some couples to react differently. While some might keep it to themselves and never talk about it, yet aren’t happy about it, others might pretend that all is fine but resort to cheating to fill in the gap. And still, another set might talk about it and seek counseling to resolve it once and for all.

The consequences of sexual dissatisfaction are so many and could be devastating to the relationship. These include poor communication within the relationship, lack of interest in the once-loved partner, unjustified disagreements, separation, and divorce, diminishing love in the relationship, and the list goes on.

However, if you’re a victim or are suffering from sexual dissatisfaction in your relationship, you should know that there’s a remedy for this sexual quagmire. Stating the remedies is a strong reason for writing this article.

Notable Causes

But before we can talk about How To Avoid Cheating On Your Partner Due To Sexual Dissatisfaction, we must, first of all, bring to you the causes of sexual dissatisfaction. It would make much sense to know what makes this experience unsatisfactory if we are to truly manage or put an end to it. Again, don’t forget that what we are going to mention below are true stories gathered from various life experiences and not just imaginations. In other words, they have been tested and solutions have worked for some people.

Having said that, we have noticed the following to be the causes of sexual dissatisfaction in a relationship: 1) one partner doesn’t do it well 2) one partner has a smaller penis 3) one partner is labeled ‘a one-minute man’ 4) one partner’s sexual organ is too large 5) one partner is too wet 6) one partner cums several times to feel it 7) one partner takes a long time to cum 8) one partner wants it dirty 9) one partner always uses additional external sexual stimulant to feel it, and 10) the vagina is just too large for the male.

We shall comment on each respectively as the series progresses. But we would like to begin from below.

Cheating On Her Because Of Vaginal Canal Enlargement

This is a situation where the male partner finds the vagina just too large for him. And it rather was one reason gotten from some couples as to why they cheated on their partners.

Those who confessed to this issue were made up of the male partners who expressed their disgust that their women made them “swim” when having a coital relationship. The word “swim” implies that they don’t feel anything, and can’t get in contact with the vagina walls of their women. This makes them feel disappointed whenever they have sex.

But we couldn’t leave it at that since we intend to look for solutions. We opted to hear from the other side too in order to come up with something helpful to the couples. What we did was talk to the female counterparts who revealed to us that they felt the same way too. What way? The wives didn’t feel their husbands during sexual intercourse, because the female organ couldn’t have a grip on the male organ internally. Naturally, the vagina is designed with some level of elasticity. It can expand and constrict.

But the females argued that it wasn’t so at first, and wondered what had happened. What went wrong in the course of their love relationship that they could not feel their husbands in bed?



Do you want to KNOW? Well, we discovered, as we questioned, that the female partners were using toys bigger than the actual size of their male partners to pleasure themselves privately.

Let me paint it this way! If you, a lady, are used to inserting bigger objects into your private part, it might affect the natural hormonal responses of your private part. Among some possible changes that your vagina might experience is the change in size and elasticity to conform to the new object’s size that you have been introducing.

How To Avoid Cheating On Your Partner Due To Sexual  Dissatisfaction (Part 1)

Let’s say your husband used to know you as a size 3 person, but you constantly introduce a size 6 object to your vagina to pleasure yourself and feel satisfied. Chances are that a size 3 penis might not satisfy you any longer since you’ve trained your vagina to master size 6. And this size 3, you know, might be your husband’s size.

On And On

Consequently, your husband might find your vagina too large for him when he comes with his size 3 penis in your newly trained size 6 female sexual organ. This is just a simple way that I could paint the scenario for easier understanding.

The feeling of good sex lies in its level of friction. It’s the grip with which the vagina comes into contact with the penis that helps emit a sense of pleasure for the male or female partner. Friction means contact. Zero friction in sex means or can translate to a poor sexual experience, although the level of friction can vary for the partners.

While very high friction might not be too good as it could hurt the nerves somewhat, some level of friction is required for the vaginal walls to hold onto the male organ. When this is not the case, the male could not feel the female and vice versa.

It’s true that the female sexual organ has the ability to expand and contract. It could get wider as in childbearing and gets back to normal afterward. During penetration, it could dilate and constrict. But the elasticity can be altered if something larger is constantly being introduced into it.

It could also alter normal hormonal secretion in the vagina. So if you used to feel your husband but use bigger dildos and other objects to feel good, you might lose the experience of your partner to that of the bigger object. You both will not feel each other as usual, consequently.

To every woman out there, our solution to this is to consider the size of your partner whenever you want to use strange objects or insert objects in your vagina to feel sexually satisfied. If you make it a habit to get satisfaction with such bigger objects, your partner might not satisfy you any longer and he too will not feel you that much since you, sort of, have outgrown him in size. No wonder they complained of “swimming” when on their wives.

Address The Issue

Wives, better still, address why you need that bigger objects while you have yours in your husbands. You the wife, rather, should know him and master him better. That’s your job as a wife. Find satisfaction with what he has–his size. Understand how to use it better and maximize the potential there within. Mastering your husband’s size can help avoid cheating. If you find satisfaction in him and he finds it in you, there wouldn’t be the need to look elsewhere for what is already present at home.

How To Avoid Cheating On Your Partner Due To Sexual Dissatisfaction (Part 1)

In addition, if you aren’t married yet be careful with the size of objects which you insert into your vagina because you don’t know what size your future husband or lover would be/have when you meet him. Introducing larger objects/dildos for pleasure constantly might train your body to conform to pleasure-driven bigger sizes only, with the consequence of not feeling pleased by an object of a smaller size.

And your future husband might fall within the smaller size category which might make your sex life unsatisfying. Because he would find you too large for him and him too small for you in there. Although there could be a solution if you two study your sex life and work things out together, it’s not always the case for many couples to put in that extra work. Some couples, because they want a smooth sail in there, just resort to cheating and you know what? That’s the beginning to the end of most marriages.

Do you have other suggestions on this? Tell us below, and let’s know your thoughts.


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