Why Do Some Men Never Get Married? Part 3 – Marriage And Relationship

Why Do Some Men Never Get Married? Part 3 – Marriage And Relationship

Why Do Some Men Never Get Married? Part 3 - Marriage And RelationshipWe started talking about this series a couple of days ago with our Part One, Part Two and now our Part Three, titled, Why Do Some Men Never Get Married? Part 3 – Marriage And Relationship. We intend to help the potential husbands and husbands as well locate themselves as they see what reflects that which they are going through.

Also, they can learn from the article to make changes and avoid a repeat of their experiences. This article equally helps couples see things differently that can add strength to romantic relationships and cause the maturity of partners in marital union. Please read the other parts to the series for a good understanding of the subject.

In continuation, Some men never get married because of the following reasons:

1. Because Some Boys Grew Up In Abused Homes

The victims of domestic abuse are not just the primary ones unto whom the barbaric acts were meted, but the viewers also who watched it happen are all victims of domestic abuse.

Why Do Some Men Never Get Married? Part 3 - Marriage And RelationshipDomestic abuse has a bad parental influence on everyone at home. When the dad and mom are always fighting and dad harshly insulting and hitting mom in front of the children, that kind of bad influence of their parents may take its toll on the little boys to the point where they form a different marital philosophy of rejecting marriage as not worth the headache. They may not want to marry when they become adults for fear that such abuse and violence may come their way too. Bad parental influence can make sons see marriage as a burden to avoid rather than a blessing.

2. Because Of Husband Abuse

Why Do Some Men Never Get Married? Part 3 - Marriage And RelationshipLet’s be sincere here. Hello Ladies?! Can I speak the truth? You know, we’ve been talking so much about women abuse, and wife abuse but we have not focused on the most ignored abuse at home which is the husband abuse. We, women, know that husband abuse is real. At times conspicuous and other times abstruse or subtle. When we hear of abuse, the first thing that comes to mind is a man against a woman. But we hardly think of the opposite–a woman abusing a man. There are women who mistreat their husbands and reduce them to objects of pity, you know.

Husband abuse may be physical, emotional (with an underscore), and verbal. Some men who’ve been in abusive relationships may not want to marry or remarry if the relationship comes to an end. Consequently, they embrace singlehood because of the abuse by their wives.

3. Because Of Several Failed Marital Attempts

Some men don’t want to marry again because of the too many marriages that ended up in divorce for one reason or the other. Marriage just doesn’t work out with them each time they try. They have lots of divorce cases before them and do not want to add to that list. Therefore, they prefer to stay single.

4. Because Of Poverty

Some men refuse marriage just because they don’t have the financial means from which to start a family and sustain one. They have no jobs and their means of livelihood is nothing to write home about. They avoid adding to their troubles by staying single and not marrying women they cannot feed or take care of.

5. Because Of Self-Judging Their Physical Disabilities

Some men think that because they are physically challenged–without a limb, blind, deaf, and dumb—ladies would not accept them as husband materials and therefore pass judgment on themselves by refusing to have any relationship with women. This is more of a mindset than a reality. They should start by changing their minds. Because you attract what you think the most. No wonder their experience is a reflection of their mindset.

Why Do Some Men Never Get Married? Part 3 - Marriage And RelationshipThe blind can argue that he cannot marry someone he can’t see. And the deaf says how can he marry someone he cannot hear her voice. And the dumb might also say how can he marry someone he cannot talk to. But you all know that blind, deaf, and dumb men and others who are handicapped do marry and are good husbands and fathers. Yes, they do marry. And not only can they marry the physically challenged ladies, but also the well-built and bred ladies as well.

Physical disability is not really a valid reason these men stay single. It’s more of the mindset that believes the false. There are other ways to communicate with the blind, deaf and dumb people which we all know make life easier and worth living for them. So don’t judge yourself and reject marriage which was created for you to be a part of.

6. Because They Have Not Seen Their Misses Right

Some men delay marriage unnecessarily or even reject marriage or the fact of getting married to just anybody who isn’t their miss right. They don’t want to desire and marry just the lady available but the lady destined for them. Anything short that they reject and prefer staying single than getting tied up with the wrong person.

And I must say that more often than not, they are insensitive to those dream partners and miss out on their ‘Misses’ right. It’s just like the reverend PC Akubueze usually said, that Mr or Miss right usually comes disguised. It takes more than just the physical eyes to discern your divine partner. Let me add that it’s possible to make your Miss Right from the partner or relationship that you find yourself in already. Every relationship demands some kind of work put into it to make it work for eternity.

7. Because They Don’t Want To Become Old Too Soon

Some young men are plain afraid of marriage because they believe that marriage makes men age more quickly than unmarried people. And they reject marriage because of this. Or they may postpone it and would want to do so later in life after they might have enjoyed the freedom of their youth. Anyway, Men who believe such need re-education on the joy and peace that a loving spouse enjoys within the bond of matrimony. They need to understand what marriage is all about and, most importantly, how to find a soulmate for a partner.

8. Because They Are Terminally Sick

Some men are just sick for marriage and spend a considerable time of their lives going in and out of hospitals. In fact, marriage is never on their minds since the sickness sort of condemned them to bed.

Some can not walk, eat or use the toilet by themselves, and are often bedridden. People in such conditions would not want to marry at all.

However, I think men in such conditions still have hopes and they should put that hope in God. Only God can heal completely and bring about a new beginning. God brings hope in a hopeless situation. If they have tried all they could with the good doctors out there, they should also try God for healing. If you desire healing from God, click here.

9. Because Of Misplaced Affection

Some men aren’t married or prolong their singlehood because they are in love with the siblings they grew up with. This has to do with men who literally fall in love with their blood sisters and members of the same family.

It’s likely that boys who aren’t properly groomed, not too exposed, and are not so social, fall in love with the closest at home with them. These boys can mistake the brotherly love for romantic love, and start finding their blood sisters attractive for romantic affection. They misplaced that God created romantic affection for partners on their own sisters, thereby, having incestuous relationships. And they can feel comfortable with it until someone intervenes to straighten things out.

Even in some extreme cases, you can find that some single fathers living alone with their daughters might be sexually abusing their daughters. That too is misplaced affection and the relationship is also incestuous.

Finally, I have just given some answers to the question, “Why Do Some Men Never Get Married? But I must reiterate the fact that part one, and part two only add a great deal of understanding to the subject entirely. Therefore, reading these articles is very consequential to mastering the subject.

Tell us what you think of the points mentioned above? Do you have any other suggestions?


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Thanks for writing such a timely and beautiful post. Although it is not fully the same in my culture, men are traditionally treated as the stronger vessels which is also implied in the Bible but people have not understood the implication of the expectation. Should men cry and show emotions? Yes, they should as humans and also share these emotions. It doesn’t make a man less powerful if he does. We women should at home encourage our men to be humans and share emotions when possible. 

Thats my take.. Beecee, it was a beautiful read, indeed. 

Shanta Rahman

Hello Verra, many thanks to you for giving us such a creative article. There are many men in our society who are never married, and my brother never married and never will. Your article is really informative and I think I gained a lot of knowledge myself because I had a lot of unknown things that I came to know through your articles. I think it is important for everyone to know that people suffer certain things because of a lack of understanding. Isn’t that biblical?  People being destroyed for the lack of knowledge? 

Your article brings light to some grey areas. And it’s true, that there are many boys in our society who see their fathers being abused and have grown up in abusive homes, so they are not interested in getting married as a consequence. 

 I hope that by reading your article, everyone will be able to learn a lot about this and give men the respect they deserve. Can I share your article on my social media as often?


Wow Verra, You amaze me at times with the kind of wisdom God gave you. I agree that women have taken this abuse issue to the extreme and it’s kind of becoming unfair to men generally. Men are abused too if you know what I mean. No partner should be abused whether husband or wife. I bless the Lord for you Verra. It was a great read indeed and a lesson for me too.


Wow. This article is very interesting and thanks to you for sharing with us.
I got married 3 years ago and can say that I am very happy. Beside me, I have friends who do not want to take this step and I have always wondered why they are afraid. Reading your article I realize that the problem is associated in the shadow something because they do not want to take this step towards marriage. Even my best friend was abused as a child, had an alcoholic father and this led to the family being disbanded. I think this is the major problem, and this fear is due to the failed marriage of his parents. What advice do you think I could give her?


All points here have been well laid out and I’m very delighted that you have shared this here. To be honest, this is really great to see. Many reasons why a man may decide against getting married which ranges from small reasons to big ones. This is a great post and I’m sure to make something positive out of this. Often, psychology works against most men and great fear of being in a troubled state of mind often pushes a lot of men to maintain their single status than commiting to relationship


Hi, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. I laughed all through while I was reading your article. But even though some of the reasons are funny, they are actually the cause of some men not getting married. I would like to share this article with some of my friends


I have a cousin who never married and to the best of my knowledge never has had a partner. He seems happy where he is in life and when talking to him one cannot detect anything wrong with him and yet he has always been single. I always wondered why he is so different in his choices than most when it came to marriage and this article has lifted the lid on the issue. Very informative and thought provoking ariticle, thanks for sharing.



This post is a very good one with very good details. I’m wondering how I did not read the first couple of posts. I am utterly impressed that you can come up with something like because many people seem to put more focus on ladies when it comes to marital affairs. I have a friend who has some complications with marriage. Infact, he never really wanted to have a relationship at all. It’s very sad. I have to share this with him. Thank you

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