The 6 Environmental Aspects Of The Chemistry of Falling In Love

The 6 Environmental Aspects Of The Chemistry of Falling In Love


The 6 Environmental Aspects Of The Chemistry of Falling In Love


The 6 Environmental Aspects Of The Chemistry of Falling In LoveThe environmental aspects of falling in love cannot be overemphasized. Every couple knows deep down in their hearts that there was a place where the love history began. There was a place where you met that special someone you are dating, have dated, or have married. And there was something that particular place in time added, helped influence, or contributed to your moves, desires, or intentions for the one you fell in love with. However, not everyone gets to notice the environmental influence on our love lives. But I must tell you, whether you notice it or not it doesn’t confute the fact that it happens, that it influences love for good or bad.

My name is Chika, and I will be your host for tonight’s show based on the ongoing series: The Chemistry of Falling Love. Today we’re focusing on the 6 environmental aspects of the chemistry of falling in love. But let me guess what’s already on your mind. You probably are asking about what love does to your environment to help promote its growth. And maybe, what does the environment also do to love, or how does it influence it, right?

Well, we’ve got you covered. Before I start, however, I would like you to visit the previous series that we’ve covered to help augment your general understanding of the subject. To be succinct, we have the physical and mental levels of the chemistry of falling in love already posted on our website weeks ago.

Now, do you know that to love and to be loved is a great and rewarding experience most people want to have? People in the majority want to feel rich during this process, although not all get that desire met. But most of them want to provide for the objects of their love, at least. They also want to feel in control of the situation financially and to have their would-be lovers well taken care of. These are some of the things that emanate from the dimension of the environmental level of the chemistry of falling in love. This level involves six aspects to be precise, and we shall delve into each of these aspects respectively to understand what they are.


1. The Deeply Involvement In The Now-Environment.

The environmental level involves the specific geographical space in which the couples find themselves at one point in time. If you observe carefully, you will notice that the would-be lovers are so deeply involved in themselves and at times forget that others are in the same space. The couples would not mind what other people might say, see, or do for or against them as long as both lovers are madly into each other.

They can kiss each other and do silly things in the presence of people with relative ease and freedom. At this environmental level, fear, shyness, and shame have no power over couples. This goes to tell you how powerful the chemistry of falling can be.

2. The Desire To Be In Opulent Places.

It’s known that when one is in love, especially with males, the desire to associate oneself with riches is heightened. You want to be in places that scream money, wealth, opulence, and happiness. And this desire will propel some to do things that place them there. Some can buy or build houses, and renovate houses and outdated structures to give a new look to their environment. This vibration and energy come also from the feeling of falling in love expressed through the environment.

3. The Desire To Keep Your Area Clean.

This also is a product of the chemistry of falling in love. Whenever you’re expecting your lover to show up where you are living, there’s that tendency to clean up the place if it looks untidy. Except you are naturally dirty and don’t give a hoot about it, or that you are ignorant on matters of cleanliness and hygiene. For the exposed would-be lovers, falling in love can motivate them to be clean and clean up their living spaces. This does not have to be expensive at all.

4. The Desire To Keep Places Attractive.

Not only does it inspire you to be clean, but it also inspires you to be creative and attractive with your space or immediate environment. Cleanliness does not cost you much more than your physical effort to keep the house tidy. But it might cost you a little more to make it look attractive to your love interest.

Some people add more romantic roses, flowers, eye-catching balloons, gold-looking ribbons, new sheets and blinds, framed photos of your love interest, and other high-memory places in their lives. They add musical appliances and other sophisticated electronics to their homes or living spaces just for the sake of love.

We do not advise going to that length for love, for not everyone is financially stable, and you can still spend too much with a failed relationship. This goes to say that there’s no guarantee that the relationship will end well just because you make your environment attractive. Besides, the attraction might mean different things to different individuals. Albeit, falling in love inspires keeping your environment attractive.

5. The Desire To Make Places Look Romantic.

The Chemistry of Falling In love creates the desire to be romantic with your immediate environment whether the property is yours by right of ownership or rented or just occupied temporarily. It doesn’t matter at all. Even if you’re in a place for a few minutes to hours, the tendency to make it look romantically fit for the occasion of your love interest isn’t far-fetched. You can see this with birthdays celebrated by lovers or would-be ones.

They design the environment with flowers and other colorful aesthetics just to please their love interest. They can invite a band of musicians to liven the occasion. All of this is so because of the chemistry of falling in love. It’s the effect that chemistry has on the environment. And I can add that with the agape-inspired environmental changes, that love will also benefit as it would strengthen the bonds within and boost the morale of couples. They usually feel proud of themselves and of each other.

6. The Avoidance Of Dirty And Unromantic Places.

This is so easy to understand. When one isn’t used to dirtiness, love or falling in love won’t make you desire dirty places and things. But I must confess that there are some rare cases where the lover of your life becomes too dirty and untidy with their space and they love it so. Or should I say one loves it and the other tries their best to work on it? That is on the one hand, but on the other hand, falling in love makes you wanna go out of dirty places or clean them up. In short, for serious lovers, you have to avoid associating yourself with dirty places and things.

The Chemistry of Falling In love naturally does bring this desire. It elevates you to a higher frequency of cleanliness. It makes you feel good and even identify with clean places. You would not dare to bring your lover who loves cleanliness into a very dirty and smelly space for romance. Would you? Ouch!!

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