The Different Types Of Cheating Caused By Unclean Spirits



The Different Types Of Cheating Caused By Unclean Spirits

The Different Types Of Cheating Caused By Unclean Spirits.Why do most relationships fail? Why do they go down the drain? Why is divorce becoming increasingly prevalent in our society today? These and many more are questions that arise as concerns in the minds of many, especially children of God.

If you are adept in the skills required for maintaining relationships, you will agree that to keep a relationship, there must be tons of hard work, commitment, love, trust, and a lot of other necessary virtues exercised by both partners in the relationship if they desire lasting progress.

But apart from these key virtues, one still stands out – the presence of a divine Being in a relationship. When God dwells in a relationship, you can be assured of peace, growth, progress, and an eternal future. However, sometimes, this being is not God, but rather the devil and his demons.

A major issue facing most relationships today that leads to their total destruction is sexual immorality. This is manifested in different ways but our focus is on cheating that is caused by the devil and his cohorts.

Before we proceed, it is beneficial and expedient to elucidate on what exactly these cohorts are; or rather, these evil spirits. These evil spirits are agents of the devil sent by him on a mission to evoke total destruction (Jn. 10:10, Matt. 25:41). Just like God’s Holy Spirit and His angels, the devil has his own evil spirits that do his bidding.

They can be referred to as “unclean spirits,” “impure spirits,” “lying spirits,” or “deceiving spirits.” These spirits are sent to torture humans and counteract the good works of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by possession and inflicting sicknesses, bondage, and a host of other sinful tragedies (Matt. 8:16, Mk. 5:1-13, 7:24-30). They are also involved a great deal in deception and false teachings (1 Tim. 4:1).

These spirits are behind most of the unchristian and carnal attitudes manifested by some people. For just as the Holy Spirit in children of God causes Christians to bear fruit leading to holiness;  making life with fellowmen more enjoyable and bringing glory to God, these evil spirits cause their victims to indulge in self-gratifying acts that displease God, glorify their master, the devil and lead to their end – hell (Gal. 5:16-26). Their victims most times are unaware that they are possessed by these evil spirits and only act as influenced by them. As a reminder fact, one of the many sinful acts caused by these evil spirits takes its root in the form of sexual immorality called cheating.

Well, what opens a door for these evil spirits? You would ask. The answer is simple: the devil can make use of anyone devoid of the Holy Spirit of God (Lk. 11:24-26). In other cases like those involving cheating, it may be as a result of a sexual sin like perversion, rape, molestation, human sacrifice, or a situation when two foolish, ignorant partners unite through a blood covenant or sexually and so become one, paving a way for these spirits. Other times, it could be through seductive, unholy, and devilish music, movies, objects and even dressing. And still, one may be innocently born into it as a result of an ancestral curse. Whichever way, it brings deadly problems into relationships.

In this article, I have outlined the Different Types Of Cheating Caused By Unclean Spirits which are:

a) The type of cheating caused by evil spirits of adultery and divorce

b) The type of cheating caused by the operation of territorial spirits

c) The type of cheating caused by evil spirits of generational curses

d) The type of cheating caused by evil spirits of prostitution

e) The type of cheating caused by evil spirits manifesting as ‘spirit partners’

1. The type of cheating caused by evil spirits of adultery and divorce:

The Different Types Of Cheating Caused By Unclean Spirits.One thing to note about these evil spirits is that they hardly work in isolation. They work together to achieve a common goal. So, in the instance when they plan to wreak havoc on your relationship through adultery, they first manifest as spirits that make you feel dissatisfied at your partner. They fill you with tons of negative thoughts about them that make you repulsive toward them. Then, they drop the bomb. They introduce another ‘miss perfect’ or side chic who magically has all the qualities you feel are lacking in your wife(or husband).

Then slowly, you begin to drift away and very soon, you start to cheat. Tiny, irrelevant problems begin to cause big issues in your relationship and every little thing your partner does becomes irritable to you. No sooner than later, you opt for divorce. Our Lord Jesus clearly tells us that adultery ranging from mere lust to committing the act is evil and does not come from Him; neither does divorce (Mal. 2:16, Matt. 5:27-28, Ex. 20:14).

These spirits are aware of this and since they are against the works of Jesus Christ, they take possession of a home or an individual lacking the Holy Spirit and carry out their work of destruction. After some time, the partners come back to their senses and as if awoken from a dream begin to wonder where it all went wrong.

2. The kind of cheating caused by the operation of territorial spirits:

The Different Types Of Cheating Caused By Unclean Spirits.Just like the name implies, these spirits govern territories (Eph. 6:12). We are made to understand in the Bible that there were evil spirits like the prince of Persia and that of Greece who contended with the Angel Michael. From every point of indication, these evil spirits seem to be those who governed the territories their names suggest (Dan. 10:13, 20).

These evil spirits function in specific geographical areas where the people therein can testify to the fact that there is an existence of an evil presence especially when they are spiritually sensitive. How these evil spirits facilitate cheating is that when people whose hearts are devoid of the Holy Spirit enter into regions such as these, these evil spirits take possession of them and make their dwelling places in these people.

The victims are then given over to abominable acts such as sexual immorality, adultery, prostitution, pornography, and the like as long as they remain within those regions controlled by these territorial spirits. This leads to mayhem in growing homes and budding relationships. The funny thing is that, once they step out of these regions, they seem to go back to their normal selves and wonder what came over them.

But will still manifest those same promiscuous attitudes once they step into a region such as that dominated by these territorial spirits. Recently, my sister attended a camp in a missionary school which is a territory for certain evil spirits and this fact was affirmed by the school chaplain. They are still found in many common places such as schools, streets, and popular cities in the world where they exert their terrible influence and wreak havoc on their ‘citizens.’

3. The kind of cheating caused by evil spirits of curses:

Many people today live failed lives and not just that but also failed relationships not because of poor planning or ill luck but because of the effects of generational curses perpetrated by evil spirits. Some people are born into homes whose ancestors have entered into preposterous, wicked, and deadly covenants with the devil.

The effects of these do not only affect the generation that committed the act but it continues to flow through the bloodlines of their progeny unless intercepted by one who truly knows Jesus Christ. These individuals just grow up to discover they cannot maintain homes, get married, or stick to a single partner (Matt. 19:12). Some others enter into marriages as impotent or barren which leaves their partners searching for other options resulting in cheating.

Again, an example comes to my mind of a man I heard about who faced problems of adultery leading to divorce in his home simply because he was under a curse and could not stay with a single woman. These curses unless broken by Jesus Christ remain binding and evoke serious calamities in relationships.

4. The kind of cheating caused by evil spirits of prostitution:

Truly, if you would spare some time to closely observe most sex workers or prostitutes, you will notice that although some claim to do it for pleasure or to make ends meet, there is still another major driving force – evil spirits. If your partner unfortunately falls into the hands of sex workers possessed by evil spirits, they become united with them. Before you know it, your partner goes crazy.

They can hardly stay put anymore but keep jumping from one brothel to another. You may wonder what has come over them. But, if you see through your spiritual lenses, you will notice that they may be possessed by evil spirits of prostitution which causes them to cheat. In another case, there are some sex workers who successfully manage to get married, though possessed by evil spirits, no matter how hard they try to make a commitment to stay faithful, they can’t help themselves. It is more of an addiction but this time largely controlled by evil spirits in high places.

5. The kind of cheating caused by evil spirits manifesting as ‘spirit spouses’:

Though this seems a little bit not on the regular, especially in the Western world, it is very much a reality. Biblically, in the book of Gen. 6:1-4, there is a mention of the Nephilim(these were evil spirits who came to earth and had marriages and sexual relationships with the daughters of men, even producing offspring.) In our days, some people have affiliations with evil spirits in the form of ‘spirit spouses’ who jealously guard over them and visit them often, most times, through dreams to ask for sexual intimacy.

They battle with wet dreams, induced sexual orgasms, feeling overpowered by an addiction to pornography, and an inability to get married. These ‘spirit spouses’ can simply not stand the sight of their victim with anyone else, especially the opposite sex. If (s)he manages to tie the knot with someone, this ‘spirit husband or wife’ keeps appearing to its victim and does everything to destroy his/her current relationship.

Such a victim may even lack affection or a sexual drive for his/her current partner, or have a shaky relationship that tends to divorce. Such a person will not have peace with his/her partner and may live in fear, struggling to confess it all his/her life. If in a case, a female victim bears a child, this ‘spirit husband’ can lay claims to the child and keep requesting for it to be his.

What do we do then? Cry, lose hope, or seek to appease these evil spirits? Absolutely not! As children of God made anew in Christ, we have the power to bind every agent of darkness and send them to where they belong forever (Matt. 12:29, 16:16-19, 18:18). We are seated with the One who has authority over every authority and He has given us the Name above every name that every knee should bow to; including evil spirits (Col. 2:10, Eph. 2:6, Phil. 2:9-1, Matt. 10:1, 28:18, Acts 5:16, 8:4-8, 16:16-18).

So, if you believe your partner is suffering from this, arise and get those demons packing in the name of Jesus. Otherwise, you can seek help from your local church through deliverance. And if you are a victim, Our Lord Jesus is here right now and He loves you and prizes you among His precious possessions. He does not want to see you suffer but wants to set you free. He came for this very reason (Jn. 8:36, 1 Jn. 3:8).

Call on the name of Jesus right now and He will save you (Joel 2:32, Acts 16:31).




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