7 Reasons For Troublesome Celebrity Relationships

7 Reasons For Troublesome Celebrity Relationships




7 Reasons For Troublesome Celebrity Relationships

7 Reasons For Troublesome Celebrity RelationshipsA celebrity is one who has attained a status of fame and popularity, and as such, enjoys broad public recognition and attention. Although the word ‘Celebrity‘ notably implies a favorable public image, some celebrities are famous for the wrong reasons. In observation of some celebrity relationships, we’ve found out some factors responsible for the great disparity of troubled relationships as opposed to the relationships of nonfamous people. This article is the continuation of the reasons some Celebrities experience troubled relationships, part 1. You will get a grip of the teachings if you consider reading the previous article. That being said, the 7 reasons for troublesome celebrity relationships are:

1. Celebrity Arrogance

Arrogance is one cause of trouble in celebrity relationships. This is an exaggerated emphasis on self-worth and superiority over others. It greatly affects their behaviors negatively. Some celebrities feel that they are too important to give people their attention and roll their eyes on people and suitors, in particular. Those that have a thing going for them in a relationship would find it hard to submit to the love of their lives. Not only does this arrogance inhibit a man from coming toward you as a celebrity, but it literally destroys marriages and relationships that have kicked up well.

2. Celebrity Previously Dating Married Men

7 Reasons For Troublesome Celebrity RelationshipsThe evil that people do lives after them is an old adage that is biblical too. It goes that one’s sins have consequences in this life, even in eternity where hell is reserved for evil men.

In relationships, the same is true. When you break someone’s home, another person can pay you with the same coin. I mean breaking your home as well. It’s not new that some female celebrities were dating married men, and in the course of that relationships destroyed the families of other women. Now that they are married, they find other women dating their husbands and troubles set in their relationships.

They might not like such experiences including the curses and fights involved but have forgotten that they served other women the same cup of tea earlier in their lives. You may call it ‘karma’ or nemesis, or some people might taunt and say “if one good turn deserves another, a bad turn might, too.” Whatever your take is, don’t forget to take home the lesson and leave married partners alone.

3. Celebrity Cheating On The Husband

This involves married female celebrities currently dating married men other than the ones they are married to. It’s called cheating, being unfaithful, infidelity, or adultery. And this is also a relationship issue among celebrities that brings real trouble at home. When you are dating married men as a married celebrity, the consequences can destroy your family.

4. Celebrity Wrong Choice Of Dates

This refers to single female celebrities who choose to date married men. We all know that some celebrities are singles and so have the right to date whomever they want. But you as a single, dating a married man or woman wouldn’t likely open a door for marriage or long term relationship between you and someone else’s partner.

You may be wasting your time and giving yourself temporary pleasure including trouble in the making. Why? Because you are engaged in a relationship that practically goes nowhere. This act has caused a lot of celebrities to grow old yet are still single ladies. Date someone with the potential of sharing your life and future together in peace. A married man, you might date, but the peace and long-term goals aren’t guaranteed.

5. Celebrity Open Relationships Acceptance

Open relationships are contracted with open options. Among the many options that there are, one stands out and it’s the fact that the couples can opt for multiple partners for sex while keeping their current partners. It sounds funny, huh? That’s right!

Open relationships really break marital union as we know it. It’s one source of instability in relationships. It’s not easy to sexually hop between partners and not feel jealous at a point in time. And one consequence of jealousy is divorce. Some people with open marriages are comfortable with divorce. But truly speaking, divorce isn’t a cool or good thing.

6. Celebrity Taking Sexual Movies Roles As A Single

7 Reasons For Troublesome Celebrity RelationshipsSome beautiful single actresses have been so for a long time owing to the fact that they consistently take movie roles that depict sexual characters which include nudity, Kissing, allowing unhindered caressing, and even getting laid On set, all in the guise of acting.

Let me say this clearly, now. There’s no such thing as acting when you literally kiss or have coitus with someone on set. Every other thing could be acted but the kiss and sex that you see are live and real. The only thing that makes it different is that there may be no real emotions attached to the acts, however, the acts are real and do the same damage as in real life.

In addition, the kiss, caressing, and sex can still evoke real-life feelings (pleasure). Single ladies that allow such behavior On set could need extra efforts to get and keep long-term partners in a relationship. Some men may like you but have their pride hurt by your on-set behavior. Be careful! You, as a single lady, cannot jeopardize your future relationship or destined partner because of money or just to satisfy the crew.

Stop sacrificing and limiting your chances to your destined partners for inappropriate movie roles you take in the name of acting. There are many ways to act nude or sexually implicit scenes without losing your respect, dignity, or jeopardizing your love world and putting the pride of your future partner in peril.

7. Celebrity Taking Sexual Movies Roles While A Married Lady

7 Reasons For Troublesome Celebrity RelationshipsThis is similar to the one above but what this does is that it hurts the family’s pride and breeds hate for the male partner/lover. It also incites divorce or causes the partner to start cheating. You can’t be someone’s wife and be kissing or caressing anyhow On set. There’s something that it does in the psychology of the husband concerned. It makes him feel weak, exposed, vulnerable, and jealous. Yes, yes, I know, it’s just a movie, until you’ve lost your home!!

You see, the images of such acts keep flashing on the mind of the husband and remind him of his weakness to have others touch his wife, and since he can’t do anything about it, his sense of pride is wounded and his behavior will be affected. Slowly but surely, that union is either coming to an end or may not be the same again.

Not every man can handle a woman or an actress that accepts sexually explicit roles in movies. Some do for one reason or the other, but others leave the union or cheat outside because their love for the “abused” wife is waning. If you have some married friends who have been taking such roles, observe their unions closely or ask questions about their past relationships. Go past the façades. Divorce, domestic violence, guilt, and cheating are among what you might discover.

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