The Reasons Some Celebrities Experience Troubled Relationships, Part ONE

The Reasons Some Celebrities Experience Troubled Relationships, Part ONE



The Reasons Some Celebrities Experience Troubled Relationships, Part ONE

The Reasons Some Celebrities Experience Troubled Relationships, Part ONECelebrity status is a state of fame and popularity. A celebrity is one who has attained such status due to the broad public recognition and attention given to them through the mass media. A person may attain celebrity status by being wealthy, an athlete, an artist in the entertainment industry, or having a position as a scholarly or political figure, or even from having a connection to another celebrity.

Although the word ‘Celebrity‘ notably implies a favorable public image, it’s not usually the case as some celebrities are famous for the wrong reasons. This article doesn’t attempt to give reasons, whether good or bad, that celebrities become famous, but strives to outline and comment on the reasons some Celebrities experience troubled relationships such as failed marriages, scandalous relationships, and even the difficulty of having a suitable partner. These reasons are as follows :

1. The Desire To Date Only The Rich

There’s this notion held by some celebrities that they can’t be friends with people who aren’t rich or famous. Some specifically say that they can’t date ‘broke’ men or women. And so they aim for the king’s table — for the rich and famous. Sadly, they experience serious heartbreaks with the choice of relationship partners they aspire to have.

There’s nothing wrong with aspiring for the rich as partners, but being rich or famous does not guarantee a peaceful and long-term relationship.

In addition, It’s not written that a rich person must marry a rich person, and a famous person to marry another famous person. True Love can come from anywhere and anyone whether rich, famous, or poor.

Your destined partner may or may not be as rich as you are, but can give you comfort, peace of mind, and happiness. Be humble to locate them. Do not raise your standards so high that you miss out on God’s plan for your life and relationship.

2. The Lack Of Marital Vision.

The lack of marital vision has killed many relationships. By the way, what is a marital vision?

Marital vision is the ability to see the end of a marital union from its beginning. I know that you are wondering what I’m talking about. Exactly the reason you should keep reading. Marital vision plans ahead before engagement. If you have a vision, you think of the life between you and your partner several years ahead and make provisions to sustain and cushion marital issues right before you start dating or get married.

What this does in essence is to assess and have the (some) money that a marriage union would need before venturing. This might not be possible to everyone, but to celebs, it’s possible because the rich celebrities can afford it.

A rich celebrity can share the same vision with a lesser-known partner and they live a great life in the union. With a vision, your choice of partners is expanded. You can literally marry from any tribe, social and economic background and be happy.

Work On Your Vision Like Any Other.

Have a marital vision and work on your vision just as you would with any other project. Marital vision builds and does not destroy or disrespect people. If you are a celebrity and you are rich, stop looking for just the rich to marry.

Marry a good heart, full of peace, who loves you for who you are. And build a family with that individual for the long term. You can make your partner rich and powerful with your influence and wealth. Have a vision and Stop seeking what you can make happen for you.

3. The Lack Of Mastery Of The Art Of Empowerment.

Today’s New breed of empowered women haven’t fully mastered the art of being empowered. They have tasted leadership but haven’t truly mastered the art of leadership in the presence of their male counterparts.

In the past, we were used to men ruling the world, men being the sole heads of the family, men being the breadwinners, men being at the top of organizations and institutions. So Traditionally, leadership was predominantly men-driven. Even in some parts of the world, men and women didn’t have equal rights and advantages to certain lifestyles and ways of doing things.

However, with the many hard works and sacrifices done by countless institutions, women have come to enjoy some advantages that were predominantly reserved for men. We are now comfortable having women as celebrities, leaders in business and politics, in multidisciplinary academic fields of study, and in various walks of life.

The fear and discomfort that some men had about rich and powerful women are declining. Today, it’s okay to have these powerful women in our society running our day-to-day affairs with so much trust. The downside, however, is that some of the new breeds of independent women think they are in competition with men or the male gender to the extent that they cannot manage their homes properly.

Their Inability to distinguish between corporate leadership and family leadership, which aren’t in conflict with the other, robs them of the wisdom to submit to their husbands at home. They import the corporate character into their own homes and mess up their families. You can be the boss at the workplace, ‘Granted’, but at home, you’re not the boss but a wife. If ladies master this fact, they have mastered leadership.

4. The Loss Of The Right To Privacy.

Privacy is a human right whether celebrity or not. We all have some degree of privacy. With this in mind, making celebrity marriages everybody’s business on social media is ignorance and negligence to this right which also leads to an invasion of privacy as well.

You must understand that question, “will you marry me?” is a personal one. Even the phrase: “I do” is also a personal one that requires a personal response, not a public response. The point is that marriage is a personal issue and a personal business, which mustn’t be subjected to public scrutiny and opinions.

Some celebrities make their marriages everybody’s business. Everything concerning their marriages can easily be seen and predicted by others outside the union because they share all their personal details on social media.

Celebrities should also understand that they have private lives too like any other humans. It’s their right that must be protected. But such protection is lost when they post their private issues on social media soliciting unguided public opinions. Whether good or bad, some of these public opinions help to break families more than keep them together.

Do not lose your right to privacy because you are a celebrity. Protect your space, give your marriage enough free space to breathe and grow, even at times of trouble. Don’t rush to tell the world about your private lives, and relationships woes. It may hurt you in return.

Did you learn anything today? Tell us, we want to read your comment.

One more thing, you can read more on the celebrity relationship series by clicking here. © 2021. All right reserved.




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