12 Things An Abusive Partner Can Do In A Relationship

12 Outrageous Acts Of An Abusive Partner


12 outrageous acts of an abusive partner

12 Outrageous Acts Of An Abusive PartnerUnderstanding what an abusive partner can do can educate potential victims to identify perpetrators in a relationship. However, It’s practically impossible to know exactly what abusive partners can literally do. They can do and outdo themselves to keep abusing their victims.

When it comes to documentation, the possibility comes to light only when committed. I mean their abuses could be documented or recorded only after they have been perpetrated. Thus, to know beforehand what abuse would ensue would have to take a predictive mind with a touch of God’s grace.

Nonetheless, we shall attempt to pen down some of the abuses many relationships of different cultural and religious backgrounds have faced over the years. Some of the occurrences are similar to many relationships, and as such, could be studied or made a source of learning for some couples in order to avert the same experiences from happening to them. Understanding these 12 outrageous acts of an abusive partner in a relationship can truly help couples avoid, curb or put an end to these abuses. Having said that, let’s get started!


1. An abusive partner can be Selfish.

They only think about themselves and not about their partners, whether wives or husbands. If they have money, it’s for their needs and comfort, first and foremost. What they want always comes first. From everything financial to material, it’s just about themselves, not their partners. Even with the emotion, it still revolves around them. How they feel is all that matters.

2. An abusive partner doesn’t value you.

Usually, people who are abusive place more value on themselves than on others. Some abusers don’t value their victims at all. They are not a value-add for their partners. To them, you’re a liability, a tool to use and manipulate, and you have no life of your own outside of them. If someone you love doesn’t value you that much, be careful about the relationship not to head on to the abusive lane.

3. An abusive partner instills fear in you.

To keep you constantly fearful of them and of fighting back is a way of controlling you totally. And they can do anything from the physical to the psychological in order to achieve this goal. When you’re in a relationship where you are afraid for your life, afraid to talk, afraid to be you, afraid of the future, all because of your partner, you are really in an abusive relationship with an abusive personality.

4. An abusive partner physically assaults you.

Physical violence on you is a sure experience to have with an abusive partner. He or she can beat the hell out of your life without thinking twice. You can be their punching bag and the assaults do not announce themselves before coming. They can come just at any time and anywhere. It doesn’t matter if people are there or not, they can assault you with their hands and with objects too. Any partner who can raise their hands on you too frequently is an abusive type. Know this and have peace.

5. An abusive partner verbally abuses you.

The assault does not end with the physical but the verbal as well. This involves making derogatory remarks, vilifying, and Insulting you at the slightest provocation at home or in public spaces. A partner who claims to love you but insults you very readily has questionable love. That’s an abusive partner!

6. An abusive partner blackmails you.

Blackmailing their victims is another way of controlling and manipulating the relationship. They play over your feelings to coerce you to do what they want without minding whether it hurts you or not. At times, they use diverse threats to get you to do their bidding. They like to profit from the weaknesses and shortcomings of their partners. And this is not exclusive to men. It could come either from the male or female partners in a relationship.

7. An abusive partner cheats on you.

OMG!! They can cheat without fear of consequences. They love cheating on their partners and are ready to fight when confronted. Some of these abusive partners don’t even hide their unfaithful shameless acts as they have little respect for their partners and no fear of their spouses. While cheating can be caused by a host of reasons, the kind of cheating involved in an abusive relationship is premeditated and frequent.

8. An abusive partner can Sexually assault you.

Although you are in a relationship with them, they can have their way with you intimately without your consent. They can have sexual intercourse at their own discretion whenever and wherever they want, usually resulting in physical violence when resisted. They can also rape their own partners.

9. An abusive partner limits your social exposure and engagement.

They can prevent you from using social media sites. Because they fear losing their grip on your life and the control they have over you, it’s just wise for them not to let you associate with people on social media sites who might open your eyes and come to your rescue.

10. An abusive partner limits your social contacts.

12 Outrageous Acts Of An Abusive PartnerThey refuse you access to visitors or friends. This is a clear and simple way to dominate and control your life. They don’t want you to associate with people, family members, or have friends. And they prohibit your visitors from coming as well. Sometimes, they insult your visitors to scare them away. They can even walk your visitors out as soon as they come in. If your partner prevents you from having good friends and family visitors, you might be with the wrong person, and in the wrong relationship.

11. An abusive partner spends more time with others than with you.

They stay outside as long as they want and come very late without warning. Even at times he or she sleeps outside without informing the partner at home. Some go drinking and clubbing all night long without fear of consequences. If you’re with someone who stays away at night without telling you in advance, you might be with the wrong partner and in the wrong relationship.

12. An abusive partner disrespects you and teaches others to follow suit.

12 Outrageous Acts Of An Abusive PartnerThe way they do this is by bringing different people at home without introducing them to you as their partner. They make you a Stranger in your own home. To have their friends walking around your home without greeting you and using your things without asking for permission is emotionally draining and painful. All because of an abusive partner.

There is more to this than we can cover in this article. But with these 12 outrageous acts of an abusive partner, it’s certainly sure and without a doubt that you have a kind of guide or sort of reference list to help you identify if your partner is an abusive type by the way he or she treats you in that relationship. If you have experienced any abuse listed above, please share it with us in the comment section.


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