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How To Sustain A Healthy Relationship Dialogue



How To Sustain A Healthy Relationship Dialogue

Dialogue is the process of talking through topics to build shared meaning and understanding. Dialogue is the foundation for growing a healthy relationship. Relationship dialogue is a process of reasoning together in order for partners to develop common knowledge. When it comes to making a relationship stronger and healthier, the key is communication. To create a relationship, you must start with a conversation. A good relationship dialogue requires one to focus and listen, especially when one asks meaningful questions.

There are ways couples can sustain a healthy relationship dialogue which include:

✓Being Honest

✓Listen more than you speak

✓Being patient

✓Always acknowledge mistakes

✓Always ask for forgiveness

✓Being present in the relationship

✓Choose the right time to talk

✓Active participation

✓Always watch nonverbal signs

We shall delve into each point respectively.



One of the ways couples can enhance dialogue in their relationship is to maintain honesty. Ephesians 4:25 tells us to put off falsehood and speak truthfully. Therefore, couples should always say what they mean and make their needs and feelings very clear to each other. A good dialogue requires openness. Don’t lie to win your partner’s heart. So many marriages are destroyed today because of lies that were later discovered. While being honest, Couples should also try to remove criticism, blame, and defensiveness from verbal interactions.


How To Sustain A Healthy Relationship DialogueAlways take your time to hear what your partner is saying. This can be achieved by not interrupting your partner and focusing more on what he/she is saying rather than what you plan to say next. Even if you know the answer before the question is asked, try to wait and give the answer only after the question is asked by your partner. Proverbs 18: 13 says “He who answers before listening is an act of folly and shame”.


When a partner is upset about something, of course, he/she would want his/her feelings known. Yes, you will definitely do that but, just take one or two days to calm down and think the situation through. Even when the desire to speak seems so strong, wait. This is because when he/she speaks, it will be out of anger and unnecessary words may be spilled out which can destroy that relationship. For “there’s more hope for a fool than for someone who speaks in haste” (Proverbs 29:20).


We are all humans, and no one is above mistakes. Couples can enhance dialogue in their relationship by admitting and acknowledging their mistakes, especially when brought to their knowledge rather than allowing that mistake to hinder them from having a healthy dialogue. Couples should not shy away or hide from their mistakes. They shouldn’t let pride fool them either. James 5:16 admonishes us to confess our sins to each other.




When a partner acknowledges his/her mistakes, the next thing is to ask for forgiveness. Let your partner know that you’re sorry, and don’t keep quiet about what happened. A partner who loves you will forgive you. Couples who are fond of forgiving each other genuinely always have a healthy dialogue in their relationship. Forgiveness brings healing to the soul and strengthens relationships. Always forgive your partner (Colossians 3:13).


To enhance dialogue in a relationship and truly understand what your partner is telling you, couples need to be present. Try to dedicate 100% of your time to the relationship. Give full attention to your partner, which includes the mind, open ears, eye contact, and hushed mouth. You can’t be having a dialogue with your partner and at the same time talking to your smartphone. It’s an error.


To enhance dialogue in a relationship, Couples should be able to know the right time to talk to their partners. choosing the right time to talk, for example, It is wrong to start a dialogue when one partner is still very angry with the other else, he/she will respond angrily. It is also wrong to dialogue when a partner is tired, otherwise, he/she won’t be interested. So couples should know a very comfortable time to talk.


Couples can enhance their dialogue in a relationship when both of them participate actively in the dialogue. Dialogue isn’t one-sided communication, where one person does the talking. It is always two-sided communication. The two as a couple have to talk and listen to each other to achieve a healthy relationship. Always say something whenever it’s your turn to talk and don’t use silence as a means to punish your partner. Whatever you feel about an issue, let your partner know whether positively or negatively.


How To Sustain A Healthy Relationship DialogueNonverbal communication is as important as verbal communication in relationships. The use of body language also plays a role in enhancing dialogue among couples. There are some non-verbal gestures and postures that can reveal to your partner that you aren’t into whatever they are saying. Couples should be able to know the key indicators of nonverbal communication and do it right. Your arms crossed, body positioned away from the other, eye contact, and many other signs can tell a lot about your thoughts without saying a word. Couples should pay close attention to each other during communication. When couples are able to read each other, they become closer.


Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. As we’ve just covered ways to sustain a healthy dialogue in relationships, couples should try as much as possible to engage in dialogue in view of growing their union. All that we have said above can make a difference in your union when put to practice. If you have a comment or ideas on sustaining healthy relationship Dialogue, share them with us below.



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