The Chemistry of Falling In Love - The Verbal Level

The Chemistry of Falling In Love – The Verbal Level





The Chemistry of Falling In Love – The Verbal Level

The Chemistry of Falling In Love - The Verbal LevelWith the verbal level before us, this teaching becomes part 5 of the chemistry of falling in love. Please, you would do well to consider reading part one, part two, part three, and part four of the series.

The Verbal Level involves the choice of words used in communicating to the love of your life or a potential one. It goes beyond that to include the tone of speech, vocabulary, word selection, timing, attitude, and delivery. Not because you wanna love someone that you should talk anyhow. Even when you’re in a loving relationship, you do not speak anyhow or use careless words to communicate.

The altitude of your choice of words in delivery is the main pitch for this article today. Shall we just get started with the very first point on the verbal level of the Chemistry of Falling In Love? okay! Let’s just say if you are in love with someone, it’s conspicuous that:

1. Your tone changes as you talk to them.

Like the others that we have considered, there’s the verbal influence on your person and the manner of word delivery as well. This influences the tone of your voice whenever you communicate with the love of your life or your love interest. Your vocal tone is never harsh but sweet, caring and love-craving. There is no place for insults, abuses, verbal mortification, degradation, and defamation. Anything that would make you belittle your lover’s interests doesn’t exist verbally at this level.

2. Your choice of words is highly considered.

When you’re in love with someone, you consider using tender words to pass across messages that enhance the spirit of love only. Words that are misleading and aggressive in nature aren’t effective here. Only use Words that speak of your intentions and motivate the listeners and drive them toward your love goals. These are very needed and highly recommended if the relationship is to go well at all. Your choice of words would be positive, inspiring, motivating, love-promoting, and encouraging.

3. Your words used should be real, and honest.

In the chemistry of falling in love, there’s a reaction going on within the body that involves hormones at various degrees. To capture the lover’s heart, you’ve got to be real with your feelings and expressed them honestly, using honest words only. You don’t have to lie to win them over, for that would be short-lived and never recommended. Speak from your heart about what is going on, and tell them honestly about how you feel about them now and in the future which you intend to share with them.

4. Your word-verbal delivery is essential.

The Chemistry of Falling In Love - The Verbal LevelHow do you speak to the one whom you intend to love or fall in love with? Do you have the right words to say? Do you know the right place and time to say them? Do you know how to play with the words even if the timing is right?

In communication, the right words also come with their delivery and timing. You can have the correct lexicon thrown anyhow and poorly delivered. The lover you might be looking for could even come closer to you in a church or funeral service but that may not be the right time to use certain words to pass your love intentions.

Occasion varies, and as such, you should be alert and vary your love approaches accordingly. Apt words mean a lot and make a lot of difference to the furtherance of romantic relationships. “A person finds joy in giving an apt reply and how good is a timely word!” Says the bible (Proverbs 15:23). And that’s true with couples’ goals. An apt reply is suiting to both lovers. So, let your lover get used to that from you.

5. Your vocabulary is selective.

When in a romance or romantic relationship, words are the drivers. Did you just hear that? I said words are the drivers in the world of romance. Therefore, you have to be careful with what you say during such a moment. You select words that are germane to romance and promote it. If you are in marketing, talk about love and not about marketing.

In addition, You do not use military jargon about war or other technical jargon that adds nothing to elevate the love relationship. Please don’t get me wrong. The people in the military also fall in love. But at that moment, it’s not about giving lectures on going to war, etc. No, it’s about hearting your military love interest, telling that person how your physical body reacts to having them in your life. That may require you without the pistol and grenades.

There comes a moment in that relationship when she wanna hear how you love her and how her thoughts fly incessantly over your heart. And truly speaking, that’s not the moment to lecture her on how to fly a jet bomber over Afghanistan. Do you get?

6. You talk about deep things than petty things and gossip.

Here is where visions and long-term goals are verbalized. You do not discuss people and gossip about them. You also do not talk about childish and petty things. No, you think and talk about the Philippians 4:8 kind of things–The things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy. These are the kinds of verbal exchanges the chemistry of falling love inspires.

7. You want to keep talking to each other incessantly.

In this Verbal level, there’s the tendency to want to talk to your would-be lover or spouse without ending. You would be talking for long hours and wouldn’t realize how time flies or the need of engaging in other matters of importance. If you are cooking, you might forget that you have food on the fire. This is the same for many other activities under your watch that might go unnoticed because you are so consumed with talking to the love of your life and don’t want it to end. Even at times, you may say “Goodbye” several times yet you aren’t leaving them alone. Wonder why? It’s what the chemistry of falling in love does.

8. You are concerned about what others say about them.

Penultimately, the Verbal level has an external influence in that the couples would be interested in what others say about them or one of them. Principally, they would be happy if people close to them talked positively about them or about one of them. The female counterpart would want to hear people high rate her man and vice versa.

The man wants to hear people talk about how beautiful and lovely his girl is. And the woman wants to hear others look at her man as rich or a super man-like figure. After all, who doesn’t want a rich lover to fall in love with? Who doesn’t want a charming handsome Prince? This is what the chemistry of falling in love does to couples.

9. You talk while giving attention to your word pronunciation.

In falling in love, not only do you know that right words to use but knowing how to pronounce them is equally important. If you do not know how to pronounce a word, you cannot use it properly and in the worst case, might convey a wrong impression. The right pronunciation helps you convey your intentions clearly and convincingly to the object of your love. Some people talk in a sexy manner that drives the listener’s emotions. Some talk posh, and some add panache to their pronunciations in the execution of their romantic lines.

Whatever interests you, whether your lines are catchy or romantic, be very sure that you know what you are saying, that you know what your words mean, that you mean what you say, and, finally, use the correct pronunciation for your words. Don’t be the kind of lover who would be ashamed of what they happily said. Capish?

I’m Chika, and we shall still continue this series on the chemistry of falling in love, but please, if you haven’t seen this update right here, you can do so now. Thank you team ammgospel and the man of God, Rev Dr. PC Akubueze, for this rare opportunity. I heart you all and will see you in our next program. Bye!! © 2023. All rights reserved.




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