The Chemistry of Falling In Love – The Social Level




The Chemistry of Falling In Love – The Social Level

The Chemistry of Falling In Love - The Social LevelIn the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about the chemistry of falling in love in order to understand the processes involved, and to equip some people to better identify true love when it shows up without equivocation. The series also empowers couples to reciprocate love when they receive it. My name is Chika, and I will be hosting this show tonight as we talk about the social level of the chemistry of falling in love with your partner.

To remind you of what we have covered this far, you will be on par with us for reading through the Physical and Mental levels before commencing with the Social levels.

Several hormones are produced in the body which help facilitate the processes involved in the chemistry of falling in love. The brain is the part that releases Dopamine which energizes the attraction phase of this chemistry. But also there is Oxytocin, known for its tendency to pull lovers together and closer. In other words, Oxytocin helps couples to couple well. Whatever that might take to get lovers closer to each other and stay that way has something to do with this glue hormone.

Here, I think, could be the best outset for the social-level phase of the chemistry of falling in love. I won’t keep you long as we’re going to be highlighting the aspects one experiences and how one feels that propels this social experience. Let’s get started!


1. You would long to be with your love interest.

Socially, it’s inevitable that you will adamantly desire to be with the one you love or want to fall in love with. That’s just normal and that’s what the love chemistry does to couples.

2. You would feel attracted to that person.

You see, when you want someone to love and be loved, there’s that unexplainable attraction that gravitates you to that person. This experience could be mutual or from one of the couples, but usually, reciprocated. That is what it is.

3. You long to be alone together.

Socially speaking, not only would you desire to meet your love interest, but you both would long to be alone together. You know, you can be with your lover sharing the public space, but this chemistry makes you both to long for your privacy. A quality time for you two together.

4. You are comfortable with them in silent mode.

Again, the social level makes you both comfortable with each other without necessarily doing or talking about anything important. That silence is more important, and valuable, and creates the connectivity that no words can create. This silence, though speechless is a comfort to the couple.

5. You won’t be in a hurry to leave each other’s company.

We are talking about the social aspect of the chemistry of falling in love. One noticeable aspect is the fact that none of you would want to leave the presence of the other. And if the situation demands it, it wouldn’t be executed in a hurry.

6. Time runs fast when together yet it goes unnoticed.

Have you ever, if you have fallen in love before, noticed that time flies when you are with the one you love? This is what the chemistry of falling in love does. Five hours can feel like fifteen minutes, yet you are carefree. And you would be willing to stay even longer.

We shall continue with the subsequent part of this series. Please, be sure to click the link below to continue your studies. In the main time, have you experienced any of the points listed on the physical level? Hit the comment section and share your thoughts.

Thank you for reading thus far. It’s been your girl, Chika, and I will see you soon.


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